Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Miss Planner ( Part 3 )..

Craps! Yesterday night just realize that the ticket I bought was to depart at Hentian Duta, KL NOT Hentian Puduraya..Who the hell knows where's that?!!! After googling and asking people, it didn't help at all..No one actually heard of it what more know about its existance..Arghhh..Another problem! So, after asking around, with the help of OKH, YM and Music, finally found out that we have to sit and interchange KTM till Titiwangsa then wait for the bus T618 to Jalan Duta which schedule is uncertain and not stopping at Hentian Pudu but Kompleks XX ( Can't remember..Told you I'm bad at names..hehe)!! And ONLY ONE is bus available..Gosh! Or else we have to sit taxi..And 6 of us=2 taxis is not very wise lo.. *Sigh..So, was headache again yesterday ( Quite frequent recently..Gonna go check up after I come back ) and decided to ask PC out and discuss..

Met with PC today at Sentral ( we wanna buy ticket to Seremban ) and discussed with her..And went ask the counter and see what could we do..First they were like...

'Kalau bagi balik ticket, boleh dapat balik 50% saja..Tapi kami tak berani ambil la..Takut tak dapat jual semula..Jumlahnya bukan sikit..

PC and I : 'Kami tak tahu macam mana nak pergi hentian Duta la..Ingatkan bus kat Hentian Pudu'.. *Showed innocent and pity faces.. :P ( But really don't know how to go lo..)

The counter people were reluctant to give us back money lo even if we were to lose 50%..Then after some manja-ing here and there (hehe..) they also give in a lil' and decided to help us..

'Boleh tukar tiket la kalau mahu..9.30 pagi kat Hentian Pudu..Hanya 11 malam kat Hentian Duta'..

PC and I : Tak boleh la..Tak rancang nak tinggal hari Khamis kat sana.. *Showed muka 10

Then they checked their computer again and taadddddaaaa...

'Ada 9.30 malam kat Hentian Pudu..Baru buka..Tapi kena tambah Rm4+ seorang..Boleh?'

PC and I : ON la.. * Happy and relieved.. :)

So, after much hussle and bussle, we gotta depart at Hentian Pudu..Pheeewwwwwww...Save our energy and cost rather than go Hentian Duta..Why on earth is there a bus terminal there when there's no public transport accessability?! Gosh! Anyway, don't care already la since we don't need 'fan' about it already.. *Relieved betul..

L.A.N.G.K.A.W.I, I'M COMING...Yipppppeeeeeeeeeeeee.... :D

P/S : Gonna send my baby lappy to repair..Just paid the deposit..Gonna see my baby lappy again in 2 weeks..Gonna miss her so much :( At first, Ah Pa and Ah Mi was saying that they wanna buy new lappy for me since the repair fee is like Rm600..I was like 'Huh?!Don't need buy new one la..Buy new one need Rm2000++..Just repair only la..Buy new one doesn't mean that it won't spoil or what..' Finally they agreed..Haha..Weird la their thinking but I understand what they mean and thinking..See..I'm such a spoilt baby girl.. :P

Monday, May 25, 2009

Miss Planner ( Part 2 )

Great! After having sleepless nights of 4 days, finally it's ON already..There will be 6 of us going-ME, SL, PC, OKH, YM and Music..Actually this isn't the perfect time to go for a vacation because school holiday is starting ( Peak season )= Price goes up for almost everything ( Accomodation and car rental ).. =.= Damn lo..And I just realize the bus ticket from KL-Kuala Perlis went up already ( Freaking 30% ), so different pricing from the one I found on the net..Anyway, we must be ready to come out more money than the low season la..Bad timing, I have to say..Inititally, I wanted to go last week but SL kept say she don't want ( She didn't say why ) and also quite rushing lo..But anyhow, we just wanna have fun la, that's the main purpose..It's FREE and EASY ADVENTURE 3 days 2 nights trip..

