Sunday, January 25, 2009

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This Chinese New Year I'm looking forward to..

1) Receive lots of angpau (Money, money, money..)

2) Visit my friends ( no matter where are your houses, I'll hunt you )

3) Eat a lot of mandarin oranges and cookies ( Hope I won't put on weight.. :P Now already 'curi makan'..hehe )

4) Eat lots of home cooked food ( Gonna miss Ah Mi's cooking when i'm back to UKM )

5) Meet my relatives ( some only meet once a year..)

6) Continue becoming the hyperactive baby girl in my house ( As usual..hehe..)

7) Sayang Ah Pa, Ah Mi and Ah Chia Chu Pao more..Muaaakkkksss ( Don't know when I'll be home after this..)

8) Try to do my assignments ( Man, I have one whole pile waiting for me..Ya, right! Like I'll do..Hope I can spend some time looking at it though.. )

Hopefuly this Chinese New Year-Ox Year can bring good luck, health and prosperity to everyone..


Friday, January 23, 2009


I've heard of the Crab Island a.k.a Pulau Ketam through some documentary on television some years back ( I forgot when is it but it's like so long ago..but the name Pulau Ketam somehow managed to secure in my head even till now..)..From it, I knew that there were famous for motorised bicycle ( It's cool..A bicycle with an engine..You don't even need to use any energy..But i heard it's kinda like banned nowadays due to it's suppose to have license to ride it..Talk about tax! ) Anyway, it's kinda surprised that my beloved coursemate(Kian How a.k.a 00)'s life somehow connected this infamous island and so, I finally have a chance to step into the island and not just hear and know about it..He's been spoken about this lovely place for sometime but only now that WE ( This time, we managed to collect 10 people-Kian How, Dong2, Yong Ming, Music, Ah Bong, Kok Sin, Chris, Siu Li, Pei Chen & MYSELF) managed to go..It's not too late to say HELLOOOOOOOO to The CRAB ISLAND!!!


At KTM (UKM-KL SENTRAL-PORT KLANG)..We were super excited and were at high spirits..

After some time, the excited-ness turn to Zzzzzzzz..So many sleeping

Exit the Port Klang KTM station..

At Port Klang-Ferry to The Crab Island..

Inside the Ferry..Reaching our destination in 30 minutes..Hmm..I did took a picture of the toilet that somehow amused us ( Imagine all our 'business' are all flushed to the sea..I wonder how nutrition the sea craetures are..Eeewwwwwww) but I think it's kinda 'WAT TAT'-decided not to upload it..

Group photo-Don't have Bong (merajuk-ing)-Small gas!

Upon reaching The Crab Island..

I didn't know i managed to fly ( Thanks to KH and YM for holding me) over from the ship to the timber with a gap there ( Have to admit my legs are short! Looks like i'm gonna fell to the sea..SCARY~)

SL : Screaming non stop and nearly shed her tears ( something common)

PC : Scared till she shouted out loud also..

The Crab Island people were welcomed with our

Cute doggie-Bobby that only likes to go to Ah Bong and YM ( I guess he/she likes semi bold guys..haha)

Group photos-L.O.V.E.L.Y-The friendship in US shall prevail..

Meet the crab session..haha..

According to Ah Mah (KH's grandma) the crab was caught..So she let us have it for dinner..So kind of her..And she taught us how to clean the crab..All the guys put their hands on it except us girls..Sounds ironic? We wanna find some future househusband.. :P

Sightseeing with bicycle riding..Such a coincidence that only 7 bicycles were available so no matter how the guys have to fetch the girls..Well, they were all gentlemen(aheemmmmm..)..All the guys have gave me a ride except Ah Bong ( Xiao Chi Gui!)..Kian How ride steadily and skillfully, Yong Ming so kind enough to gave me a ride although he was exhausted from playing basketball, Music happily trying to gave me a ride at the basketball field, Kok Sin was swaying left and right upon seeing bicycle coming and hurt himself-Partly cause of me ( Hope you're OK..), Chris was a good rider but not going up the bridges-not enough and Dong2 look so 'suai' when he managed to ride up the bridge although he has a petite body..Man, all so SWEET!!!

Inside the school..SL was 'merajuk-ing' cause no one willing to fetch her ( No doubt she screamed a lot..haha ) and KH purposely scare her by swaying left and right (Naughty guy!)

Another side in the school : Begin to love the greens..

Hey guys, please don't vandalise and simply kiss the old man..Poor guy!

Here we go..Amin a.k.a UKM vs Crab Island basketball players..Guys who play basketball look so 'suai'..Although we didn't win ( Well, not all are basketball players) but they played so 'suai'..Awwwwww.....


I managed to captured some of the ugly/cute/funny eating gestures..Without these pictures, you'll never know your look when you're eating..Here's the proof..EAT, EAT, EAT!

Eat for laugh 1...

Chris : Hungry lo..I wanna eat all..

Bong : I'm thinking of someone..Don't know she has eaten or not..

Yong Ming : White rice still a lot..Eat vege first..

