Monday, August 17, 2009


Just as I was wondering why everyone is sick, then it was my turn..Most people has those H1N1 symptoms-either fever, cough, sore throat or any of these combination..But mine was different~ My kinda sick felt like hell and I swear that I feel like dying that very time..It's called stomach wind ( Don't know the scientific name though..) and my gosh, I felt like I almost rip my stomach off and just if I could cry and talk to someone then it'll at least feel much better..Staying in the room alone makes me feel worse and the pain just torture me in every single way..I could barely breathe, talk, stand, walk, sit, lie and WHATEVER I DO, I FELT THE PAIN!! @$$%@$%&*()_#*()_$%^&^&^$@$%&&(( Damn. *Angry and frustrated

There's one day that the pain took my sleep away..My only companion to make me feel better ( Mentally a lil' at least ) is my bluey lappy~ On songs for the whole night and kept looking at the clock hoping that it'll be the end of my torture..Oh man, the time moves so slow that every minute I hope that it'll jump to hours but to no avail..Hadthe intention to call Siu Li and OKH to fetch me to some clinic but I was scared that I might disturb them since it was so late so the only choice that I had was to ENDURE! ARggghhhhhhhhhhhh..TOTALLY HATE THIS FEELING! :(

Called Ah Pa and Ah Mi, Siu Li, Pei Chen and OKH to chit chat so as to at least I feel better a lil' and seriously, I guess I can't be alone cause being a baby gal, I always need someone to pamper and manja me..haha..And being sick made me so homesick and all that was in my mind that time was 'I WANT TO GO HOME!!!!!!!!! ( X1000000000times )..It always feel good to be at home with all the attention, love and care..Aawwwwwwww~

The ai xing wat tan hor that PC tapau for me..So nice of her!

I could barely walk to eat and she was so nice to offer to buy for me..Thanks.. :) Too bad I could only swallow a few spoons as I didn't have the appetite~

I couldn't stand anymore..Asked SL to drop me at PK and she waited for me outside ( Those healthy not allowed to enter..A lot of virus and bacteria around, I guess, given the rising H1N1 cases in UKM..) Thanks.. :)

The doctor couldn't identify my sickness! WTH? Gave me gastric medicine pula..It's NOT GASTRIC ok? I've been to specialist and there's medicine solely for stomach wind! UKM docs~ =.=''

After consuming PK's med ( Say already NOT GASTRIC!! ) still NO improvement..The pain is really killing me emotionally, mentally and physically!! Called OKH and told him 'I wanna go home~~~~~~' and he was like 'I fetch you go see doctor~'..I was like'?' Then go see doctor lo..Went a clinic outside UKM but it's still partially under UKM =.= OKH was nice to accompany me there~ Siap can buy Wong Lo Kat for me to drink..I thought it's bitter but came out sweet..hehe..Thanks! :) OKH is officially my Mui

Again, the doc couldn't find out what's my problem and gave me the SAME MEDICINE from PK!! WTH? 3 same type but there's one pill that's of different colour but same function.. +.+''

Told Ying Jie bout this when I force myself to lectures..Been sleeping and lying down too much I feel like vomiting! She's so nice to purposely ride to Amin and pass me this Chinese medicine for stomach wind..Apparently, she has the same problem and asked me to try it..Miracally, it worked!! I feel better now..Thanks :)

Ah Jie purposely came and fetch me back to Malacca..Pampered baby you..Muaaakkssss....Wish I could stay longer but have to rush back for senior's convo~ (,'')

THANKS to everyone who is concerned bout it through call, SMS, MSN or FB~ You guys were my strength to go through this!!

P/S : That day, talked to Sze Sze..She totally understand what I've been going through cause she has the same problem too! Arghhhh..Not easy to explain this sickness that I have because it seems like a normal stomach pain ( To those who never experience this before and think that it's nothing!) but pain like hell! Was very excited and completely suang to talk to her cause we felt the same thing! Total click! Well, I just need someone who understand to complain and it feels much better too~ :P

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Meet the wild~

It was a so-called fieldwork when actually we became lecturer's guinea pigs to help her do survey for her research..Well, it was indeed a great experience as we get to
meet the wild be it being close to the elephants or interact with the aborigins/orang asli~ It was at Kuala Gandah, Pahang ( Well, my very first time to Pahang, not to add Genting in it..) and 3 buses from 2 classes combined..Even FEP donated Rm1000 which we then bought some daily necessities to give to the aborigins..

Shall let the pics do the talking ( Well, will elaborate here and there a lil~ )...

My companion on that day-Xiao Fang ( bubbly and sweet )

The halfway bus stopped at rest area somewhere nearing Pahang~

Wohhoooo..I wanna be a bus driver :P

With 2 lecturers and their family~

Bought nasi lemak as brunch to last till super! No food provided during the trip.. =.=
Chit chat

( Super secluded place with trees, bushes along the way..)

