Friday, April 30, 2010

Ice Kacang Puppy Love Theme Song~《纯文艺恋爱》阿牛现场演唱

I've yet to watch this Malaysian movie yet but the reviews are great! I happened to hear this song in FB that my friend shared..OMG! I totally ♥ this song!! I can hear it over and over again without feeling bored and singing along just made me feel damn great!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Snippets of me~

I admit that I no longer blog as often as I used to be..Don't know why, each time I wanna blog, I just feel that I have so much to say and too many pics to upload that I would say 'next time lah' and each time that time never arrives cause I'm so damn lazy by the time other things started to pop up and more things and more pics..omg!

So, this post is about what have I done in previous months that I failed to blog about! And I've a hard time to choose like just ONE pic out of THOUSANDS pics that I have~ I seriously wanna talk more and post up more pics....gggrrrrrrr..but if I do that, I have to do like for all the events below and then more and more words and countless pics..nahhh, don't really have much time now..JUST 1 PIC and some descriptions will do! :D

Join the @ers to accompany Korean students to Melaka and Port Dickson trip!

In this pic, the only Korean is MyoungKwon Son..We all call him MK cause his name is so long and hard to pronounce's a really funny and nice guy..Goshhh, I miss him~

Went to hike Broga hill for the 2nd time with 32 coursemates..

The 1st time I went there, I hiked till I nearly out of breath lo, felt so weak..I was thinking twice before I agreed to go the second time..but cause it's with coursemates this time and we're gonna graduate soon, so OK lo..And when I was decending, I fell down like 3 times and nearly roll down the hill..omg!

Went to OKH's hometown, Kuantan with Amin gang~

I thought this pic is very funny cause they were looking at me, don't-know-why ( I think cause I'm gonna pose and my pose is funny? lol )~ haha..should have shown a nicer pic here but I like this pic la.. :P

Stayed at OKH's house..Went to beach to see sunrise, ate like 10 FISH FOR 2 DAYS ( cooked in different styles..but I never ate so many fish in such a short period in my whole ) cause OKH's family is into fish catching business, went to Kg Beserah where the film the infamous Malaysian movie, Wu Hu and also went to Bkt Gambang Waterpark..It's so nice to spend time with close buddies~ Gonna miss you guys T.T

Went Sg to meet up with Mei Ling, my grand daughter in Peach family..

Suppose to go with Natalie ( my ggrand daughter ) and meet up with Jomel (another ggrand daughter) but they had something on last minute..Anyway, ML and I had so much fun flying kite at Marina Barage~

I think not many people know bout what's Peach family all about..It's a Taiwan story..I know, I so lame lo..Till now, haven't really blog bout TW..I'm gonna soon, seriously! =.=

Tzu Ching CNY reunion dinner..

I do realize I've been too into @ recently and kinda neglect TC, but I only can concentrate in one, honestly and I've kinda choose @ this time cause I've been into TC for nearly 2 years dy..I gotta give myself a chance to learn in @~ :)

Catched up with Eunice (my ggrand daughter) at Sunway Pyramid during AIESEC Week..

Haven't seen her ever since back from TW..We had such a good time..She told me lots of stories, damn funny ones cause she stayed in TW much more longer than any of us..I was laughing like hell in Fullhouse and everyone was looking at me =.= Suppose to find her in Penang but still couldn't find a suitable time~

With the Interns during AIESEC Week..Super global~
( L-R) ME, Tiina (Finland), Ramiro (Brazil), Milou (Netherlands), Jennifer (Bangladesh), Ryohei (Japan), Sunzir (Bangladesh) and Pei Ling

Had so much fun with them..Took lots of crazy and silly pics..haha..

I heard now more interns have arrive..from Korea, Philliphines, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Saudi Arabia and more to come..Have yet to meet them though~

Fooling around in library with Shereen (my ggrand daughter) and Su Ying (daughter peach)..

We were asked to do a 1 min video about our exchange so it was great cause we seldom get to meet though we're in UKM =.= And when we meet, we do crazy and silly stuffs..haha..Just ♥ them! So gonna miss u lo~ T.T

ABADI-Amin Hostel Dinner..

Final year students have to do a entrance parade..damn paiseh~ I totally forgot bout the dinner and thus, didn't bring any dress back to UKM..wore my most casual outfit-jeans =.=

AIESEC Annual Dinner and Dance at Sunway Club House...

The theme was beach wear..had such a hard time choosing beach outfit lo..It's either shorts and shirt/sun dress~ I was nominated for Most Performing Team Member and also in Exchange, I think..Not so sure cause I was too shock to hear my name got announced..I didn't expect it at all cause I am a newbie in @ and I felt honoured lo..And now, I'm promoted to Team Leader..ahhh, what an achievement! :D

@ Grad Nite/LAST @ Gathering!

We had a card for each of us where we wrote our name, post in @ and nickname ( OSW, TL, ) and we sat in a big circle and passed around the cards where we wrote nice words for one another..There were like 40 of us where we took 2 hours ++ to write everyone's..And we had a touching sharing session on what we did in @, what we felt etc..Though I only just @ just a few months, I was damn sad and was in tears that night~ T.T


FEKON group pic..

