Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Job as an OGXer~

Suddenly have an itch to blog..It's in the wee hours of the morning now but I'm still working ( AIESEC stuff again.. ) and enjoying my very last packet of instant noodles, Maggie Mee ( went to the library the whole night with Sanz to do some @stuff-arrange EPs for PHI interview and just got back not long ago~ )

When I thought back how I was sent to Exchange in Taiwan by the @ers in the Out Going Exchange (OGX) Department just months ago, I feel WOW..You know, they provide service from the start ( when u apply for Exchange ) till you can go for an Exchange! It's like they give and help you so much but didn't expect any favour in return, just for the sake of AIESEC's image and professionalism. Now that's what made me feel so WOW! lol..

After I came back from Taiwan ( after seeing how the @ systems goes about and how enthusiastic and pationate the @ers were ), I decided to join @ and I got myself in the OGX team. I was approached to join EYLN but I felt that as a new member who gonna graduate real soon and have like 10% knowledge bout @, I'm afraid that I couldn't perform and do well and might dissapoint anyone. I know OGX department is the one that I wanted cause as a return EP, I know the procedures of going to Exchange, I could share my Exchange experience for those who's interested and I could feel the connection there. And this proves right cause I really ♥ my job as an OGXer!! I could now send people to go for Exchange! woohhoooooooooo~~

My job is rather challenging! Besides knowing most of the stuff in ( It's a very complicated and smart system where you can connect to @ers from most parts of the world and getting the latest info and seeing the TN forms of countries and projects which ONLY OGXers and LCP CAN SEE it-feel so ), meeting new potential EPs, deal with their problems and also helping them to get matched to a particular country and project ( My main task is to recruit new people to go for Exchange-roadshows, facebook, blog, e-mails etc, talk to EPs bout their preference country and project and find out the forms for them ), arranging EPRBs-interview for potential EPs (before going for exchange have to pass an interview), I also have to connect with TN Managers from any parts of the world ( This is the coolest part! I get to know more people from lots of countries..It's not only bout business-sending my EPs to their country for a project but also we could be friends~ ) Not only that, I also have to arrange another interview with PHI officers regarding sponsorship ( Yup! This very sem UKM is allocating RM 100,000 for @ exchange..So cooooolllllllllllll!!!! )..And, and, helping out in AIESEC week which I need to guide our VPOGX in allocating out tasks. Ohhh and also, I did posters for returned EPs for publicity purpose~~

I feel that I've did and am doing most of the stuff that need to be done in the OGX department..rofl~ I mean as a newbie in @ and also just a team member in OGX department, I actually did more that I should and have actually exceed a job as a team member. I'm actually doing 2 team leaders' job!! It's a funny situation here but as I realize, every department has their own problems and conflicts..So do OGX~ Well, not all team members are productive and give commitments..So yeah~ All I can say is I'm proud of myself cause I could push myself so far despite being a newbie cause it takes like maybe half a year or more to be a team leader but me in just one month plus act as 2 team leaders! I REPEAT, ACT AS!! ( cause my post is still team member though I did team leaders' jobs ) and I REPEAT, 2 team leaders~~~ It doesn't matter anyway, cause ALL I WANNA SAY IS I'M DAMN PROUD OF MYSELF!!!! :D

I'm suppose to be VERY FREE this semester cause I only took 9 credit hours including thesis with only 2 classes a week, both on Monday. So, basically, after Monday, I could shake my legs or go and travel around but ever since joining AIESEC, those free days also all taken up! :( * I didn't wanna list down all the procedures of going to Exchange cause it's so damn long~ But basically I'll only be FREE only after my EPs go for Exchange successfully which means during semester break~ =.= However, I believe that I can learn something ( self development and leadership skills ) and do something beneficial for my future ( @ helps to shape me a lot )~

This is a poster that I did!! ♥♥ it lots!! It's the 1st ever kind in M'sia~ wohhhoooooooo~~

AIESEC is the leading brand of TOP talents

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I can do it!

I've been going through not-so-smooth-and-nice roads lately-pile of workloads that someone left behind, stuck in my thesis, my hard disk spoiled which I have something important in it, gained weight excessively which I think it could reach a danger zone after counting my BMI, trapped in between someone's arguements, being used and taken for granted~ OK, ENOUGH!

And as for my inner side, I've been feeling empty and lonely, uncertain of the road ahead me which is so vague ( I'm gonna graduate in April if everything runs smoothly ), clock is clicking and time passes so swifly that I didn't managed to grab hold of some opportunities bla bla bla~ ENOUGH OF IT!

* Extracting all those negative elements and thoughts from my head *

FUTURE, what, where, how, when?

I've reached a certain point in my life to choose paths, THE RIGHT ONE, for a future which I forsee and dreamt of..Courage is all I need!

And I know, no matter what happens, I have a family that loves me unconditionally and also a best friend whom I can always depend on! They are the source of my strength where I am the director of my life! I'm so blessed to have all of you in my life! ♥ ♥

♥ L.O.V.E♥
You are the most important people in my life, always and forever~

Missing Yuzi so much! ♥

I'm gonna stay strong, I'm gonna dream big, I'm gonna tell myself 'SHI WEI, YOU CAN DO IT!!'

Nothing is impossible and I believe I CAN HAVE WHAT I WANT! :) :) :)