List of things that I planned :

1) Accomodation-White Lodge ( I've called MORE THAN 10 hotels and ALL FULLY BOOKED!! No kidding..Peak season what to do?! And finally I've found this White Lodge which is situated in between Pantai Tengah and Pantai Chenang and just minutes away from the beach..Perfect! )

2) Transportation
i) Bus-Transnasional ( Bought from KL-Kuala Perlis and haven't buy coming back one..Maybe gonna buy there..From KL it's be 11pm so we'll reach K.Perlis at 7am..8 hours!! Sit till ass pain man..)
ii) Ferry ( Just a walking distance from K.Perlis bus station to the jetty so we can save on bus/taxi fares compared to if we sit bus to K.Kedah..Starts at 7.30/8am so just nice for us to catch the earliest ferry )
iii) Car rental ( Gonna get at the Langkawi jetty..Still headache bout what car can fir 6 of us and economical..I'll let the guys think and negotiate :P )

3) Places of interest-Plan to go/do..+-
a) Durian Peringin Waterfall
b) Tanjung Rhu
c) Black Sand Beach
d) Handicraft Cultural Complex
e) Beras Terbakar
f) Island hopping-This is the interesting one..Visit 3 islands ( Pulau Dayang Bunting, P.Singa Besar, P.Beras )
g) Pantai Pasir Tengkorak
h) Temurun Waterfall
i) Datai beach
j) Cable Car up to Gunung Mat Cincang
k) Oriental Village
l) Seven Well
m) Pantai Tengah
n) Laman Padi
o) Kuah ( Pasar Malam+ Free Trade centre )
p) Eagle Square
q) Lagenda Park
r) Mangrove tour ( Still haven't book..Gonna go there and negotiate )
s) Underwaterworld ( Not sure going or not..Heard it's not worth it )
t) Watch sunrise and sunset at beaches ( Romantic :D )
u) Watch stars ( If got la..haha..and some chit-chat.. :P )
v) Food ( Gonna roam around find food..Heard it's a lil expensive and not that nice )

And lastly...

w) TAKE LOTS OF PICS!!!!!!!! ( A must for me..I even asked SL and PC to bring theirs..haha..I'm scared that I'll take pics till no battery )

4) Things that I plan to bring :
a) Sunblock ( Face + body )-a MUST! or else sure get sunburn and 'chao tar' :(
b) Sunglasses ( In case too humid and glaring )
c) Cap ( An alternative to umbrella..Weird right go around walking in umbrella..haha )
d) Comfy sandals ( Gonna walk really a lot! )
e) Clothes ( Gonna bring extra just in case eg. For playing in the water, sand etc
f) Swimming suit ( Just bring just in case need use it..But definitely not gonna show the guys my body..haha..Gonna wear a t-shirt outside)
g) Toiletries ( As usual lo..Gals one a lot one mah..Lazy wanna list out..haha )
h) Cash ( Gonna bring extra also..Peak season..They gonna chop us!! )
i) My Yu Yee oil ( Haha..Can't leave without it )
j) My baby hp ( Thinking whether should I bring or not..)
k) Matrics card ( Heard got discount on certain things )

As you see, not easy to be a planner lo..I planned till I headache man..Well, actually it has pro and cons also la..If I didn't plan, I wouldn't know that there are so many attractions in Langkawi..I always knew it about its beaches-islands ( I thought got a few but there are 99!!) and Eagle Square only..haha..Actually planning is not that tough it's just that a sole planner deciding for the rest is the challenging part-Not sure whether they'll ok with the schedules, activities or not, get the lowest price if possible ( We all still students mah :P ), discussing don't really works at times ( They will be 'You plan la..Everything up to you'..And also cause they don't know much/anything bout it..)..

