Thursday, April 30, 2009

Freezing/ Splash and scream / BSMM/ ABADI/ Splash, splash / NTLP XII/ Masquarade Party/IKN

This will be my longest post ever ( As I didn't have the time to blog about each and every one of it during that very moment..So, this post, I've compiled everything in one..)..And I can tell you, this is the most happening period in my life where all the activities and fun kept going endlessly in March..And the amount of pictures are now so overload, thanks to my craziness of taking pictures of every only I can upload all here..But I guess I do uploaded the best and most-like the pictures here, which are like not lil'

FREEZING a.k.a Genting

This was an unexpected trip..SL, PC and I were sitting down on the hill top ( not really la..but it seems like it if look from the outside foyer chatting away and enjoying the night breeze as well as the shimmering stars..Kian How bumped into us and were talking on his hp with his mum, I guess..Then he was like ' Tomorrow wanna go Genting mah? My parents are there..And I don't plan to overnight there as Sunday got Tzu Ching activity..And I don't know how to say NO to my parents..So, if you all go with me then they won't ask me to overnight..' Without a second thought, we were like so excited and said 'WANT!'..It's ok if he treat us as guinea pigs and use us to indirectly say NO to his parents..We just wanna take some break due to the overload works that we had the week, months before..And to feel the cool breeze in Genting and ya, the professional 'Tou San' -God of Gamblers ( Dedicated to the only guy among us..hehe) who officiated our first time ever red carpet to the reowned place call :P 3 girls and a guy..What more? He's so 'hang fuk


With Siu Li..

With Pei Chen..

With Kian How..Kena 'pok mong'

44, 22, :P

In the car..

OKH is like an F1 driver lo..speed like a racer in race though no one is competing with imagine he's speeding all the way at the winding roads from the foot of the hill till the top..Maximum acceleration! Look at how pale we were..No doubt, he's a great driver lo.. :)


Love the cooling feeling..'Suang'..



We didn't really play the outdoor theme park as our motive was just strolling around Genting..But, we gave a try on the Flying Coaster (behind the above picture)! I felt like Superman with whole body lying down to 90 degrees..It seems scary but nah, nothing la actually~ But we still scream out loud just for fun..haha..


~ GSC : Watchmen ~

Since we have nothing to do, so we decided to spend our time watching movie..Mana tahu....... *Sigh

Pei Chen wanted to watch Watchmen..So, we just like Oklo, we watch this..

For Rm12, I felt like my money was being cheated lo..This is the WORST movie I've ever seen in my whole life, got the chick to screen out in the cinema! WTH!

Before movie started : Excited! Eating the free snacks..

First 10 minutes : Don't understand at all what they are trying to say..Just some music and actions..For whole 10 minutes!!! Out of nowhere, got people die, like mental kena bring to the ambulance, laughing very annoyingly and there's this scene where a girl nearly gonna get raped.. * Still don't get what they are trying to say at all!

Next 15 minutes : Still trying very hard what they are trying to bring out..All we knew was there were superheroes around but don't understand what they are trying to do.. *Frustrating~

Next 1o minutes : Sleepy liao..Cause it's really, really (X1000000 times) BORING! The guy beside OKH already dozed off already..ZZZzzzz..

Next 10 minutes : Only can open 1 eye..Totally torturing!Mentally abuse us..Arghhhh..

Next 15 minutes : Cannot tahan liao..Leeeetttt''sssss GET OUT of there..

OUTSIDE The Cineplex : * Relieved but frustrating cause it's as if being cheated for a super low quality movie..

If I were to rate, I'll give this movie 1/4 star out of 5 stars ( Markah kesian lo..)

~ Bonita Fair~

I love this beanie hat so much that I was like thinking whether I should get it for Rm40++..After some deep thought, I better not waste my money for this...Since I can't get it, why not camwhore with it? At least, I have pictures with it..haha..

Take 2.. :)


Just love to take group photo.. :)

00 with his 11, 22 and 44..Let 33 know, cham :P


Those 3D spectacles make us look like those superheroes with a

Kian How's sister joined us gila-gila..haha

Feel like 'cekik' the ghost..

Going up to the Haunted House lo..

