Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Brain shutdown..

Have been in a one month holiday..suppose post up a few posts but they were all hanging halfway as uploading the pictures take like forever..too many pictures and too lil' uploader available plus inconvienient system that it has..have to drag all the pictures one by one and imagine i had nearly hundreds of pictures to drag, i feel tired and lazy and just left it as it is till i have the mood to drag it..

Suppose to be back in UKM but still on holiday mood-shake leg at home and my brain rot already..Will be back when i have mood (kidding! The answer will be 'I won't want to go back')..After resting and had 'power failure' for sometime, i told myself i have to drag myself up and go back to where life is suppose to be..STUDY!! Argghhhh...Can someone rescue me? I need a break! Seriously a break..After enjoying some vacation, i don't wanna stop..I don't wanna force my brain to function..BUT i just have to..Brain, oh Brain, please kuai kuai la.. (.'')

Friday, December 12, 2008

The very last day..

My very last day of in Amin and also UKM, i had PPP paper and then straight went to help a.k.a mess (haha) around for Recyling Programme under Tzu Chi Society in Amin itself and then headed back to home sweet home.. :)

I'll reveal a lil bout the Recyling Programme as i'll post more detailed one bout it soon..
Several of us-ME, Siu Li, Pei Chen, Jia Ling (suppose Jeet Ling..sorry), Jia Yen, Sin Yen and one more i forgot her name (so sorry..) went to the 3/4 Block K6-E,F,G,H,J,K,L,M,R,Q and K5C&D to collect items for recycle purpose-papers, glass, aluminium etc..I cannot imagine how we managed to go up and down the blocks with all the items, which we carried with our bare hands and limited womenpower (lol)..

And not fogetting the guys, which i didn't have their pictures ( yes, i'm the camera women for the day.. * proud..and i only took the pictures in the girls' blocks..but the guys were in the guys' blocks..too bad lo..) and under some special request by Mr Music, here were the guys who had helped up during this programme and ran up and down (ahheeemmmm) the guys block : Mr Music aka Ying Ngiap, Dong Dong and Ah Wang..

P/S : Chou Music, satisfied mah? lol..nola..sorry for forgetting the guys actually..i only thought of the girls reminded all have contibuted also..haha.. :)

Jia Ling ( Mr Music corrected me 2 times : 1) Jie Ling 2) Jeet Ling (the correct one..sorry ya, Jeet Ling..) with a bottle plastic..

Siu Li trying to show she can take a lot at one

Pei Chen with the newspapers..

The jia jia in red (I forgot your name, so sorry.. :( ~ )..See she so thin also can carry so heavy stuff..

Sin Yen : Is there a laptop inside? lol..

Jia Yen Jia Jia The Driver..

And ME..playing or working? lol..

After 3 hours, we finally call it a day..We had collected so much than we ever expected..Bravo! "Xin ku" everybody le..(so Chinese-ted)..And we were so tired and hungry!

The aftermath of the Recycling Programme-ITCHY the whole body.. :( My body is sensitive to dust and dirt..

* The pictures can't really show due to the lighting and blur..

Due to old newspapers, i think..

Argghhh..both hands also 'kena'.. :(

My neck, face, everywhere..darn itchy and red..


After bathe, 'shu fuk sai'..not so itchy anymore..



The stuff that i wanted to bring home..Like shift house..A lot more stuff in stor..




MY super heroin in action..

MY super hero in action..

Pose so

I'm so ready to go home..never been this happy..phew~

All my stuff fully occupied the bonnet and half of the back passengers' seat..I had to squeeze!

Then Ah Pa and Ah Mi knew i haven't they dropped me at Seremban Rest Area to buy KFC..

I was darn pissed off at the KFC outlet a.k.a KFC EXPRESS! Let's see why..

At first when i saw this "Layan diri?" at the door, i never really paid attention..And it's kinda weird..

The board stated "SELF SERVICE and its instructions" put so high up and quite small as if people can see..duh~!

Larger view of the "SELF SERVICE" board..

Ah Mi and I was not aware of this board..So we went right up to the counter and wanted to order like we used to but there were no menu and all we found was a board that pasted all the nutritients of the food..And there's this KFC employee(An Indian girl) in the counter looked at us though we stood there for quite some time and chit chat with her colleague! after some time, she told us "It's self serive" with the face as if someone just slapped her..Heng~!

And guess what? there were no price tag at the "SELF SERVICE" counter also..all they put were numbers instead of price tag..I wonder what's the use of the number since it's self service..

