Sunday, July 26, 2009

Feel good~

After days and months of feeling kinda down ( I don't know exactly what's the main reason of me being so EMO ), FINALLY I could somehow breathe and feel much, much better~ :) It's the L.O.V.E from my family that made me feel I'm the pampered, well-loved and cared princess.. *Proud..

I was bitten by supposedly bed bug and gosh, it was so itchy and damn annoying, I tell you..I couldn't even sleep properly because they just attack anytime they pleased and the worst part is I CAN'T CATCH THEM cause they are so tiny that they could be anywhere on the bed..arggghhhhh..So, Ah Jie bought the ANTI DUST MITE sheet all the way from Sg. and send it right to the door step of my room herself! See, it's all the sake for her baby sister..THANKS, JIE!! *Muakksssss... *Muakkksssss.. *Touched.. :) :) :)

Then I figure out that I'm homesick (though I just went back last week), so I followed Ah Jie back to Malacca and god knows, I feel SO SO MUCH BETTER! Woohhhhh...

Ah Jie who helped me put the anti mite bed sheet just above the matress..Pic shown is after~

Loving Ah Jie who loved to :P Love you..Muakkkssssss...

Back to Malacca~




I'M BACK TO NORMAL AGAIN!!!! :) :) :) *Smile widely

Love you..Muaksss..

Love you too..Muakkkssss..

L.O.V.E YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Too bad Ah Pa wasn't there when we were camwhoring~ Or else he would join

( Sings ) I feel good! Tadadadaddadda..I know that I would..Tadaddaddadada..So good--So good--Tadadadddddddddaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~

P/S : Just got to know that my two housemate also got bed bug! I thought I was the only one who got it..And oh my, theirs are much worse than mine..Poor thing~ Bad bug, stay away from us!!!! :@

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Final year~

Suppose blog bout my bluey lappy but I haven't have the time to snap nice pics of her..Later~

I must say time really flies so swifly that I'm still wondering how I'm now in my FINAL year already..Freaking scary! Ya, so this semester didn't really start very well for me but I guess I should be fine soon..

So, what have I been doing the first few weeks? Here it goes..

Staying in this room again..But not with SL anymore..She's living happily at K6K with super nice view~ (,'')

Cleaning the house..Very dusty, made me sneeze everytime..So, this time I make sure I wear a mask..Wohh..really good! I manage not to sneeze.. :)

Ah Pa, my hero!

Always help me so much! In fact, all this while, shifting in and out, cleaning and everything, he did a lot just for his baby daughter..
Thanks, Ah Pa.. :)

Still empty~

Better right? The bed on the left is mine..Ahhhh..NEW strawberry gal bed sheet..So CUTE!! lol :P

My stuff on the bed : Chicken lil' bolster, Doraemon bolster & bear ( Given by SL&PC for my B'day..), Chicken lil', piggy and 2 pillows..Kinda 'traffic jam' but they made me so warm and comfy~

Left a note to my NEW roomie as I went back Malacca after cleaning the house..She was lucky that she didn't have to clean anymore~

Taddddaaaa!! My NEW ROOMIE! Chantana~

She was my housemate for last 2 semesters..This semester actually she wasn't really my roomie..Long story! Anyway, she's a nice gal, always luv to go hiao (haha)-explains why she dissapear 4-5 days a week, hilarious and definitely sayang me ( who dare not! hehe..)-bought chocolate for me!! Yeah! :)

See she so pretty also know she's of mix parentage..At first I thought Chindian..But it's Thai-Malaysia Chinese..Cool right?
Anyway, my other 2 housemates are 1 year my juniors..Still not very used to yet but should get along later~

Going 1st class..

Going PTSL..Kidding? 1st week so kiasu go library already? No, went do assignment, YA, 1st week already got assignment!! Went with the company of Pei Yun and Peik Hwa..

Peik Hwa..Who said wanna STUDY but ended up read newspaper pula..haha

Pei Yun..Always kenot tahan me take pics of

She said I dress like wanna go shopping~ lol..

ME with PC's lappy..She went back Malacca so I lend hers to do my assignment..Didn't have a lappy was so torturing~

Thanks PC for your lappy! Haven't take pics with you yet this semester..Will do so soon!!! haha.. :P

Since Chantana is always not here, I always ask PC to sleep with me..And she's so nice- she knew that I don't like being alone and she accompany me most of the days..Thanks.. :)

Alamak! Forgot rotate..Anyway, a nice pic of 3 of us..Luv it! :)

Since UKM did a nice pathway of course must take pic with it! haha.. Though it's purposeless ( no roof for sun and rain protection..maybe just to beautify UKM? ) =.=

They are forced to take these pics..They were like 'Don't want la..Very paiseh..' I was like 'Paiseh what? Nothing mah..Somemore no one here..Faster!' lol.. :P

Asked PY to pose a bit she was like huh????!! lol..But she oblige me also at last..hehe.. :P

Going class again~

Spot me with checked blouse..I love it!! But Music and SL said it looked like their flooring cloth!!!! =.=

Anyway, purposely bought this to wear to class..The lecturer so ma fan want us to wear collar shirt and I don't really have~

Siu Li, my EX roomie~

Kinda miss her company..Used to be with her almost 24/7 everyday..Anyway, we're still close..Attend a few same lectures this semester.. :)

And still go SHOPPING together!!

What's wrong with me? I've been shopping so much during holiday and back in UKM I'm still so obsessed with shopping! OMG!!