Music : Concentrate in eating..

Kian How : So long didn't eat here already..Yummy...

ME : My food is in my mouth..I can't smile..

Kok Sin : Eh, use hand only la..

Pei Chen : Arrrrmmmmmmmmm...

Dong2 : I eat so much why i still so petite?

Siu Li : Scare me..What are you trying to do?

Eat for laugh 2..

Chris : Nice..Yuummmmmmm...

Bong : All the prawns are in my mouth..

Yong Ming : Gona eat the crab till clean2

Music : Yeah, eat, eat, eat..

Kian How : After peeling the prawns for evryone, finally I can eat..

ME : I'm eating and laughing at the same time..

Kok Sin : Crab, you can't go away from me..

Pei Chen : You're so funny..hahahha

Dong2 : Look at me using a spoon to drink tea..

Siu Li : How come eat so much still got something on my plate?

The food..When order sounds a lil' but it came out a lot! The guys 'chia fan'..Keng!

At another side of the Crab Island port..After eating so full, all the tummy also bulged out already..haha..Time for some 'BUS 11' excercise..I chose riding bicycle..

Pillow talk..

Playing 'Kam Min Toi'..We were screaming and laughing so loud till the person next door bang the wall..Well, you can't blame us..

The guys were so obsene-half naked..

Colour wolf-most of the guys were.. ( We have pepper spray..Don't play-play oh..haha)

The SUNRISE in Crab Island..

Gosh, I missed it..My sleep and swollen eyes gave in the way..Man..Kian How said there's NO SUNRISE ( He never wake up that early and only wake up late in the morning) and SUNSET ( I guess he's always in the house) there..Simply say!! Chou Kian How!! And also say cannot BBQ cause scared the houses will be on fire..All cheat one.. (,'')'

Only Kok Sin, Ah Bong and Music managed to catch the glimpse of the sunrise..Heng!

Bong and Kok Sin-Don't 38 la both of you..Only Music is normal..haha

US : The morning look..I look a lil' weird..Ahhh...Body heaty=Swollen eyes..

Breakfast+Lunch (Brunch)..Never miss the group photo ( Bong OK liao)..hehe

Yummy 'chak fan'..The 'chap' very thick and tasty..

Bubur cha cha-got some jelly tasted kinda unique..

'Chai pao'-Remembered Kian How bought for us before..That's the same taste..

The temple..Chai kun kun lai..

Shopping-The gals bought 'Yu piao'+T-shirts; The guys bought T-shirts

P.K. T-shirts!!

According to Kok Sin : Best couple in Pulau!

Group photos again..P.K T-shirts-Next time all wear together-gether ya! :)

Going home lo..Bye bye resthouse..

Ah Mah-Thanks for your hospitality..Although our Hokkien half past six but hope you understand..haha

We were waiving to call the ferry..Can the ship-man see us?

Inside the ferry-Going back Port Klang..

PC 'sesat' again..Always different from SL and I

In KTM-Sleeping 'beauties'..

Kena 'pok mong' liao...

Kena zoom till i look so like 'CHU'..Man, ugly ler..Chou Kok Sin!

KH sleep till saliva all come out..Small kid!

PC : Sleep so 'si man'

At Port Klang once again..Miss the sea..Miss The Crab Island..

I feel that The Crab Island gave me the feeling of serene and tranquility..It's so different from the city which is full of hassle and bussle where time is always ticking and we are always running..There, I could feel that I'm controlling the time and not another wise..It's a very nice place to relax and give our soul a piece of break..Find that the main mode of transportation-bicycle is rather cute..It's so convenient and the people there are so skillful (proved when they crossed the narrow streets)..One thing that I'm still feeling gaga of is the bowel system where everything flushes to the sea..According to Kok Sin ( He did big business in the morning), he could hear the water splashes..Errmm..eeewwwww..But it's kinda funny it's fun when I get to go there with my buddies..All very nice and lovely..It's yet another get-together that make our friendship grew..

Took nearly 400+ pictures, partly cause I'm photo craze..I love to take pictures of every single thing/event..Say i'm crazy or whatever but these are the pictures that will make you reflect back of yesteryears..I like to camwhore and take other people's nice pose but I like more to take the natural and semi-conscious-of-the-camera-existance look-Usually all the 'chou yang' will be captured..haha..And it's worth all the effort because at the end of the day, it's the laughter that i hear.. :)

Kian How- Thanks for your family's warm hospitality and I know our accomodation and part of the food in Crab Island were on house..Thanks so much!!!


The Angpau Festival-UKM+Amin

This very year, we (ME, Siu Li, Pei Chen, Pei Hwa, Jeet Ling, Yit Lin, Yen Fei, Kian How, Ah Wang and Music) went to the Angpau Festival dinner at DECTAR..It's always so fun to hang around with your buddies..Earlier on, someone said I last minute only call-that also left 2 places, someone also said i purposely/indirectly play joke with her by trying to cheat her to go this dinner while another one said I didn't call her..The frustrated me can just shoke my head and said 'Next time I don't wanna be the one in charge'..You know, it's so hard to like call EVERYONE ( imagine there are more than 10 buddies that I have and it's a challenge to not left out one..) to an event and when you left someone, gosh, you don't wanna know what happened..Anyway, I'm gonna say SORRY if i've unintentionally hurt anyone..So, after throwing away all the accusations of my head, I decided to have fun and not let those stuff get into me..I wanna HAVE FUN!!!!!!!Neeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........

