Friday, February 26, 2010

Freaking NO MOOD~

I think I'll just continue my journey in Taiwan later on when I have the mood and time to write bout it~~ I'm such a lazy worm!! =.= Haven't touch on what I'm up to lately and also Chinese New Year~~~ much to blog but I'm just not motivated to type all out..I'm abandoning my blog AGAIN! arggggghhhhhhhhh!!! :(

Recently I'm feeling kinda emo..

[ WARNING : It's not a very nicely spoken post cause I'm in a VERY BAD MOOD ]

Partly is because of @ stuff..Recenly we have a roadshow to promote X but because lack of manpower ( I don't know why they wanna do a roadshow when there's FREAKING INSUFFICIENT PEOPLE TO COME AND HELP OUT ), I was put on duty for 10am-5pm everyday..No kidding! I wasn't complaining because I have to go everyday..I'm ok with it cause I have no classes..But at least we should do shift/slot for everyone~ Because of the long hours of standing like average 7 hours/day and repeating the same info for like maybe 30 times/day, I finally found myself struggling with the fatigue and heat of stationed, talking and standing in a place for such a long time..There were others who came and helped like 1-2 hours, I was so happy bout it but there were times when I was left ALONE, I repeat ALONE to handle the crowd..From recruting them to giving info session..At one point, doing all these ALONE seems so CRAZY and FRUSTRATING because I'm just a new member without knowing much stuff and where the hell are other members who SERIOUS SHIT CAN'T COME AT ALL DURING THE 3 DAYS? DON'T TELL ME YOUR CLASSES ARE 8am-5pm EVERYDAY ok? IF THAT IS SO, WHY DID U HAVE THE TIME TO SIT DOWN AND HAVE A PROPER LUNCH??? And I don't have a proper lunch thanks to you guys la..I was alone, how the hell I wanna eat when I have to take care of all those things at the booth with laptops and projectors.. * Freaking mad at this point..After 2 days of those shit, my body kinda couldn't take it and I'm so gonna broke down anytime soon..So, on the very last day of the roadshow, I kinda requested to go later since I'll be there the whole day too~ My later is like 11am..I needed really some rest before I start my day with full force of smiling at people 'Hello, Are u interested in X?' But every hour, I received sms asking 'are u coming?' and also call saying 'I'll be alone..Can you come earlier?' Like WTH? When I was alone, who can I ask for help? I WAS FREAKING ALONE TOO!!!! LIKE SO MANY HOURS ( MORE THAN 10 HOURS MAYBE?)!! YOU ALONE FOR 1 HOUR PLUS LIKE THAT WILL DIE IZIT? *At this point, I was gonna explode real soon.. Sigh~ I feel that I did my job kinda well and I'm proud to say that..Though it's just a few of us and ME MAINLY who recruit people~ But anyhow, if more people lend their helping hands, we would have done better! Definitely~ I'm very dissapointed with how things are being handled and lack of commitment by team members..How do we wanna strive for the best like that? Easier said than done.. (,'')

Also, I was given deadline to finish the all the tasks that I'm given..I don't understand how the hell I can finish it on time and the person who gave me the tasks didn't do it on time herself! WTH? And I can ask some more 'So when can you finish it ah? Can I have it by bla and bla?' Wahhhhh, It's so opposite!! Like I'm the one who's suppose to be in charge of this~ And when I told her that hers has mistakes, she was like NVM, just print it..Like FREAKING attitude la..We're doing some serious thing here ok? We have to show it to the people outside ok? How the hell we wanna present something with grammar errors and mistakes when we're an established organization you tell me? And I was just told that we have to go through a department before it can be released to the web and also print it out..Zzzzzzzzz..NO ONE TELL ME!! SOMEONE JUST TOLD ME TO PRINT IT OUT!! And till now, there are still stuff that are pending thanks to her la! How we wanna do our job well when everything is like hanging like that? And HOW THE HELL CAN YOU BE A ******** WHEN YOU CAN'T EVEN DO A JOB WELL IN THIS DEPARTMENT?? HOW THE HELL CAN YOU LEAD A TEAM OF 54 PEOPLE WHEN YOU CAN'T EVEN LEAD 1 PERSON? Like Damn! What's her reason behind all that? 'I'M BUSY!' Ohhhh..Like we're freaking free la~ *Sighhhhhhhhhhh

I have no idea what should I do/expect but I'm just gonna do my job well..I'm gonna graduate soon anyway~

Also, cause my best friend went for an internship in India..And she'll be there for 6months~ It's not a very long period but it's not that short too..I'm so gonna miss her heaps!! :( Though all this while she's in NUS (Singapore) and we don't really get to meet often but at least we gotta meet like 2-3 months once either in Malacca/Singapore..At the same time, I feel happy for her cause she managed to pass tough interview to get this internship and it'll be a great help for her future~ I'm worried for her too, not sure if she can adapt to the poverty-striken country where everything seems so helpless despite the fast rising economics..awwwwwwww..hope everything goes well for her! And I feel that I don't have anyone to have a heart to heart talk~~ :(

At the same time, her soul mate has left to Shanghai for his studies for a year..So, ya, I kinda 'lost' my besties for now..Ohhhh gosh, feel like I'm crapping here..I just can't bear the thought that they will be at another parts of the world and I'll be here, struggling for my studies and a future that's full of uncertainty~

My best friend, Yuzi and I..

Sweet couple..Yuzi + Kok Leong

The only pic that has 3 of us together =.= We should take more pics of 3 of us!!! It'll be next year?

P/S : Yuzi & Kok Leong : MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!

P/S : I think I need something sweet to brighten up my day~