I've been throwing tantrums and talking sacarstically when questions of not so relevant being asked..Imagine answering countless questions at the same time from 5 people..It's totally out of control! (,'')'' And I was stressed because I couldn't get my beauty sleep ( It's very important to me..Lack of it, I'll be damn bad mood..) as time is limited and everything has to be planned and arranged by me alone.. * Desperately need some break! For 4 continuous nights I couldn't have enough sleep..Since last Friday, I've been sleeping around 5am ( I didn't realize the time cause I kept searching for info..) and since I thought I could wake up late the next day so OKla..BUT NO lo..I was awaken by smses asking questions on this trip bla bla bla..I was like so frustrated lo..Early in the morning wake me up already..Then I couldn't sleep already.. :( At one point, I seriously I thought that I would go crazy cause I would sleep at 5am or later and wake up at 7am,9am ( depend on how many smses came in..deng! Then start to be on my desktop til 5am the next day! :S )..I just want my sleep!!! :@ Well, I guess it's all because I'm more to the perfectionist side so everything must be well planned..But hope that things go well as I can plan it well but maybe things will not so as smoothly as I thought..So, hope that we all enjoy our trip.. :)


P/S : Just called the computer shop..Fixing my baby lappy needs less than Rm600!! Shit lo!! Freaking expensive..Have to change the whole motherboard cause of short circuit.. *Sigh..Gonna discuss it with Ah Pa and Ah Mi cause it's not a small amount..But I guess I have no choice but to have it fix right? :(

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Miss Planner..

Well, something came up..The Amin gang ( ME, SL, OKH initially..) thought of going holiday together..Actually it was just me and SL at first ( We are seriously rotting at home..EAT, SLEEP, EAT, SLEEP :P )..Then came OKH who said he wanna go somewhere for holiday and PC followed suit after that..So, OK..We came up with Langkawi..And out of nowhere, I was assigned ( Cheh wah..) to be the organizer of this trip..Actually I'm used to all this planning and stuff but I'm lazy at times..And the problem is to get people to go lo..Those nerve-wrecking Amin guys can make people vomit blood..Just ask whether they wanna go for a trip mah they'll be like questioning non-stop-who, what, where. when etc etc..Then even if you answer all the questions already, they'll like 'Think first la', 'See who got go', bla bla bla..Si beh po po ma ma worst than gals la..Not like ME, SL and OKH who Ok, 'jiu' OK la.. :) And some are taking industrial training ( LI) and some are working part-time..So, I'm not very sure if we could gather people to go for this trip or not..Then we were like thinking at least get 5 people..Ngam-ngam fit a car..But still waiting for response.. =.=

So, we planned to go next week since after that week those who take 3rd semester will be busy with their finals..I searched online for all the info-accomodation, transportation, places of interest etc and most important is THE BUDGET! Since time is restricted, I did research in one day till 5am yesterday ( I even had headache cause I've to choose where to go and counted the budget over and over again and to make sure it's REASONABLE since all of us are still students..We don't wanna burn a hole in our pocket just for a trip...) and finally sent out the details to the Amin gang ( minus those who took LI and working)..Cause I need to know how many people confirm going and need book for rooms and some tours around Langkawi..Well, I have to say that I may not be a professional planner but I've planned for this 3 days 2 nights trip all by myself *Proud..hehe..Not sure whether they will be satisfied or not but I AM! lol..Too early to tell actually..Now we just have to freaking FIND PEOPLE TO GO! (,'')

BTW, I've sent my baby lappy to the shop since it's already Saturday and my mind was filled with this vacation thingy rather than baby lappy's sickness ( Sorry~ :S )..Well, a 'pariah' lil' techinician like me will just delay the recovery time so I say leave it to the pro can? :D Hopefully, it's not that costly though..

Planning..Scribbling all the infos..

P/S : There are a lot of pics waiting to be uploaded and to blog about..Hopefully by next week, baby lappy is in the pink of health again.. :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lil' Techinician..