We had our own class pic since we're gonna graduate already..So we were asked to wear formal and we took crazy lots of pics..And also cause we have a pro photographer, Kevin who helped us snap, snap snap..haha..LAST LAST LAST-that's what everyone kept

Got myself a baby DSLR~ And that's me with Kevin sifu (self-proclaimed)'s damn keng and pro, and LENG ZHAI of course must learn from him la..haha..and he was like 'ISO, flash compensation, shutter speed.........' all within a few seconds when I wanna shoot something made me damn kan cheong cause when he was saying the 3rd setting, I was only looking for the 1st mah and still learning :P

Had last gathering for Ex Gan Bu and celebrate Chia Yan's b'day as well..

I drove all the way from Melaka ( my 1st time driving highway and all alone..damn kan cheong! ) partly cause of this..The reason LAST

Still remember last year we celebrated her b'day as well with same bunch of people..How time really flies!

Went to eat sushi king during Rm2 promotion..

Honestly, I'm not a fan of sushi..but I decided to give it a try..Siu Li and I kept looking at the sushi that went round and round..We couldn't figure out which one that's OK to we were most happy when unagi, tempura and baby octopus ones came out..

Went to S.H.E She's The One concert in Sg with Ah Jie Chu Pao with banner, lighting stick and devil headbands ( I would say we were well prepared for this

We both are fans of S.H.E and wanted to go their concert for like so loonnnnggggggg already..ever since we were in secondary school..omg! didn't have the chance till now..We were so high during the concert, singing along~ wahhhhh, it felt so great!

Ah Jie and I first met them live at A'Famosa Waterworld when they had autograph session and Ah Mi was so nice to drive us all the way there cause we wanted to see them so much! And I met them 2nd time at Taipei during Countdown to 2010..I wan damn high cause I was so close to the stage!! :D

Graduation Trip with 34 coursemates at Port Dickson!

I know it's damn weird lo go PD for grad cause most of us have other commitments and PD is the nearest and most of us can make it so off we go by 7 cars..We had such a crazy 2 days 1 night trip..Throwing people into the salty and not-so-clean sea, BBQ and ate loootttssss of sausages and fish balls till I now kinda don't feel like eating it for, crazy camwhored and took lotttssss of pics ( 1000+ pics if didn't minus blur and not nice one ), laughed my lungs off during truth or dare game ( serious funny with all those gruesome punishments ), how our bungalow turned into like a haunted mansion when suddenly heavy rain and lightning strucked that cause blackout and we used that opportunity to celebrate Sheena and Lancer's b'day, heart to heart talk of some people ( I was trying to sleep upstairs cause sick =.= but couldn't so I roll whole night :( Wished I have the energy to hear their interesting stories ) and stopped by Melaka just for a chicken rice ball lunch..rofl~ Ahhhhh..this memories! So gonna miss u guys!! T.T

Photo shooting with Amin gang..

With the reason gonna graduate again and cause I have my baby DSLR, I'm gonna practise it more so we went for photo shooting around UKM for 5 bloody hours..felt like melting though it wasn't humid..and damn, I so lazy to edit la! and didn't edit also look nice, so HAPPY~ hehe..Will miss u also~ T.T

~~~~~~ A few more days left in UKM :( Though I'll be back to submit my thesis but I would say this week is officially my last week in UKM..What's stored for me in future? I have no idea..but I certainly has a lots of plans that's waiting for me to take action..I just need encouragement to make that step! ~~~~~~~~~

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The last of the last~

OK, it's my final semester and tomorrow it's my VERY LAST PAPER~ I couldn't tell what feeling I have now..I want it to end fast cause my head is so crappy right now but at the same time, I am so reluctant to bid goodbye to a place where I've survived to get a bachelor degree, mainly cause of my buddies ( gonna miss everyone.. :@ The truth is I've yet to feel emo maybe cause of my very final paper who drives me on the wall )..And 3 years in UKM is full of sweet and bitter moments..Will do a reflection of my life as a UKM student later on~ teee heeee!

Right now, head and eyes will be on notes..Well, actually that's not it..Still left with thesis which I'm still waiting for my lecturer to give a nod and after that I'm officially GRADUATING! Hopefully I pass all my papers la~ * Prays

A quite funny pic of me..ahhhaaa...Just wanna lift up my mood~ :D

P/S : Sickness, please don't be harsh with me!!! I need my brain to work for my paper tomorrow..Please ya..Thanks!!

Friday, April 9, 2010


I've been putting too much pressure on myself lately~ And thanks to my lazyness and blurness, now I'm kinda pushing myself too hard to get what's supposed to be done, DONE~ And I feel so stressful that I feel like puking every single minute, gasping for fresh air to breathe~ And I can't help but to wonder if I'll ever make a pause and give myself more excuse..But all I can say now is I REALLY HOPE I CAN GO THROUGH ALL THIS!

Suppose to go back hometown to meet up with Ah Jie and relatives this weekend, but kinda stuck in UKM now to finish up assignments and thesis, which made me feel even worse! And Yuzi isn't feel well too..She's feeling stressful with lots of not-so-good things that happened lately and I'm worried that she may slip into depression, being alone in India..really wish I could be there for her..and now that both of us are at down part of the wheel, we just don't know how we could advise each other besides being there always~ *Sigh..Really hope WE CAN GO THROUGH ALL THIS!

The bad auras..Just wanna shhooooo you away!!!! I'M GOONA BE TOUGH!
and Yuzi, I know you can too! :)