Shit! Today there's J-card ( JAYA JUSCO ) member SALE at Malacca!!! How I wish to go back and SHOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP~~~~~ Ah Mi's going..I wanna go too.... :( Things were mad cheap..Even branded stuff got SALE, though I don't go after it..Arggghhhh..How I wish I could fly back just in time to grab the super duper cheap stuff? Got class till evening~ :( * Hit my head ( STOP thinking of SHOPPING!! Well, I can't~ I've turned into a shopaholic! Good or bad thing? Don't know~ )

P/S : Glad to be back in UKM and meet my buddies..Miss you all so much during holiday!! :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Still alive~

I haven't been blogging for weeks and sometimes I wonder how I manage to actually do that, since I used to blog almost everyday..Maybe it's because I don't have my baby lappy with me and thus, not even a single picture that I have made me totally no mood to blog..Plus, recently a string of bad luck seems to fall on me which made me so damn EMO~ ( I'm gonna have a quick update..Kinda rushing for time but hand itchy to blog..hehe.. )

- My baby lappy claimed to be hard to survive and still in coma.. *Sigh ( Made me so depressed..My precious baby~ ) Didn't have lappy to use for 1 month plus is so suffering~ :(

- My hp memory card kinda spoil..Got worm ate my 100+ pics.. *Sigh ( My pics are so precious to me also..Luckily didn't lost all..I'll feel worse~ )

- My pendrive kinda spoil also.. *Sigh ( Left this pendrive..1 stolen, another 1 at Kok Sin-keep at home become treasure~ *Sigh Made me even depressed )

- My Double A box that's kept at store room were STOLEN! *Sigh *Sigh ( Damn you! Steal my stuff..&^^%$#@%&**)&#@@!#$^&*(()!!!! Inside got bags, Kolej cards, BSMM cars, file with certs, toiletries, sanitary stuff..Argggghhhhhh...Dare you steal my stuff..Go hell! )

- Wanna register manual also take so much time and effort..Stuck up lecturer!!!!! Don't even wanna help students, get so high pay don't know for what!! Heng! *Angry

That's why I'm so EMO lately...I'm on the down part of the wheel again..Now it's getting better, luckily..

And thanks to my family that the L.O.V.E they gave me were so great that I'm able to smile again :) Muakkkkssssss....

There, I got my NEW bluey lappy but it can never replace my baby lappy..Ohhh...I miss baby lappy so much.. :@

I've fought to get this lappy..Long story~ Will write bout it in the next post...


Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I feel myself a retard now~ AFTER 1 MONTH +++, now only the computer shop tell me my baby lappy CANNOT REPAIR! WTH! Before this told me motherboard problem, need change a new one which costs less than RM600..Oklo, I sayang my baby lappy, expensive a bit also must repair..First tell me 2 weeks..After 2 weeks, every week I call they said 'NEXT WEEK cause spare parts haven't arrive'..Then it went on and on TILL NOW suddenly I received a call and my mind go blank..MY BABY LAPPY IS NOW IN COMA and I can't do anything to save her~ *Sob *Sob..She's with me for around 2 years and I can't live without her..And worse still, I have to get a replacement and leave my baby lappy rest in peace..Damn la!!! Make me so freaking emo~ ^^%$$#@@!$^&*&^%$##@!!!^&&&***^%$">*&&^^%$$#@@!$^&*&^%$##@!!!^&&&***^%$##@!! I have to waste Ah Pa and Ah Mi's money again and buy a new one..I feel so damn guilty~ *Sigh..And Ah Chia was suppose buy hers cause she wanna further her studies and now have to postpone cause of me..DOUBLE GUILTY~ *Sigh *Sigh

And then I cannot register the subject that I wanted and needed ( my final year already..have to register this semester also..) cause FULL already in the online system..Thought of going back on Sunday mana tahu need go back earlier which is tomorrow~ Need ma fan Ah Pa and Ah Mi fetch me back after work..GUILTY AGAIN! *Sigh

My friend told me that our lecturer ask those who didn't wear collar shirt to get out of the class..But those who has jacket can stay..WTH! Freaking crazy lecturer!!! Every semester got crazy lecturer..ARggghhhhhhhh!!!! Making us go nuts..So high pay then wanna show face to us! Damn! Then 1st class got assignment already..My friend so kind sent an e-mail to me on the assignment topics which entitled 'eko dasar sosial chi sin lecturer assignment' is her side of story of that ridiculous lecturer ( I copy and paste from my e-mail )..

tat day i kena halau frm class cz din wear chollar shirt ma
i asked friend in class wat v nid to do
friend said nid to do tis assignment n hand in nxt monday class
but lec said those nt in class rugi cz no nid to do
means wat?
those nt in class no mark lo ( no nid to do)
i went ask de lec ist those not in class no nid to do?
she scolded me who said no nid to do de?
i ans her my friend in class told me de lo
she scolded me again nt in class duno ask friend ?
btw i asked friend wat v nid to do
but she said those nt in class no nid to do
i feel curious mano nid to do thn ma no mark lo
go ask her abt it oso kena scold

Pity her! Damn la..Have to bear with this lecturer for whole semester..We all gonna die jialat~ *Sigh

My head wanna explode already..Have to keep think about the lappy..What brand, model, budjet..And keep think whether can register the subject manually..And think of this siao lecturer's stupid behaviour and loads of assignments..THINK, THINK, THINK~ Arghhhhhhhhhhhh~

The beginning of new semester should be exciting but.........I'm feeling the otherwise~ (,'')

P/S : Super EMO now~ :(