It was scary..U know, with all the suspens-the spooky music and the 'ghost' that popped out suddenly to make us scream..We did scream a lot..From the start till the end, till we were so walked in one line like a train..Kian How took the lead since he's the only guy..haha


Since it was the very first time that we entered the Casino ( I've always wanted to see how is it since I was young) we felt kinda excited..And I could feel how old we are now because we are now qualified to enter compared to last time where we wanted to but UNDER-AGED..Now, it's lol..

And we kinda make a word to see whether the guard will check our IC..If he does means we LOOK UNDER-AGED lo..If not, means old liao lo..haha..And guess what, he checked mine..Yippeee! I was so proud and happy bout let SL and PC passed without checking theirs..They totally looked at me with disbelief..haha.. :P

The Casino-It was overloaded with people with the urge to make easy money and probably go back 'pokai' lo..Gamble is very dangerous and seriously, I never touched my hand in any gambling or bets, not a single cent..And that very day, OKH broke my belief when he handed me a RM5 token to try and play..I was in dilemma as whether i should or not though it's just RM5..Then, I decided to like 'po lai' for once lo..I'M A GAMBLER! :'( The result : I LOST RM5!


Kian How's parents were very nice..His mom is so sporting, judged with the way she dressed and talk..His dad is more of the quiet side but did talked to us too..They treated us dinner..Thanks Uncle and Auntie! :)

Uncle and Auntie asked us whether OKH is good or not..Of course i answered 'NO' daring of me heh said their apple of eye is a bad boy ( He is! Act good boy in front of parents only..Smart! ) And guess what, they defended him..OKlo..Mummy's boy mah..haha :P


OKH is the photographer..

This sport car is really 'yeng' lo..If only it's mine! Wakakaa...

This yellow boy is so striking and totally cool..


OKH like sesat liao..haha a prince riding his 3 princess the horse cart..haha..

The fella who took the camera cut off the half of the horse's head lo!!

This is so sweet..Huggggssssss..


This peach is 'Wong Mo Liong Liong's' favourite fruit..


A group photo again before get into the car and head back to UKM..This indicates the friendship in us shall blossom like the beautiful flowers there.. :)




This trip was like 2 days after Genting trip..Play hard! Since it's a public holiday, why not throw some fun and laughter that we much needed from being a nerd in campus? So, we were ready at 8am (so early lo..Sunway opens at 10am..OKH said he need like 1 hour plus to reach there..)..Then we were late a lil'-The guys woke up late and I went get some snacks..Then we thought of eating breakfast at McD-mana tahu so expensive and not much variety so we straight head to Sunway..We were quite early..Reach there around 9.15am but nothing much we could do..Sunway Pyramid's shops all still not open yet and so, let the camera starts it's work..

I'm the photographer..hehe..

It was drizzling and so, we asked Chris to pray for a good weather..And it works!

YM and Chris are like gay lou..haha..So windy~

Sunway Lagoon here we come!

Some jumping shots..

Chris, Ym and OKH all have their own paterns..haha

Hey, I wanna try too..Ready, get set...

GO!!! Ei, why am i still on the ground when they were all in the air?

I must say my legas are too short..When theirs are still in the air, I already reached the

I still don't give up though..Haha

Still trying..

and Finally...

I succeded..Yipeeee!!

My baju all came up..Luckily I wore swimming suit inside..Hehe.. :P

The girls..

Still US..

Ahhh..My fingers are


Group Photo..

One of my fav pics.. :)

A lil' bit of fun..

If only it's a real clown..I would have made him do cute balloons for me! :P


The wrist band..Now so canggih already..Like a watch compared to last time just a plastic paper band..

With the mascot..Not sure her name..I bet it's a guy in disguise..hehe :P

Acting cute together..haha.. :D

In the toilet..Testing my waterproof camera casing..

A group pic before slidinnnnggggg dooowwwnnnn...Wohhooooooo!

The guys look so man! :P

OKH so kangkang leg so

Aikkss..Guys also wanna act cute? Chris, you're drinking the water or what? Others were just posing only ler..haha

This is cute..

Our turn! :P

Aiya..Nice pic but like ter-cover me a lil liao..

Shower from mushroom..