So i was trying to choose what to eat..There were burgers that were wrapped but no tag stated what burger is that, only number..Sigh~Then i looked quite long..That darn irritating girl suddenly popped out her face from the inside and kept repeating 'Miss, what do you want miss? Just tell me, I'll help you take', "Miss..Missssssssssssss....Missssssssssssssssssssssss"..'Miss, what do you want?..KEPT REAPEATING FOR 3-4 TIMES..The I was like 'I'm not deaf la..Say already self service what..I'll take myself la..Let me look and think longer will die is it? (In my heart).. ~ Pissed off

This is the 'yong shui' KFC employee..Actually didn't wanted to put her picture in my blog (really pollute my blog only) but let everyone see her stupid face..

The idea of KFC EXPRESS-SELF SERVICE is not bad actually but the implementation is worst than ever..I was not the only one who went straight to the counter and looking blur..The customers after me were all like that..And for the stupid and poor service that employee gave, have to give service tax somemore..WTH~!

SPOIL MY MOOD LA THAT STUPID GIRL!!!! I've never scolded anyone stupid before..And she deserved this..Wanna eat the chicken also feel cannot swallow..ARRGGHhhhhh....










Ah Pa helped unloaded stuff in the car..

Thanks Ah Pa and Ah Mi who helped me to shift 'house' tired after that..ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The days before the semester ends..

So, here's what i missed to write when i couldn't online..rewind please.........

It was torturing for having to sit for the last two papers..Began to feel the holiday mood and it was rather irritating to hear when other friends have finished their papers and already packing to go home! and we, were like stranded, struggling to finish the last two papers with mix feelings-the happiness to go home soon and the tense of doing it well..But somehow, the excitement to go home had overcame the inner guilt to study and strive till the last..Sigh~
But somehow, we have to EAT, EAT and EAT!! We shouldn't torture our tummy and we needed energy to strive

Siu Li : Wow..your food look nice ah..
Pei Chen : Don't you even dare to steal my food..

Pei Chen take out all the meat and leave all the onions behind as usual..Sometimes see her eat we also feel 'xin ku'.. :P

The leftovers onions...Sometimes we'll help her eat..haha

The meat in her plate..

Finally hers came already.. wonder people always say you 'chia fan'

Shida came to 'tar pau' as usual..

Me with my tomyam soup and rice..Not red but not spicy..


2nd last paper................I feel the tense..

My major paper-Perbelanjaan Awam..Tough subject + Crazy lecturer= Pity students

Studying halfway also can

Me with my notes..

Hardworking 'konon'..

Then the final paper when all of us have to study for PPP, totally no mood..And we were like as if we were on holiday already..Kids nowadays....

I really couldn't concentrate at all...I was multi-tasking..Played handphone, watched drama and 'studied' at the same time..keng heh..

The opposite version of the horror movie-Ring..Ghost gona enter the

See what i meant by multi-tasking? :P

Then we decided to camwhore..PC was so 'sesat'..kept pose different from us..She don't know how to make 'chou yang'..Here we go...

Tounge out VS tired smile..

Smile VS 'pu shuang' smile..

Bloated face VS ok-ok smile

Random..PC with her undescribed smile again..haha

Then PC gave SL and I 'syok sendiri'..haha..

Smile..looked pale and tired..

I have the potential to be always like to act cute..kenot 'tahan'..

Then finally we asked PC to try again..and she was just fine..

Tounge out please..

The cutest girl is..............

Pressure from within..

And at the end of the day, we kept playing..Actually i didn't know how we survive sitting for the last paper but i guess we shoudn't be so hard on ourselves..Study hard so we must play hard



Finally my dad has asked people from TMNet to install STREAMYX!! I can finally online after having not able to online for almost 2 weeks..Phew~

My crazy online status is officially ON! lol..

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Post The Devil Me..

Continue from the previous post-The Devil Me..

After i post up about my lil'-naughty-devil of me snapping their pictures while sleeping with their notes stil in their hands, i was very excited..and i kept telling them to see my new post (digging my own grave..but i was excited as ever..hehe)..before that, when they woke up, they kept blaming each other for influencing each other fell asleep..Pei Chen said she saw Siu Li slept first that's why she also fell asleep..vice versa..but Siu Li was the one correct..Pei Chen was fast asleep when Siu Li was also nearly asleep, with eyes half opened..i'm a spy..hehe..then not long, Siu Li also ter-sleep already..and I was ready to take action..hehe

So, they finally read about it..I was at study desk..they were at room..heard them burst into laughters and kept hearing them calling me "Chou Shi Wei"..and said i very bad la etc..and they said all sorts of funny stuff :

