Tuesday, June 8, 2010

To usher my 23rd~

Yayyyyyyy!!! Very excited indeed..Gonna turn 23 in 2 days!! A sudden adrenaline rush made me changed my bloggie's template (it was there ever since my 1st post) and header (It'll be my pic from now on..haha)! No more childish template and headers (But sometimes can't help can I say no to cute stuff?? =.=)~~ Ohhh, my blogging style will still be the same..My personal thoughts and feelings, my uni life (working life from now on!), my friends (I could sense more new faces here soon..), my travel stories (takes time as short, MY LIFE!

Ah Mi said she's already married at my age but I'm still looking like a child at 23.. =.= how? I think I'm gonna try to be more matured lah..

P/S : I've lost all the blog urls after I've changed to a new template..How come like this?? T.T
To all my friends/who read my blog/whom I've once linked, please drop me your blog url on chat box/comment ya..Thanks!! :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Surprise, surprise~ (Taiwan)

Let's consume with post on Taiwan, shall we? :D

On 18th Nov, it was Stan's birthday...

We planned to give him a surprise on 17th nite (our 4th day in TW)..INITIALLY, we planned to knock on his door around 11pm, I think and tadaaaaaaaaaa...sing Happy Birthday song, blow the candle, cut the cake and get our beauty sleep~ BUT~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was epic fail lo!! T.T Usually, we would sleep around 10pm everyday but we stayed up late that night just to surprise him..

Pic : Cake was bought near Mei Ling's school and we managed to hide it from Stan on the way back from school though we sat in the same van..ahhhaaaaa~

We thought he was in his room (Shereen told us he was.. =.=) so we sneaked into another side of the house and carefully lit up the candles..I think a few of us kinda burned our fingers cause it's damn hard to lit up the candles lo..So we knocked and knocked the door a lot of times but no response..We were like 'Stan..........Stan.............Stan..........' *knocked louder and louder..but it was quiet..At a few thoughts, we thought he was like sleeping too soundly-tidur mati!

So we decided to camwhore with the cake la while waiting to try again in 10 minutes or so..

Pic : There are more crazy pics but this is the most decent one..or else, I might get killed.. :P

And we tried again..But still no response.. *Disappointed to the max..So we decided to get our beauty sleep as it was getting late and we need to wake up like 6am the next day..And our place didn't have a refrigerator so we decided to chill the cake at natural refrigerator which is at the balcony with 14-18 degrees outside ( I know it sounds crazy but we don't have any choice!) and went to bed kinda heavy heartedly~

And surprisingly, the cake still looked good the next we celebrated after our early 6.30am breakfast..He was happy and we told him bout the failed surprise that we planned the day before..And apparently, he was downstairs online till quite late.. =.=

Moral of the story : Should check out where he was

But thinking back, it could carve a smile in each and everyone of us! :)


His looks is similar to a famous comedian~ *Hint *Hint

Awwwwwwwwww...miss him~


On 18th Dec, it was Nat's birthday..

We went to Shabu Shabu buffet steamboat for dinner ( Very popular in TW ) somewhere near Luo Dong night market..damn nice! There were so many choices of ingredients and we have 2 hours of time allowance (too lil' time, no time for more pics! :/ )..There were even some cheese balls (omg..serious good) and my favourite is the chocolate foundae!!! can choose guava/mashmallow/biscuit sticks..It was so good that I stood there quite long till some kid spoil it =.=

Pic : Cake was bought near Su Ying's school, I think..

We planned for another surprise this time.. *Finger crossed that it worked this time since we've learned our lesson exactly a month ago..rofl..It's easier this time as Nat is staying in the same house..

We gather everyone in one room and a few stayed in her room to close the light and door..And we rushed in and sang Happy Birthday songs in 3 languanges..haha..diversity! She was so touched that she cried..awwwwwww..


A bubbly gal who's a good dancer! The youngest among all of us~ *Makes us feel so

With Peach family members who came from different countries and personalities, hope that it was a memorable 18th Birthday for Nat.. :)

P/S : I miss TW, as always!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Some words to my best roomie ever ♥

Dear Best Roomie,

When I got your sms where you told me that YOU MISS ME ( yeah, I'm so happy~~ lol..cause you're the type that doesn't really show/say out your emotions much ), I'm truely touched!! You said that you were unpacking stuff that you brought back from UKM and you saw this lil' letter than I once wrote to you in TBGL camp (gossshhh, I totally forget bout it till u mentioned..I think I've wrote something like 'you're my best roomie' and praised you till you're in cloud'm sincere!! )

I'm your 1st valentine eh? Gave you this heart shaped love on Valentine's Day to make you feel that you're loved always..♥ *Ahhh, I overtake YM first..hehe.. :P

I still remember vividly...