Siu Li, our sifu who taught us to flaunt our ass-'Chiau pi ku'..See how she did it so sexily..While me chic lil' as usual la..Chic lil' style..haha.. :D Pei Chen always sesat.. :p

Never stops~

This slide is a lil scary..The guys have bruises on their back..Poor thing..

Our turn..Scary la wei~

I remember sitting this slide on a float when I was standard 3..Family trip when I was a kid~

We don't have bruises but butt pain! Ouucchhh..the ground is seriously hard..

The 360 degrees Turbo..Syok man..But no rasa la!

Sentenced to death~ How you all can smile one? Not pro actress la..hehe :P

Wah, YM stand so bergaya~

Can't remember the name-Simliar to Sg. Rajang (Genting)..But we're suppose to be in the body of snake that's dark and long..

We kena scared by some guys said it'll be scary..Ahnnnaa..nothing also..

Pics a lil' jumble up..

Right up and down : Pirate ship..woohhoo..'Chi kek'..OKH said something quite 'wat tat'..He said he once sat this and everyone screamed..The suddenly he felt like drops of water..Then he realized it's someone's saliva from the front..Eeeewwww..

Left up : Group photo again while waiting for some slides..

Left down : The roller coaster..Small kid also feel nothing la~

The Crazy 6.. :p


Like this cost Rm11.50 ler..Better go rob la..But we don't have choice..We were darn hungry since we didn't eat since morning..

EAT lo..

Ignore my big, fat legs..Argghh..Look at my face,SL,PC or background or something..not my legs!

Isn't this sweet? :)

This is fun~

Don't splash water on us la wei~ Already don't look nice wanna make us look more ugly..


I looked like some underwater ghost who's gonna scare people from horror movie lo..

The background is nice..Man-made Waterfall..


Never tired of taking pics..

Poor YM kena bully by SL..

They were playing some 'hold your breath' kinda competition to see who can last longer in water..

Another fav pic.. :)

The float is blue. my fav colour..hehe.. :)

We got to play netball ( Edited : PC corrected me that it's volleyball..haha..I always mix up whatever ball that are ) beach game..Totally uncool lo..i can't even get to pass the ball..Whenever the ball come, I'll keep imagine that it'll smack my head and my insticts told me to 'siam' lo..But, I can serve the ball pass the net a few times.. * Proud But my hand hurts :( A lil swell and hurts a lil'..Our super keng netball player can easily play this game..See the way he serves can just pass the nest to the other court although he's like just simply play..So 'suai'! :P

The Suspension bridge..This bridge is so long and so shacky..And so high!! I have phobia k...Mamammamammamamamma...I was so imbalance..But i was courageous enough to walk till the end.. *Relieved and proud..hehe..


Camwhore in the car..on the way to makan..hungry neh~

Spoilt for choices..Why Malacca don't have this kinda steamboat restaurant one? Like buffet style..Eat till you full also still wanna force yourself to eat till really, really satisfied that kind..haha

Chris can really EAT A LOT ( X 10000 times ) lo..He's like an eating machine lo..See the amount of food that he consume, i also feel full liao~ haha

Kian How as usual the gentleman guy, still thinks of becoming the waiter that he used to be..

SL and PC taking the raw food..Me taking pics lo.. :/

Some cooked food while waiting for the food to be cooked..

Okla..This is the side dish..

This is the main one that we're all waiting for~

Full gila...i didn't eat much like I used to..I admit i'm a great eater compared to other gals..Probably I was too hungry then can't eat too much, if you know what I mean..

I was so happy..The process of 'rebut'-ing the chicken wings was so fun, thrilling and a lil' tiring..1st time I see so many people will wait at the place where the yummy and juicy chicken wings will be out in every 20 mins and 'rebut' it like no one's business..Fast man..Within 30 seconds, 80++ chicken wings all gone..Keng!

OKH and I also not bad lo..Hehe~ I think I got 11 in total..Hmmm..gonna be better next

YM with his half cooked egg..

OKH like one 'tar lau pan' liddat lo..

We all full liao la..You all still can eat so many rounds..your tummy made of what ler?

Then eat lots of ice cream and head for UKM lo..Tiring but fun!