Take pics, Camwhore~

Chiak, Chiak, Chiak.......... :D

Xiao Fang, Poh Yen, ME :)

In front of the aborigins 'hall'..No fan, no lights, nothing..But comfy!

The aborigins' village name, I suppose.. :P

See, the rest of the group were way in front and we were the last..Too busy taking pics here and



Feed the elephants..

We were given 2 choices..Either put it in front of its trunk/mouth..Well, I chose mouth..Kinda scary and feel geli at first..You know, city people seldom get to be so close to wild animals and this type of reaction is kinda normal..

Riding the elephants..

Kinda scary cause it wasn't stable..My body go left and right as if gonna fall off~ And they didn't put any cloth for us to sit..The elephants are so hairy! lol

With baby elephant..I didn't dare to go close cause he was playing with the grass and soil..

With some of our classmates and lecturer..

Disturb Poh :P

BREAK!! Camwhore with Poh Yen's cap..

Suppose to eat our lunch but we didn't..Lecturer siap brought MEE IN MY

The hot weather is killing me..Felt so hot! Of course must shield under the umbrella la..Freaking humid! Felt like gonna melt already :(

The survey booklet..

2 in a group and we're suppose to go in the house, give the aborigins some daily necessities ( soap, Colgate, food etc ) and INTERVIEW them~

Their house..
One is a low cost house ( brick..bulit by the government ) and the other is a hut ( built by themselves )

Inside the house..Look so empty ( no furniture..)..And messy~

There's a stench and I couldn't breathe properly..I didn't wanna show disrespect so act normal.. (,'')

The so called kitchen..OMG! I'm feel so lucky suddenly!

The cooking area, I suppose..

With one of the aborigins that we interviewed..

See, I know I'm chubby but her petite size made me look like I'm super big sized! Even my big, fat leg is bigger than her in a whole =.=

The survey questions were too tough..They don't even understand and we have to use simpler words..And they don't even know their age! And most of them are not educated!

Felt like I'm one of the luckiest human on earth again!

The aborigins babies don't wear clothes..Completely left naked! While us, scare baby catch cold this and that..Well, it's their culture..Luckily, the adults wear clothes now after being modenized..haha

Forgot what is it called..Like a crown..Used for festivals during dancing..

Hui Fang looked like a princess and I looked like a retard~ :@

Outside the 'hall'..

Souvenirs! It was rather expensive but I know they need fund for their living! The handmades are lovely~ :)

We bought a handmade coin purse with elephants on it..Cute!

This trip has indeed made me realize something..I feel more contented, blessed and well, L.O.V.E my life even more now!

Friday, August 7, 2009

A Lil' Action~

It has been some time since I last donated blood..Well, sometimes it would be hemoglobin low, sick, lack of sleep and that time of the month again! lol..This time, I am qualified to donate I was so delighted..haha..And donating together with a bunch of friends made it even fun though the needle thingy part is scary! But I feel that for the whole process of it, surprisingly it's not the part where they poke the needle right through me and seeing my blood flow out that made me jerked but it's the part where a forcefully sharp kinda thingy ( Don't know what it's call..Errrmmm..Needle kinda function? ) that poke my finger to take my blood for a test whether it's good enough to donate!

Well, as usual, if a bunch of people together, sure it's a lil' noisy..hehe..Chit chatting and playing around made it more relaxing and fun..And also, this time around, there are some interesting moments that's too great to forget~ :D

Let's see..


Yeah! I'm qualified to donate blood but poor Kevin was rejected by Pusat Darah Negara..He's totally worried sick during that moment..

Look at his facial expression! Cannot blame him also la..You know, the stressful moment of waiting for the answer..Imagine if the Pusat Darah Negara tell him 'Kevin, I'm sorry,,I think that you have XXXXXXX'..Wow, it's so scary!

Luckily the staff was good enough to help him check that day also..If not, he has to wait for 1 day and check it out himself at Pusat Darah Negara..Eat, sleep, do anything also feel like dying~

The kan cheong moment..jeng jeng jeng~

He get to donate because it was actually a techincal problem..WTH? Like this error also can occur.. =.=''

We felt so relieved~ Pheeewwwwww..Lucky Kevin nothing..If not, pity man~ :P


Mei Mei's blood flowed out fast at first but super slow after that..Even there's a nurse who personally sat there and check it out for her..How nice! However, her blood was non-usable since it didn't reach 200ml, given a 450ml pack..

Then the nurse asked if she could change to the other hand and she agreed! How nice! And finally she managed to 'make' her blood flow out as needed once we all were not there to talk with her! haha..


I don't have problem at all~ Wheeeee...lucky me! :D

My 4th time~

Pei Chen and Pooi Yung passed by and support :)

One sick, another one underweight so cannot donate~

OKH also passed by and support..haha.. :P

He donated a few days before us..

