Saturday, September 5, 2009


No mood to blog these days~

Have been busy with lots of unnecessary stuff-sleeping ( I'm always in sleeping mode~ I can wake up in the noon, eat lunch, take a nap, eat dinner, online then sleep again..Arghhhh..what's wrong with me? ), eating ( Fasting month is making me crazy! All the cafes are closed..and am forced to eat biscuits and maggie mee for lunch almost every day..ewwwwww~ ALWAYS FEEL THE HUNGER! Arggghhh.. ), online ( Especially FB..So, So damn addicted to it..Can't help my itchy hand from not touching my bluey lappy =.= )

Having exam blues now~ Totally NO M.O.O.D! And my routine is still sleep, eat and online..WTH? Will keep running this in my mind 'I wanna study, I wanna study, I wanna study...'

HOMESICK!!! Wish I could go home but things keep stoping me from doing so~ =.=

Meantime, feeling so not good all over~ @.@

P/S : Will update my blog as soon as I finish my mid eam-next week! Have lots to post up~ Lots of beautiful pics, great friends along, nice places and crazy ME! :P