When we 1st met in K5D318, we both clicked immediately..And we did some nasty stuff during the 1st week of MMM where we skipped some activities and claimed that we were sick and physically ( we really have diarrhea but it was minor and we slept till we missed the activities..hehe )..

We love sleeping so much that we could sleep almost 24/7 everyday! lol..Everyone who called us would say 'huh? you're sleeping again?'..No, we should correct it 'we're STILL sleeping!' rofl

And there's one period where we slept together (shared on your single bed when we heard there's ghosts in ); just too scared to sleep though our beds are just like 5 steps to each other's..haha

We both always registered the same subjects at the same time where we always go to lectures together..Studying together..

Pic taken during lectures..concentrating real hard eh? lol..You would always listen to your MP3 and that made me hard to talk to you in boring lectures..haha

We had so much fun learning Korean languange..The 1st level was kinda tough for us cause the stern Korean lecturer always pick on us somehow! Don't know why! =.= And that made us don't feel like upgrading..and well, just knowing 'An nyeong ha se yo' should be enough la since everyone else (mostly) in M'sia only know that phrase

Studying hard for exam...or not?! haha..

Joined all the activities together ( though just both of us Chinese ),

You accompanied me to join TBGL camp cause we found out that it was so challenging and interesting. True enough, from getting ourselves to get soak in muddy water and got bitten by leeches(eeewwwwww) to sleeping in a tent with sand as the base with lizards and monkeys as companions~It was an awesome experience..

We starved ourselves for 30 hours for a charity event organized by UNICEF and other NGOs..Goshhh, the 1st meal after that (just a small piece of banana cake and a bottle of soya milk) was damn delicious!

Though we lost in that challenge, but we had so much fun! Gosh, I love your sportingness..We clicked so much cause we both were never afraid to try and do anything~ It's just so nice when I said I wanna try this and that and you would say YES most of the time! :D

It's so surprising that we both managed to be in the Committee Member of BSMM..And it's even more surprising that we're both selected to participate in First Aid Competition (PPC)! Haha..It's the passion and enthusiast in First Aid, I guess..We started from ZERO knowledge to knowing more and more to save people's lives!

Joining Tzu Ching came as a BIG SURPRISE to me..I'm a noob in Chinese..And yeah, this organization is so Chinesey where I'm blur all the time..However, it's the good deed and helping people that made me never quit..I soon managed to improve my Chinese but well, still far behind than a Year 1, it's the big and loving family in Tzu Ching that has touched my heart and many others more, I'm sure.. :)

Well, we basically did everything together, thus we're almost 24/7 together all the time..So much so that we're often seen together everywhere, we're called the Amin Twins..rofl..People always say that we look alike (nola..where got?) and always mistaken both of us..Would call me Siu Li and you Shi Wei..It's funny really..And it's not only com mates who are like that but also coursemates and other friends..A lot!!! And the funny part is they'll look at our eyes but could call us wrongly and when we tried not to respond/acted blur (to make them realize), they would say 'ahhhh, can't help it la!' rofl

We could be seen wearing the same clothes sometimes whether to class/activities/outing..I don't know..It's just we have the mood to wear the same clothes most of the time..

We thought wearing specs is fun! We wanted to flaunt our newly bought specs and so we wore it out for dinner one day~Boy, it wasn't comfy :/ but hey, fashionable ok? :D I feel like I look like a nerd and she looks like a teacher..haha

Camwhoring and taking pics is like our biggest interest..Always camera sensitive!! But we always have to make sure that our flash don't show that much~ =.= It's hard, really!

And the journey that we both had gone through together throughout our 3 years in UKM..

Our first year...

Second year..

And third year..

We've grown so much!

I know you will miss me loads too!! :P

Still remember that I said I'm gonna be your lao kong if you don't have a bf? Now, you don't need me anymore T.T lol..happy for u leh! It's my turn to find my Mr Right~ ahhhaaaaaa..

Now that we're on our journey to seek for our bright future, I wish you all the best and may you find your true happiness and the career that you wanted! May all go smoothly for you~ And for sure, I'm so gonna MISS YOU, KEE SIU LI! ♥


Always your rommie,

Ong Shi Wei :P