I still couldn't find the chance to send my baby lappy for check up.. :( By the time Ah Pa and Ah Mi came back from work, the shop is already close..Probably I could only send it on Saturday..I'm really puzzled over what happened to my baby lappy and decided to ask for help..Not from my friends but strangers! Yup, that's right..All I have to do was type in my problem in a forum and there are so many people who are willing to help..They were offering some methods that I could try to check and see what's my baby lappy's sickness..Probably I could be a lil' techinician and save my baby lappy that might cost me a lot of service and repair fees..hehe.. :P Too good to be true la cause I'm a computer illeterate.. :@ BUT I'M WILLING TO TRY AND LEARN! Worst come to worse, I'll just send my baby lappy to shop la on Saturday..No harm trying, right? Though the chances for me to kinda check out the problem is relatively low but I'll give myself and my rotten brain a, the forumers were talking bout BIOS, mobo, graphic CD, speed fan etc.. (,'')'' ~ I don't even understand what's all that computer languange about lo..So, I asked them to explain to me and help me out..Hopefully I manage to do something bout my baby lappy while waiting till Saturday..Wohhooo...SHI WEI THE LIL' TECHICIAN, can boh? lol.. I SAID CAN!! :D

P/S : Just some random pic..I cannot 'tahan' posting without picture(s)..I'll feel that it's not complete or something..Thought wanna copy some pics frm FB but 'cannot be display now'..Sien~ Then click here and there in this desktop and found this pic..Voila~

Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby Lappy is sick..

Yesterday I was watching movie- Sei Tai Ming Po ( I know..This movie came out like so long already..I've watch it over and over again cause it's very nice..) till 3am at my living room then I decided to shift my baby lappy to my room and continue watch it while lying on my bed..Don't know why after shifting it my whole screen black out..I thought maybe ter-press something when shifting it so shut down and on again..At first, it was normal..But after a few minutes, black out again..I feel weird lo..Just minutes before that, it's normal then suddenly like this..So I tried over and over again, kept the same thing happen lo.. :( So, today I tried again..Thought maybe miracle will happen or what..STILL THE SAME!! After on a few minutes, then black out already..So, I ruled out that maybe there's virus attack lo.. :'( I don't wanna reformat my baby lappy..So many stuff inside..My precious pics..Documents..Softwares..Arggghhhhh..Though can back up but so ma fan lo..Gonna send my baby lappy for check up this week to see what's wrong..Hopely can faster solve it lo..I'll be happy when baby lappy is healthy..Then I can continue my blogging..My Sg. trip post have to postpone lo since my pics all inside my baby lappy.. :/ MY BABY LAPPY IS SICK, yet again! :@

P/S : Blogging using house desktop..Gonna miss using my baby lappy for few days or maybe weeks.. :@ Hope can post up Sg. trip sooner..

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mum's Day + Wesak Day

I should have posted this post quite long already..Pictures all uploaded a few days ago but haven't type in anything..No mood for blogging after the previous post..

Anyway, for Mum's Day, Ah Jie got a Mother's Day card and I got a bouquet of flowers for our beloved Ah Mi..It was quite rushing lo..I finished my last paper on the 8th and got home the same day..Mum's Day was on the 10th but we celebrated on the 9th since Ah Jie came back from Sg. and she needed to go back on Sunday..Then I just decided to go Sg. on the 10th..Flowers that I've ordered and helped Yuzi to order also were supposed to arrive at our respective houses on the 10th..Since I'll be going Sg. on the 10th at 7.30am and I couldn't see Ah Mi's happy face ( I assume la..haha.. :) Which really she was with all smiles lo.. ), I decided to ask Uncle Patrick ( Ah Pa's friend who owns a flower shop ) to send the flowers on the 9th before we go out for Mum's Day celebration at Enliven Restaurant..

Sweet..Lovely carnations..

See..She's so happy

Ah Mi and I..Love you..Muaaakkssss...

Lovely couple..

At Enliven Restaurant..

Have to RESERVE cause it's so good business..

One happy family.. :)

My lovely and beloved Ah Pa and Ah Mi..

My piggy Ah Jie.. :)

A kiss from precious daughter..Muaaakkssss..

Another kiss from pampered baby daughter..Muaakkkssss..

Ah Mi..

She always love me no matter what I did...

She always forgive me for my wrong doings..

She always pamper me..

She's always there for me..

She's willing to do her best for my happiness..

Because of her, here I am today..