Camwhoring in our room..

She's beggining to look like me..THE AMIN

Can't see the 'Lang Sai' ler..Music's fault la..

The Amin flowers (pheewwiittttt) : YF, ME, SL, YL. PC, JL, PH

Now only can see..The 'Lang Sai-Lion' represents PC.. :p

The 'dancing' God of Prosperity..

So windy...'Suang'..

KH, Don't kill the God of Prosperity la..I'm in the picture-means i'm his helper..Oh, God..I want lots of 'chai'..

Best buddies in a table..

Me, SL and PC-00's 22, 11 and 44..hehe :P

When is food coming????

While waiting for food, let's snap some pictures..Say CHEESSEEEEE...

Finally, the food are here..hmm..not that nice, not that enough..overall 2/5*

'Lou sang'-Ko ko pu seng!! <>
YL : Shouted Wanna get 4 flat
SL : Shouted Wanna have bf (lol)
The rest : Wish in our hearts of course..

The gentlemen/women..S.W.E.E.T..

'Ho chiak bo'?

Yaaaaammmmmmm seng!

SL : Admit you're a tigress la.. :P

So cute..Love the rabbit..

Who sesat not rabbit but stil in the picture? SCAN!!

UKM buddies..

The 'real' God of Prosperity..

The God of Prosperity also headache with this Amin

Just love to take group photos..

Going home lo..


The Angpau Festival in Amin was held in quite a big (actually medium-compared to last year which was only allowed to hold it at Squash Hall..~Lame) scale at Dataran K4..There were 2 sessions-2-5pm was the games which they have 6 stations and we were to collect points for each game that we played..9 winners with the highest points were announced during the later session-dinner..Although we are already seniors, we joined the fun and did act like when we were juniors..haha..PLAY HARD!!! And we proved it by winning the 1st place (Dong2), 3rd place (ME), 4th place (Pei Chen), 5th place (Siu Li)..

The toughest station-Loop..All only managed to get 2 points except Dong2 (Keng!)

Ping pong challenge..SL and PC was the funniest!! Flying 'badminton'

Throw till you drop the bottles..Man, most of the ping pong balls flied out of the box..

Needles-my worst ever ( ME and sewing totally can't match)..SL and PY can be a good housewife (they BROKE RECORD! don't play-play)

The marbles-4 levels of toughness..Who says Chinese must know how to 'kiap' very well?

Amin Amin Move-Ha ha ha hoik...Man, i got conned a few times..SL never win when play real and Dong2 play cheat also ('wu liao')..

All look so 'ang-ang'.. :)

'Lou sang'..PC always said 'Lau sang'..(Cantonese+Mandarin)..Sounds like LAU SAI right?lol

The 4 Amin Econs-11, 22, 44, 00 :P

Yeah! US again-11 got 4th, 22 got 3rd, 44 got 5th ( Games) and 00 got Rm2 angpau (Lucky Draw)..The Econs POWER!!

Haha..SL kena bully..Veron blur2 still can pose for

Suppose to be all guys pictures but we, gals decided to disturb.. :P

Fun Veron + Sporting Dong2

Brothers : 00 & 55

The tigerians-Kok Sin, SL and PY..

SL : You must admit that you are a tigeress la.. :P

PY : Pout

Haha..ME-rabbit!! KH's body and Dong2's leg as the prop.. :)

It was some entertainment for US, seniors to join and have some fun..Morever, it's only RM6..So it's definitely worth it..Counting and looking at the clock and calender, I realized that it's not something very far that we soon will be seperated from one another after graduate from our own fields..So, I do treasure every single event or get-together that we have and definitely took lots of pictures as a momento next time..All these sweet memories with my good, caring, gentlemen(aheemmmm..), helpful buddies of mine will definitely be in my heart always..If i were to write a list of it, i guess it would be countless..So, to everybody, THANKS for everything and FRIENDSHIP ALWAYS!! :)

Friendship is priceless,

And can never be forgotten,

Friendship is timeless,

And never rotten.

It takes more than hugs and kisses

To be a real friend,

The nature of friendship,

Requires a blend.

The road to a happy life,

May sometimes make us stumble,

But to have a friend to give us a hand,

Teaches us to humble.

Good friends are hard to find,

Hard to lose,

And impossible to forget,

But when they fly away,

Your anger turns to regret.

Sometimes in life, we need a special person,

To listen while we talk,

A special person who will not discourage or judge,

But encourage us as we walk.

Friends are there,

To help you all along,

The journey through friendship,

Is always long.

In life,

There are big ships,

And there are small ships,

But the best ship of all,