This BSMM Annual Dinner is like a big event for BSMM-ians..Ah Bong and I were part of the committee members..We were in charge of the souveniors with the title 'Pengarah Cenderamata' and 'Timbalan Pengarah Cenderamata' ( Fuyoh..Glamour betul..)..Preparations start from as early as 1 semester before..but it became more hectic this semester with meetings almost every week and ya, which don't really come to any conclusions at the end most of the time..Things were not well said or ordered that made us do last minute jobs and run errands at the very last minute..Arggghhhh..What the top committees did????!!! Just goyang kaki there and order you do this and that and the last minute said 'I think you should........Forgot to tell you...' And when you ask them something, not say they know how to answer..And then when other committee didn't do their job, they find for black sheep to take their jobs-Can you do this? He said he's busy..WTH!! Think they very great is it..He 'busy' as if we are SO FREE la? And he end up goyang kaki do nothing lo and we end up have to do his job lo..We are civilized people so we don't wanna argue bout it..After all, if we don't do the who else? *Sigh To tell the truth, I don't like this whole thing..It's so messy and unorganized..Without good leaders, this is what happened..Nonetheless, the show must go on! The night was pretty boring and lousy with unprepared MCs, no songs to entertain the guests before the VIPs came, performances were so-so, food were like low class ( Hey, i could eat 1 set of McD given the Rm15 k? ) and the whole situation was pretty dull and quiet..It's a failure k!!! But we still have to struggle till the end!

And the theme is ethnic clothes..So, I decided to wear one of my favourite punjabi suits all the way from India-my orangy pink it so much! and i've decided to keep myself as simple as possible so just a line of eyeliner will do..But guess what, Kok Sin and Yoong Ming said that my eyes were blue black as if kena hit by somebody..Really that bad meh? =.= But after that only I knew that YM actually didn't know what's an eyeliner and boy, does he know gals make up? Innocent guy la~

Align Center
With the super prestigious trophy that we collected from each hostel..It's heavy and totally expensive..gotta be careful when handling them..

The souveniors..Made my bed so messy and the last minute job...Arggghhhhhh..why do they have to tell us last minute to buy again?! And I've to write words on like 25 bottles with the Paint marker which gave me some problem..Totally got me some nerves-wrecking!

Taddaa..That's my handwriting in sweet pink.. :)

Taddaa...Some of the finished pieces..

The ones behind that were wrapped up were for VIPs..Well, I admit they looked not-so-nice..The wrappers lo..I thought it'll match the bottles..Turned out opposite.. =.= But no choice lo..have to use it also..

Me and my masterpiece * Proud

There were compliments and that made me wanna fly already..haha~

Ah Bong with his hard-gained throphy..

Last minute only the supplier said 'NO STOCK' for the small throphy..Kek sim~ Then we have to use four fake trophy to substitute first..and kept have to run to the ones who got award to ask back for the trophy to reuse back..Lame~

With Ah Dwee..Amin junior..Her English and Chinese very power~

With my Boss, Ah Bong..

Well, we wore matching outfits..Both Indian style..But can please don't tease us? He's taken k? Lame la you all~ Keep wanna tease me for nothing =.=

With Ivan..He's ssooooooo handsome! And siap can put perfume~ lol.. :P

With Pei Yun and Jing Jing..The table for seniors..Sounds like have to admit old already lo.. (,'')


A lot people said I looked nice and sweet in this punjabi suit..'Kembang' already~ lol.. :P

The food..Like this Rm15??!!!

With Veron, the new BSMM Amin commandant..

Sending lots of loovvveeeee...

With Pei Yun..Let's dance.. :P

With Jing Jing..Let's sexy..I think I still suit cute la..haha..

I adore strong man! Ivan, don't act only ah..i want real

Act cute~ My specialty.. :P

You can't blame us for 'jeling-ing' at you lo..Who ask you SOOOOO TALL? haha

Yet another macho man..Wen Fong, you're too young la~

Hey, my scarf..Poor thing!