This is the 2nd year that I've missed out the Wesak Day procession due to my finals..This year I managed to come back ( compared to last year which I was stuck in UKM still.. ) but I didn't managed to join either..I was too worn out for not having enough sleep the day before and with all the shifting from UKM to Malacca, I couldn't even wake up from my bed..To tell the truth, ever since I entered UKM, I rarely step into Seck Kia Eenh temple anymore..Compared to last time where I went every week for Sunday service, taught the children Dhamma Class and sometimes used the library to study..So ya, I often went there..A week a few times because it's quite near my house..But now I only went there once a year, for Wesak Day! And seriously I feel so weird..A place where I feel so familiar and close suddenly it's so foreign already.. =.= I could hardly find the time to go there..Coming back for just 2-3 days makes me wanna stay at home all the time minus outing with friends..It's just a reason that I could find.. :@

Beautiful lightings..

Lit the joss sticks to 'pai pai'..

I miss this place sometimes..

Pray to the Lord Buddha..

May all be well and happy always..

Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu.. ( Sanskrit )

Blessings by the monks and tying the string..

Offering of flowers..

Names of those who donated..It's for blessings..

Candle light..

A lantern outside the hall..

I suddenly miss those times where I used to be so devoted to this temple..My temple friends, naughty Dhamma school children, caring uncles and aunties, library and definitely the Wesak Day mood! Argghhh..I miss everything that lies in Seck Kia Eenh temple! :@

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Last Day in UKM ( 2nd year 2nd sem)..

So, my very last day in UKM was on the 7th of May where we planned to Sing K at Green Box, Balakong..As I have said earlier that I or rather my friends have had numerous emotions and feeling during that period, you'll see why later..

So, the 8 of us ( ME, SL, PC, OKH, YM, Kok Sin, Dong2, Ah Wang ) went together-together for this post-exam celebration ( EXCEPT FOR ME!!! I STILL HAVE LAST PAPER THE NEXT DAY~ =.= )..We went in 2 cars..YM's Viva and OKH's Vios..The gals followed OKH while the guys followed YM..We booked for 7pm room and by the time we reached there, it's still a lil' early..

In the car..

You'll see my face was so white like ghost-that's because I've over-powdered myself..Exam period made those monster popped up on my face..I hate pimples k!!

Early2 during journey to Sing K already got people merajuk..Damn lo!!! I dislike when I wanna take pics then will like 'dun want' etc..Si beh 'so heng' man..Don't want then don't take for the whole day la if you can! Shit!! =.=

PC and I..

Errmmm..I like my dressing that day..Simple and nice! hehe..I don't normally dress like that..Depends on my mood.. :P

OKH and I.. :)

PC's hand disturb lo.. :@

See how this 'F1 driver' drove..Got style man..Siap can put one leg up..Auto car mah..

While waiting for the other car to arrive ( OKH drove 160km/h as usual lo~ ), I decided to take pics..hehe :P

I like that background..Just realize now..SWEET and CUTIE!! :D

PC and I in front of the Green Box.. :)

Group photo..The ONLY ONE!!

Why? Because when I don't initiate to take, no one wanna take..I seriously sound and look like a perasan-ted photographer lo..Damn! Keep wanna take pics for nothing!!!! =.=

Met Tzu Ching-ians group..CY and MJ were supposed to join but last minute have to go Kelana Jaya for Tzu Ching stuff..

Earlier, we were torn between the Tzu Ching and Amin gang lo..Cause both groups wanna sing K same day but time clashes..Since SL and I have exam til 5pm and earlier she promised the Amin gang, so we chose the later one.. :P

PC and I singing..

I totally love my voice..Not to say nice or what but I LIKE!!

And happy lo..get to sing K..I've always wanted to sing K and have been practising my voice and some S.H.E's songs..After that, all English songs already..haha

So emotional..Sing in front of the screen..His voice couldn't come out that out of tune for the first few hours..After that, ok

Buffet dinner..Not nice also..

We sang more than we ate lo..But they gave us FREE 4 hours when we suppose sing 3 hours only..So we sang from 7pm to 2am!!! So worth it lo..

Getting high already~ haha..

They ordered 6 pax package with cocktail which tasted like medicine and a jug of beer..