Well, camwhoring cannot be missed-no matter where I am, what I do! lol~

My blood!!! Thinking that it'll help save others' lives, it never feels this wonderful before.. :)

My first time using right hand to donate..I always think that after that, I can't write! The myth that it'll be weak, swollen, pain etc~ But I can!!! :P

Supposingly 4 of us donating together..Me, Mei Mei, Kok Guan and a missing Kevin..He was wondering around like a lost soul~ lol..

I'm proud of myself! :D

The small 'gifts'..

Ah Pang was there to support us also and helped us take pics..They couldn't tahan that I like to take pics this much especially where I camwhore at the seat when my blood still flowing + meaningful..Shall do this more often eh..Donating alone is kinda boring and nervous at times..Wooohhhh..I feel so good after donating! :)

A lil' action could give others' a chance to live~ What do we have to lose since we only pump out 450ml blood where as the blood in our body is 5L? :)

P/S : I even went hip hop class the same day after a few hours of sleep..Surpisingly, I still could do the torturing streching and danced to the beat using all my energy! Could have fainted there but I'm not that weak!! *Wink *Wink..Began to love this class even more! :)

Monday, August 3, 2009


It's time to re-connect with my buddies after 2 months of holiday..Well, everyone was busy with their own things when the semester started..And since most of us are in our FINAL year already ( except those from Engineering Faculty who have another 2 years to strive hard ), it's time to busy with our thesis, on-going activities etc..It's always nice to hang out together once in a blue moon..Well, not that we get to go out in a big group most of the time because it's always hard to gather every one but just a few can be fun too~


They put this 'man' in front of the entrance which looks kinda scary lo..

Pei Yun, Gah Sin, Siu Li, ME, Pei Chen..

I guess we're the only 3rd year students who actually went this Intro Night which is supposed for 1st year students :P

PY and GS was there to do their report actually..

And we're there to have play around! haha..and well, support Ah Wang who's dancing~

Didn't know Ivan was there too! He's a guitarist..Can't really see cause I zoomed from my seat..

Nehh..Soh Chai Wang!

SL and PY said he's CUTE wor..Since when? =.= But he thin a lot already lo..

GO, GO, GO!!!!

The dancers! Super CHUN~

There were singers as well...They really have nice voices..Well, the Intro Night was Ok la..Not so many people as I expected and the technical problem kinda occured the whole night..So made the night less impressive.. (,'') Nevertheless, it was good in a whole~



Haven't been to the LARGEST PC Fair in M'sia which is held at KLCC annually..So, this year I MUST GO! Suppose go with Siu Li and other buddies but they had something on and so we kinda go different days..Thus, I went with Kian How and meet with Music there..

ME and OKH while waiting for KTM..

At the front of Suria KLCC..My first time there, OMG! Of course must take pics la! :D

2 act yeng guys and 1 cute gal! lol~ :P

I like this pic..Well, I look kinda si man right? In pics only..haha

I also can act yeng one lo..hehe

Must take pics kao-kao only can go shop and hunt for IT gadgets..Poor 2 guys kena forced to take pics by me..Well, I just love to take pics.. :P

We all looked so cute! :D

Guys not only go to hunt for best bargains but also SEE PRETTY AND SEXY GALS!

So many model alike gals I tell you..Just too pretty and hard to resist not to look at them! :@

Some characters from a game~

I'm a CUTE shooter~ :P

So CUTE!!! Argghhh..I just ran over to hug was looking at me~

Music said I was do such 'tiu nien' stuff.. :@ =.=

Was listening to the Sony MP3..Super nice..Tempted to buy one but feel like not using it so brushed away my thoughts..

OKH bought one though..Red one..So nice lo..Jealous~

Guys also must do something to attract customers since they don't have pretty face and sexy

While resting..So tired..So far, bought a pendrive and micro SD card..

Went back to Suria KLCC and have lunch..Too stuffy and lots of walking made us SO HUNGRY..Took pics

Met with Mei Ling there who was working for HTC..Screaming for her ..Everyone looked at me again =.=

Was too happy to see her since I haven't seen her for sometime..Ever since I started this semester~

Music bought a speaker which is like quite handy but the box is so big! 2 people carry also STILL HEAVY!

So torturing need walked all the way to LRT station with such heavy stuff and with so many people around ( No kidding..It's packed like sandwich ), feels like killing everyone there for some air to breathe!

ME with some of mine and OKH's stuff..Since he need to help Music to carry the speaker, I helped him carry small stuff..

Music and OKH inside LRT..Like gay partners lo! A lot times already like this =.=''

Hmmm..This PC Fair is really HUGE! So many halls and the annoying part is we have to walk all the halls and cannot like skip any one..And really A LOT OF PEOPLE! From KTM station to KL Sentral to LRT station to KLCC also that many people..I could hardly breathe~ And saw quite a lot of people wearing mask around..I wonder how they breathe actually because without mask I was gasping for air and the humid weather made it worst..Anyway, it was really a great deal to grab IT gadgets more cheaper than usual..And lots of interesting stuff and chun gals to look at~ :)