Ah Liang, you like this make me look so short lo.. :@

The act macho guys and I cute :P

The stage..Pretty dull..But it's ok..I'm there to cheer things up..See my bright orangy pink punjabi..Sweet~

Flowers! Like as if it's mine..hehe.. P






ABADI-Aminuddin Baki's Annual Dinner of Inspiration which is held annually to celebrate the seniors that are going to graduate and also good results of the Amin occupants..The theme for this year is Gold, Black, Green, White and Red colour..So, we're expected to follow the dress code..I wore Ah Mi's kebaya..I called myself, Lil' Nyonya that year's was pretty boring compared to last year's..Probably it's because I was involved in the performance ( Ya, i danced.. :P ) and also because a lot of friends went..But this year was more to go-and-eat kinda thing..And SL and PC joined us halfway since they have mid exam paper the next day..So it's pretty boring~

Me..Before going Dectar by Bus 11..

I love the Heart shape ballons lo..Can I just take home? :D

Our table that's full of food..

The catering company didn't provide forks and spoons for us!! You think the whole dinner is Malays only meh? What about US? Takkan wear so nice wanna eat with hand?!!!

Sitted ( L-R ) : Shida, Peik Hwa. Mun Yee, ME, Pei Yun, Yit Lin

Standing : Juniors..Sorry, I don't know your names..

The Lil' Nyonya-Shi Wei..

Hey, I'm a Malaccan k? Give face la~

SL and PC ngam2 arrive during dinner time..But then before that keep sms me ask me what time can eat etc etc..Wonder did you all concentrate or not before come? Keep think of food

Wah seh, eat also wanna bring notes? Not say got read also..Beh tahan.. *Bring notes for the ease of hearts..

ME, PC, SL.. :)

The food~ Sien

I like this pic..All look so sweet..Shida, where are you looking? Sesat liao..haha



Splash, Splash! a.k.a Playing Water at Danau Swimming Pool, UKM

We do have our swimming mood sometimes..Not that we're good at swimming but it's fun to play water at the pool..After all, we just have to pay Rm2 per entry..There's one Thursday ( New Tune Live Performance Day-NTLP) that Chia Yan ajak us swimming..I was half-heartedly because i have dancing class but since I've thought of going NTLP early, I decided to ponteng, which I rarely do so..So, Chia Yan and Ah Wang, both of you very 'tua pai' lo..Managed to make me skip my dancing class..haha..It's like 'one stone kills two birds'..So, okla..Ya, and PC got to flaunt her new bikini (oopppsss..half piece swimming suit) and so, she's very excited!~ Usually, she'll think of bringing her whole beauty set-shampoo, conditioner, hair treatments etc like as if she's going for a swimming pool shot like after some brain-washed by us, she finally let go of that thinking..haha..And since I've got my waterproof camera pack, let's take pics..Yeah! :)

The 4 mermaids : PC ( her theme is so pinkish red ), SL ( Blue+Pink), ME ( BLUE of course! ), CY ( Blue also~ High Five! )

Look cute neh? lol..Love this pic.. :)

There are some underwater pics also but I wouldn't upload here..Our body shapes are too precious for us~ So, imagine in your dreams la..haha..

When we're gonna go back and ready for NTLP, guess who we met? OKH, Dong2 and Shen Jie!

OKH and Dong2

Shen Jie..Chou OKH no patience wanna teach her how to swim then throw her to Dong2..So naughty~ Poor gal!

FUN and MERMAID-ed!!


NTLP XII ( New Tune Live Performance 12 )

We went NTLP to get high~ and most importantly is to support our buddy, Ah Wang! He's one of the dancers for the night and we went there to SUPPORT him and SRRREEEEAAAMMMMMed 'Ah Wang' numerous times till my voice could hardly be heard anymore..Before that, I was sick and lost my voice ( Okla, got around 50% but after the concert left 10% only.. :( ..What to do? Have to support our buddy mah~ So who cares if my voice left 0% ) Seriously we went all out to support him lo..This is his first time, his BIG time on stage so we wanna let him know that we're there to support him! And glad to know that he actually heard our screams ( Wohhhooo..Suang..Screamed EXTREMELY LOUD till others from the back and top of the seat could hear..Pai seh..hehe) and I think he's the ONLY ONE that got fans! It's like one group of them dancing but only Ah Wang's name could be heard so he must have felt like a celebrity la, I really danced awesomely and superb!! Cool!! Indescribeable lo~ The dances just made us 'Wwooowww' and 'Nice!'..And of course our main dancer is non other than Ah Wang, so all eyes glued on him! lol.. :P I must say : Wang, you did a great job!!