Everybody drank at least half a glass except me..I don't fancy alcohol and I think that it's an evil thing that can make you drunk and do all sorts of nonsense~

Pose with the cocktail though..Looked kinda unique..

And when they were belting out Chinese songs, I'll be like a moron there..Well, I actually enjoyed those songs just that I can't sing along..So, I look exceptionally out of place or something especially when I sang English songs and they'll be like so quiet and when they sang Chinese songs, they were like so high~ I guess I made their night less interesting with me being illiterate in Chinese..I totally dislike this feeling! :@

Yam Seng~

Ngam-ngam got this Green Box logo behind..

Ah Wang who is gay~

Kept molesting Kok Sin..And talked and acted like Laughing Kor ( A character from a Hong Kong Chinese drama )..Si beh 'chu lu'..Beh tahan~

But at times, he's not gay..He kept wanted to duet with SL..and when sang those emotional songs, kept looking at her like as if dedicate them to her..Hmmm...probably they have something on *Wink *Wink~

So, I can see that he's bisexual.. =.=

Kok Sin and I..

He can really sing well..

My merajuk face..


Because OKH kept boo-ing me when I was singing English songs..And they all kept talking so loud that I can't even sing~ I felt like an outcast there..At first, I don't..I enjoyed singing my songs as usual though I know I kinda sesat-ed and different from them..But constant negative remarks for each song that I sang, not because of my voice or what but BECAUSE I SANG ENGLISH SONGS THAT THEY DON'T KNOW!!! WTH!! Of course la they don't know..They don't even listen to English songs! And I got really pissed off and I almost shed my tears..No kidding! I wasn't being emo or what but I just wanna sing my songs, can't I? NO, I CAN'T! They looked so bored whenever I sang my songs and I felt like no mood to sing already..So, I walked out of the room and sat at the bench in front of Green Box..I was so sad, angry, frustrated..I wanted to just ignore them but I couldn't! They are my best buddies ler, how could they treat me like this? :'( And I paid Rm30++ to enjoy my night and decided to come out have fun though I have my last paper the next day and NOT being critisied for not knowing how to sing Chinese songs lo..Damn it!! #%%^&(*()())_(&$@!@$^*&(((*&^%%@@#@@@!!!!!!!!

And I don't think that I will Sing K with them in any near future because I didn't want the same thing to happen again..And obviously we are from different world..Though we are all Chinese, I belong to the Banana family and they are so Chinese enough lo..Great! Other entertainment definitely OK..Maybe I'll change my mind on this~ I don't know..

See..They are so happy..Good for them lo..

Shit la!! Made me feel like I'm a retard or something..

I was still kinda sad and mad when I was going back UKM..I didn't even sing for 3 hours and almost shed my tears in the room! So I kept going toilet and out to take some snacks..And forced myself to eat one whole bowl of various snacks though I don't normally eat them..I finished in 10 minutes!! Nearly vomited it out~ And when I see them so happy singing totally ignoring me, I was really really sad already..And as I felt that I couldn't even join in and they probably felt the same too, I just don't need any attention or whatever~ So I kept making myself busy, in and out taking snacks and drinks and I didn't sing because I felt my voice couldn't come out ( I felt something stuck on my throat as my tears were falling out already ) and I don't wanna sing English songs that'll bored them to death so I kept eating and drinking because there's nothing else I could do!

However, during the last minutes before it ends, I did sing lo..I decided that I have paid so much and I could just ignore them for a few minutes.. *Sigh..I was dreading to go back UKM back then..I kept tahan myself from exploding which if I do, I'll be seriously scary and the whole world would as if turn upside down..They are my best buddies and I didn't wanna treat them like that though they treat me bad sometimes..So, I must calm myself down.. (,'')

And then we got out of Green Box around 2++am and they decided to see stars at a place which I've forgotten its name ( I'm very bad at names) because SL wanted to..And they didn't think that on that same day 8.30am, I have paper lo..Of course I said I'm OK because I didn't wanna make everyone dissapointed and since it's our last day in UKM, so off we go the see the stars and night view..