Siu Li : Chou Shi Wei! 'curi' take my picture..but luckily cannot see my face..they won't know it's me..haha..
ME : I wrote your name there already..hmm..
Pei Chen : Chou Shi Wei! Can see my ugly the picture that you took..DELETE IT!!
ME : No way.. :P Cute mah..
Siu Li : Aiyo, Boldcan see my leg very fat..
ME : huh? you 'sendiri say one'..haha ( in my mind)
Pei Chen : Eeeeeehhhhhhhh(very high pitch) * Geram
ME : Don't care.. :P ( In my mind)
Siu Li and Pei Chen : You so 'chin kak' 'curi' take our pictures..
ME : No wor..nice mah..hehe :P
Siu Li and Pei Chen : Can delete that pictures or not? So ugly..You delete la..We'll 'pura-pura' sleep again and let you snap then nicer lo..
ME : Crazy these two fellas (in my mind)
Siu Li and Pei Chen : Want or not? Faster la..we'll do the sleeping pose and let you snap again then you delete that ugly pictures and post up the new nicer pictures cause we'll sleep beautifully..
ME : Really crazy..

You see : They can actually request for me to snap their sleeping post again and they are willing to act sleeping so that i post up their nice sleeping look..'Kenot tahan'!! So, i chose to ignore them.. :P

In short, they don't really care that I 'curi' took their pictures..They only care and mind that they don't look nice and appealing in the pictures.. * Pengsan.. .Shake my i'm glad to say that these two girls are my crazy buddies and darn funny..See..i'm so good that i don't wanna say 'i don't know both of you' i can tell that they are so happy that i kinda do this naughty stuff..i'll take it as they encourage and motivate me to do more~ :P

They say wanna take revenge and do back the same thing to me..hmmm...I'M NOT SCARED!! my sleeping pose sure nice one..hehe.. :P

P/S : Pei Chen and Siu Li, sorry lo for taking pictures without asking your time i'll use my supernatural power and connect to your dreams..i'll 'keng soh' with you in your dream world and ask you pose nicely k? deal ya! :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The devil me..

I've been studying Perbelanjaan Awam, my major subject for a few hours at my housemate's desk as my desk was being occupied by Pei Chen, Siu Li's desk was also full of things..And my housemate, Chantana went to 'hiao' at her hubby's house already so hehe..decided to 'curi' use her desk since she's not here..hehe..

Super messy especially during exams.. till blur already..the Malay languange in the PJJ book something wrong lo..the book is so ancient that it's only passed down by generations to generations..and i'm a lucky one, not everyone will get their hands on it for free..ya, we can just photostat at the Q&Q photostat shop at Pusanika but it's darn expensive because it's counted as a monopoly there..and the weirdest thing is they have a copy of every possible books in the whole UKM of whatever course for us, students to photostat be it foreign reference books or lecturer's written books..i thought this is not allowed as it has violated the authors' copy rights..but they happily earned our money and at the same time, we have use their service as of course, we, students opted for a cheaper alternative rather than buying original copies which could sometimes reach rm100++..We have made a choice that made those authors who squeeze their brains out, endless efforts, time and researches in a win-lose situation..but we don't have choice.. (,'')

So, back to my desk..Pei Chen suddenly lost already..She went to our (Siu Li and I) room and lie on my bed with her notes on her hand..Siu Li also was lying down and studying as usual..Let's see how long they can 'tahan' and fall asleep...hehe

After an hour, i decided to check them out..saw them fell asleep! My assumption was right..and I could feel the devil inside i decided to snap these two sleeping beauties..and i knew my N73 always has flash and snap sound although i've off it, i've decided to 'curi' Pei Chen's Sony Erricson (not sure what's the model) and snap them..hmmm..sshhhhhhh...

Lil' devil started to come out..hehe.. :P

While trying..have to adjust the mode and sound, off the flash eveything first..i must do it soundless without waking them out..not, to try of every effect and mode, i've decided to try on myself first.. :)


Love to piggy pout since young..

Seldom wear colar t-shirt..hmm..suddenly wear today cause no baju to wear already..haha

Hmmm..took quite a lot but just post up a few..Alright..enough of camwhoring..time for lil' devil to show up... *teng teng teng..Here I go..shhhhhhhhh..must be real quiet..Siu Li everytime caught me snapping her 'chou yang'..haha..just took two pictures for some laughs..don't dare take more..but if take more all also same

Let's see..

That's Siu Li on her bed and Pei Chen on my bed..Can see they sleep and their notes with their hands stil holding?

Closer view but picture a bit blur..two sleeping beauties..poor thing..SAS too sien til they ter-ZZzzzz..



Yay..The devil me has done something that maybe both of them will 'belasah' me..if they do, all of you will know why! (,'')

They suddenly woke up when i was writing this post halfway..'Kan cheong'..haha..I'm not a person who always do naughty stuff, so i'm a lil' scared..but i'll be more professional next time..errmmm..means more devil? lol..