Ah Wang's fans ( : ME, Siu Li, Pei Chen, Kian How, Dong2, Music, Yoong Ming, Chia Yan, Mei Jiun, Wen Han

After some fun time in the pool, we hurried back to get ready for NTLP at Dectar..I didn't know that Music was waiting for us to go together just because I told him we'll be going at 7pm the day before! He didn't even tell us anything and suddenly popped up in Amin, waiting for us~ And we've got lots sms and miss calls ( left hp in the car while swimming ) and that poor guy was waiting for quite some time..So, to make it up, we've decided to let him enter our K6R 104 rather than let him wait alone outside..So, we kinda sneaked him into the house and party! * Just kidding la..Standing at 185cm, you think we can cover him? Never! We 'kuang ming chen da' brought him to our lil' house..He was happy and proud of course cause he's the first guy that managed to visit our house..Ahahahaha..

Music, you dressed so smart that day of course I must take pics with you la.. :)

Sorry for the 'flags' that you saw..Gals' house like this one mah.. *Blushes

At the entrance : PC, KH, DOng2, Music, SL, ME

We'll support Ah Wang!

Ah Wang and his doggie, Pong Pong.. ( I've got permission to use his pic.. He didn't say Yes or No..So, I'll take it as Yes lo.. :P )

Ah Wang, I'm featuring you here, so you gotta be proud~ :P

I'm NOT THE ONLY ONE who said that he looked 'suai' and 'sat' when dancing k..(When not dancing ler,errmmm..haha.. :P ) You guys ah, every time like to tease me..Wu liao betul~ =.=

* Adui..I kept ter-delete some pics accidentally so this NTLP has so few pics.. =.= I'm lazy to upload again as I've to drag it one by one till this part takes lotttsss of time..I've uploaded vidoes of Ah Wang's dance performance, so get ready your pop corn and drinks! SCROLL DOWN!!



Masquerade Party at Crown Prince Hotel

This dinner that I went was organized by Faculty of Business, University Malaya. Their theme was very unique : Masquerade party..I've never been to this kinda party before, so here I went and see what's so special about it..OKH helped me to buy a masque since I couldn't join him, Wei Lun, Kor Hung and Su Fang (the others who went also) when they went Times Square to pick and choose the right masque..My theme is BLUE ( My fav ) : BLUE pendicure, BLUE dress, BLUE eye shadow so my masque has to be BLUE too..So blue~ And I've bought a long dress which I liked so much that's not that pricy, a pair of white high heels ( 2 1/2 inch..I seldom wear high heels and this is my 2nd pair so far..), fake eyelashes ( my 1st time of wearing it..Made my eyes looked superb but I guess I didn't put it properly that I could see the difference between my real and fake eyelashes~ Nvm, practise makes perfect! ), diamond head band..i think that's all..Girls are so picky when it comes to dinner..This is the first time I've bought so much for just a dinner..Normally I would recycle my old dresses and accesories but this time, I don't know what made me decided to look someone new~ I love the result and I looked totally NOt SHI WEI!

My view on the party :

1) Surprised- I thought that I'll be under-dressed mana tahu ended up like I'm a lil' over-dresses..haha

2) Weird- It said masquerade party mah..Shouldn't we wear pur masque for some time during the dinner? It's only worn for pics.. =.=

3) So-so-Performances were ok..Food were not bad..Ate non-stop~

4) Bored-I was in the mood of dancing rather than taking pics..So, my mood was spoilt..I was the only one who wanted to dance~ Heng!

Overall : 6/10 ( Not bad lo..I'm not very entertained much * no more comment)

The gorgeous Shi Wei.. :)

OKH wore a shirt that matches the big's so GRREEENNNiissshhh....

My stuff-Shawl, Dinner bag, Masque..

GROUP PHOTO : I looked a bit weird lo..

( L-R ) : ME, Kor Hung, Kian How, Su Fang, Wei Lun

The complimentary fan..Made us looked so cool!!

I looked so British lo with this fan lo..Love this pic~

The masque men and women..

OKH looked so scary like ghost~ And we're his

Hehe..00 gave flower to 22.. :)

He looked so smart in this hat..