Something happened that shocked us!!!



We met with a car accident~

We were shocked beacuse it was a sudden..

I wouldn't say who's driving YM's car that time but it's not the driver's fault..We were turning right at the traffic light and there's a stupid old Volvo car which obviously ran through the red traffic light bang into YM's car lo..The bumper in front came off a lil' and the left lights were smashed...There were scratches mainly on the left front side of the car..IT'S A NEW VIVO!!! Shit la that old Volvo driver..

Just minutes after that, there were some Indians and Chinese guys who looked like 'hak ser wui' with all the tatoos came and see around..Heard that they are just looking for business who usually deal with accident stuff lo..They worked with the mechanic and tow truck people and get their commision there..

So, some of them went and 'keng shou' with that stupid driver and his friend..And they showed fake card and refused to give us see his IC and told us that he's a police officer! WTH!! Please la..Like people will believe lo..And then these two old Pak Cik were trying to scare us because we are students and tried to bully us..Damn irritating! And we chose to settle it among ourselves because doing police report is troublesome and must have eye witness or something..But I didn't know why they all let that stupid driver off after taking his hp no. lo since he didn't seem can be trusted..He could have give fake hp no. and just ran away after that..But YM chose to believe him because he didn't want much trouble so we could just support his decision la..But I felt that he cannot be trusted!! But since it's not my car, so I better shut up..

And the next day, YM sent his car for repair..Called the stupid driver and expected lo, he didn't pick up..Now the repair cost RM500 and the driver who drove YM's car said wanna bear it all because of feeling guilty..So we said like we split it among 8 of us..Since we are buddies, we should help each other..So, RM50 per person is still bearable lo..That's what friends are for, right? But I still feel a bit 'ng tai' lo..Should have ask the stupid old driver for Rm200-300 first..Just in case he got away, we still lost just half..But they said don't know how much is the repair so didn't wanna lose lo..Arggghhhhhh...You wanna lose Rm200-300/Rm500?! But again, it's not my car..I don't have any say :X

See..Just a few hours, so many things happen..It was a bad day for all of us..My heart really not 'suang' lo..I couldn't really sleep whole night and I went exam with my eyes half opened..Luckily, I managed to write lo.. *Sigh..It's a fun outing turned ugly even during Singing K, for me la..It's a bad day that we all will remember for some time as I've took U3 Pengurusan Emosi subject that said ' Bad events that have deep and negative emotions are often being remembered compared to positive emotions'..But it also showed that we are great buddies who helped each other out when in need..For this, I'm :)

P/S : Writing this makes me feel so down already.. =.=

I'm Back.. :)

I'm back from Sg.~ Happy to be home and kinda miss my vacation..I've took lots of pics again ( The usual me..haha )..Gonna blog bout it later.. :)

At Siloso Beach, Sentosa..

P/S: Now kinda tired..Walked non-stop for a few days.. :/ But fun lo.. :D Gonna blog bout this hmmmm...AFTER my last day in UKM and Mum's Day post..So, this is third in line..Queue first la..haha..Wanna Zzzzzzz already..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hello from Sg.

Today is my last day at Sg. * Sob *Sob~ Wish could stay here longer but I guess 3 days are enough already lo since most of the places that I should have go have been visited..I'm so tired, happy and feeling adventurous with all the walking and sight seeing..And I'm also putting on weight lo, I think...Keep EAT, EAT, EAT, DRINK, DRINK, DRINK!!!! =.= But the food are so yummy though expensive so must enjoy eat lo..hehe :P

At opposite Central-Clarke Quay..

P/S : Blogging at Kok Leong's ( You Tze's bf ) room..NUS is super cool!!! Gonna blog bout my Sg. trip soon.. :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Holiday~

It's a miracle that I didn't blog yesterday..I was so damn tired after all the shifting..Boy, all my stuff occupied half of my room.. =.= When I got home the first thing I did was to sleep! Ya, i miss my bed and home so much that I pengsan straight~ Gosh..I was too tired also lo cause didn't sleep well the day before..And I could have follow the Wesak Day procession that day, which is my must-have event every year but I couldn't even lift up my body..I missed it last year too cause of finals also.. *Sigh..

Just celebrated Mum's Day at Enliven Restaurant, Malacca.. :)

I heard that SL, OKH and fellow Tzu Ching-ians were having so much fun in Cameron~ I'm jealous k..I wish I could be there to share their laughter and jokes! I haven't been there before, that's my point~ :/ Anyway, I'm going to Singapore tomorrow..Wheeeeeeeeee.... * Excited and a lil' nervous as I'll be travelling alone to NUS to meet You Tze..This is my second time stepping into Sg.~ Hope I don't sesat or

P/S : Pretty excited now..Finally exam ended and my holiday started..hehe..Gonna blog bout my last day in UKM, Mum's Day and of course my Sg. trip as soon as I come back..A lot of posts are waiting for me..Wohhhhhh..Gonna miss blogging so much~ (,'') Happy Holiday!!! I guess I'm gonna rot for 2 months at home..Gonna try find something to pass my time..I said TRY! lol.. :P


Friday, May 8, 2009


I don't know what to say..My heart doesn't feel 'suang' right now..An outing for the 8 of us was full of various emotions in just a few hours..I don't know how to say..For just a few hours, ME, myself has mixed feelings and emotions..Indescribable and totally nuisance..I felt happy, excited, sad, frustrated, fear and worry etc..This is the first time that I felt this way..It was so swift and things were not as expected..

P/S : Just got back from Sing K ( 3.30am )! Suppose study for later's 8.30 am paper but I don't have the mood and energy to do that..Gonna do and write what I can..Damn! No mood for everything right now..Gonna write bout this when my mood gets better.. :X

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Last 2 Days..

Yesterday was bloody hungry and full..Skipped brunch and ate a plate of nasi goreng thai at Amin cafe and 'sun pian' chuck all my books and notes that I don't wanna use already to Kim Yen..hehe..Huge pile, boy..Save my space..Phewww..And Li Hui 'tar bao-ed' ( Chinese + supper for us from Cheras Pasar Malam..She's a very nice senior, always so sayang us ( SL, PC and I..Others I don't know la..haha ) and always 'ta bao' food for us make us look more chubby 'tar bao-ed' tau fu fa with glutinous rice ball ( Nice man..Beh tahan..The glutinuos rice ball so big and juicy..Syookkkkk...), prawn crackers, wu tao kou and fried cempedak ( One of my fav..)..Eat till so full..Then PC 'tar bao-ed' for us also from Cheras Pasar Malam! 2nd round of supper in less than 10 minutes..PC 'tar bao-ed'  glutinous rice ball with ginger, chicken steaks and octopus balls..I ate till wanna vomit liao cause no one else can swallow already and wasted la if can't finish the food..Anyhow, we didn't manage to finish all lo cause really can't swallow and stomach no space already..haha..and my stomach suffer lo..Feel uncomfortable whole night.. :( Must be my digestion system takes longer than usual cause overload with food already..haha..And Pei Yun was lucky to find us yesterday for some chit-chat cause she got to tumpang eat~

Tau fu fa with glutinous rice ball..

Yummy~ If only Malacca got, I'll eat every week till I jelak~! haha..

Can see how big is the 'tong yuen' aka glutinous rice ball? Cover my whole lips already lo..

Pei Yun who said she don't wanna eat cause she's sick but end up ate a lot also..haha.. :P

SL who is so manja, kept glued on her bed and wanna Li Hui to feed her..Manja betul~

My day is not complete without camwhoring lo~ Provided if i have mood la, which I tend to have :)

Studying konon..Last 2 papers~ =.=

Gonna sit for my 2nd last paper at 3.30pm..I guess my head will be thinking of we're going to sing K later, i'm pretty excited now, ok, since last week..haha..Whhhheeeeeee..We gonna have so much fun and I'm gonna take looottttsssssssss of pics ( The usual me..hehe).. :P

P/S : Countdown : 1 day! * Feel like throwing my notes already..Holiday, I'm coming!!!! :)