I love this back-to-back post..Sweet~

Like the movie : Kar Hou Yu

The Tai Kar Jie and her 3 cool or what? :P

[The guys turn to be Big Boss ( Tai Lo ) and 2]

The mirror effect : Me and my twin sister!

Like a pregnant lasy waiting for her husband to come

Why must OKH smile like that? Looked so weird ler~

When fetched Wei Lun ( Music's housemate) back, went in and visit Music awhile..Kena 'pok mong' out of nowhere..He suddenly said want hug-hug then kena hug already lo..haha..And he praised that I'm pretty..hehe ( Just for that day only la.. =.= ). * Flying :)

Music every time smile for camera like kena force



Institut Kraf Negara, KL

Another 'lawatan sambil belajar' trip of PPB subject..This time to Institut Kraf Negara, KL..Well, if not because of this subject, I wouldn't have known that there's such place lo..Well, it's a great place..this is where you can see Malaysian-made products..You wouldn't have known that they are as good as those imported ones.. There are lots of handicrafts being sold at affordable prices such as purses, pen holders made of beads, wood-carving etc..Well, it's an eye-opener to me as I wouldn't have known local talents if not for this place! Bravo~ And ya, I'm there not only to see but also to know the details of the crafts..As usual there are marks for the report and field work, so full concentration is needed thought I'm bored listening to the forum~ I had stomach ache, very bad one, even before I board the bus..So, I was damn pain and forcing myself to listen whatever they talked! After some time only the pain started to subside and so, I was in the mood to take pics..The usual me~

Me, with a red spectacle..I totally can accept this nerdy look! :)

I wouldn't miss camwhoring at any course~

With Kak Dilah and Pei Kwet inside the IKN..

Wooden bench..

ME, Suet Kee, Pei Kwet..

Some of the Batik that's out for grab~





* Only managed to upload 2 out of 4 videos..The internet line is so slow~ Those who wanna see, take from me la..hehe :P Sorry, the videos are not very stable and good..Shaky hands la.. :/

1st Dance ( Contemporary )-We didn't notice that he's dancing..We didn't expect him to come out so soon..Cause it's actually a singing competition..The first contestant was belting out her song..I was asking OKH when Ah Wang will be coming out and he said 'Not so soon..Be patient can?' And ended up he pai seh lo..Luckily I managed to video when I saw people started Ah Wang looked so funny, I don't know how to say..It's like acting+dancing..So, he looked a lil' weird..haha :P

2nd Dance : This was super keng! I love the way they came out..Very 'sat'..We shouted for Ah Wang SOOOOOOOOO many times and so super LLLOOOUUUDDDD!!! And they danced so power ler~ Then there's this part that Ah Wang like 'died' and kena dragged out of the stage was so funny la~ Gals were sexy..Me, chicken lil' can never danced like that.. =.=

Crossover ( Not here ) : Ah Wang danced and breakdanced solo..Totally COOL and Yeng, I must say..Chunted.. :) And there's this part where like 20 people danced together and divided to 2 groups/something like that..Oklo but I feel so many people danced so random and it's a lil' messy but I guess it's what they wanted to create lo..Nontheless, they were really awesome!!! :)

4th Dance ( Not here ): We were like guessing which one is Ah Wang because all of the dancers were wearing masques..And we kept guessing and guessing but at the end, we still unsure whether we were right or wrong..And we kept saying he dance got one kind wan so can see his pattern and it's, I didn't really like this dance..They were great! It's just I don't really fancy mystery and ghostly kinda stuff..It gave me some chill out of my spine or something and the music was so suspence like that as if the ghost gonna pop out from somewhere..And the whole hall was so quiet during this performance..They succeeded because this was what they wanna bring out! Bravo!

As I have said, this was the MOST HAPPENING period ever..All cramped into one month and made my schedule so full and hectic till I could hardly breathe..However, I must say that i enjoyed so much..Lots of fun, laughter, frustration, love and most importantly, our friendship bond grows stronger by time..And I'm very happy with it~ :) Play while we can, talk while we're still together, have fun while we have the chance and spread the love before it's too late..So guys, I love you all so much!! Muaakkksssss..Huggggsssssss... *Blushes and smiling

P/S : For gals, I'm not a lesbian..For guys, just some friendship love..hehe :P So, don't too SS and perasan k? :P