Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 2-Four Sea King of Soya

The next day, I miracally woke up at 8.30am when I slept at 3am..Yule came and passed us the AIESEC hp and explained how could we get to National Taiwan University..Since Shereen and Su Ying were gonna stay in our dorm to take care of our luggages, Kiki and I went to a restaurant just opposite TaiwanMax to have our breakfast..It's 'Shi Hai Dou Jiang Da Wang' which I direct translated it to Four Sea King of Soya (Don't know the real name in English's highly recommended by Taiwanese~

Took this when I was in the roof top..It's just across the road of TaiwanMax..

Wait!! Can't resist to snap some pics of the morning view from the roof top~

My morning look =.=

I realize Taiwanese likes to bring their dogs out..

Ohhh, do I look like I just have a morning jog and going breakfast after that? kaka.. :P

Here we are! In front of Four Sea King of Soya~

We're suppose to order in front and the workers will bring to our tables..But we just didn't know what to order..So they asked us to sit down and order..kaka

The menu..All in Chinese how to order wor? =.='''

Luckily Kiki can read Chinese..But the names of the food are just so unfamiliar..So we just ordered a few and shared..hehe

While waiting for food..camwhore! :D

Kua Pao-Our version of Mantao

The bread is soft with eggs inside..Superb! :)

Fan Tuan
-Our version of pulut

The pulut wrapped with egg, yao char kuai, chai po! Love the combination!! :)

Mi Jiang ( Sesame+peanut ) & Dou Jiang ( Soya bean )

I heart Mi Jiang! Superb!! :D

Xien Dou Jiang-Our version of Tau Fu Fa+Yau Char Kuai

Hmmm..Kiki and I didn't like it.. :( The Tau Fu Fa is sweet + Yau Char Kuai oily and salty~ Ewww..I just couldn't swallow after a few spoons =.=

But Shereen and Su Ying like it..They said it's nice (,'')

Well, different people has different view~

Well, we just order the same ones for Shereen and Su Ying and it costed us around 184NT for this breakfast of 4 people..And Kiki paid for us..Thanks dear! :)

Wow..Taipei really has a lot of scooters! They are parked everywhere even just in front of the shops!You can see them from one whole row from one end to the other end!

I spot a cute scooter! :P

It's like the Hong Kong dramas where we saw they have to either have the key to access the main gate to the flat houses or press a button to ask someone inside to unlock it..Cool!

Camwhore inside the lift! lol.. :D

We have to take the lift up till 8th floor and walked another floor up..

Overall, it's recommended to try this shop since it's quite famous in Taiwan..Special taste, reasonable price and kopitiam atmosphere! :D

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 1-Taoyuan Airport--->Taipei

We went to Taipei by bus..We just walked out of the airport and waited for the bus at platform 61..We sat the last bus that's 11.20pm and reached Taipei around 1 hour later..Wow..The bus service in Taiwan is really good-the driver will help us to put the luggage at the deck and they will announce like 10 minutes before to let us know that we're reaching our destination.. :) The journey from Taoyuan Airport-Taipei takes around 1 hour..

This is the platform 61 that we waited for the bus..

Inside the bus..There's TV! But they off the sound..And with the 'Fan Ti' Chinese subtitle, I don't understand a

The bus ticket-125NT

Jamie & Becky-They are really cute and excited all the way..haha

US-Kiki, Shereen, ME, Su Ying~

Oh ya, when we gonna reach Taipei City, we realized that there's a lot of 7-11 and MOS Burger outlet around..Along the way, we counted there's 8 7-11 and 3 MOS Burger outlet..Wow!!

Met Yule halfway..Becky and he brought us to our hostel..The way there is just full of stairs because it's a shorter way if we walked through the MRT to across to the other side of the road..Phewwwww~ He was so strong and nice to help us carry our big and heavy luggages down and up the stairs 2 at a

We stayed at this hostel named TaiwanMax which is located near Taipei Main Station..around 10 minutes walk with all our big luggages..

We stayed at a dorm of 6-300NT/night..

The plug..We have to use international adapter..

ME after bathe..It's so nice to bathe warm water during winter..syok!

Since there's FREE WIFI in the hostel, we online-You know, FB, MSN, e-mail, blog~ We have to update! lol.. :P

The bathroom is in a cubicle outside our dorm, on the roof

At the roof top..It's so cool! The night view is just ok from here..

After checked in, we didn't go out cause we were kinda tired..So we chatted and laughed so loud until there's someone knocked and put a notice on the TV-Be Quiet

P/S : We on the air-cond during winter! It's not that cold yet..Feeling so cool all over..hehe

Day 1 LCCT Malaysia---->Taoyuan Airport(Taiwan)

I was so excited the day before and ya, I have packed like a few weeks before when I had break in the middle of my finals..But it's just clothes..And still have lots to pack! I didn't know why but I packed till 5am when my flight is on that same day, 5.50pm..It was so rush and tiring!

So messy! Arghhhhh..Putting in and taking out stuffs from my luggage cause I kept change my mind of what should I bring and what is

While waiting to check in my luggage..The queue was so long that I waited nearly 1 hour~

With Kiki, Su Ying, Shereen..We're all going Taiwan together..Yeah!!!

With Ah Pa and Ah Mi..And Ah Jie who couldn't make it to send me off..Ohhhh..I miss all of you.. :@

Boarding Air Asia..Wohoooooo~

Shereen and Su Ying were trying to act

The sky view from the airplane was just so spectacular..

Camwhore to kill time..Gosh! Nothing to do there~ Pretty bored!

My online pre-booked meal : Chicken rice..Rm10!!!I didn't know that we can choose the menu online~ :(

Air Asia is just so cramped that it's very not comfy..And for 5 hours, there's nothing to do but TRYING TO SLEEP..These are some of the poses that I've tried to make myself feel comfy but =.='''' I still can't sleep!! :(

Finally reached Taoyuan Airport..Luckily the custom let me go cause I didn't realize that my passport is gonna expire in 6 months..Oh gosh!

This is so cute! They have glasses for those who have sight problem..It's to fill up the forms..

The 2 AIESEC-ers who came and picked us up-Becky and Jamie..

Applied for the Youth Travel Card at the Customer Service Centre..With this card, we can travel around Taiwan with its listed destinations, we can get discounts..And it's FREE to apply this card..I got to know bout this online.. :)


Woohoooooooo~ We have reached Taiwan!!!!Taiwan is just awesome! I love the wheather! It was chilly~ like Genting..18 degreesis still bearable with thin jackets/cardigans~ :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hello from Taipei!

Just a short update..It's now 3am and I'm still happily online when I'm suppose to get a nice sleep after not havin proper sleep for mean I'm so excited that I'm now in Taipei and ya, I have FREE WIFI ( It's hard to get free WIFI in Taiwan..hehe ) in my hostel..So, I'm so happy that I still manage to play FB and update on me in Taiwan on the 1st day itself..wohooooooooo~

It was raining very heavily when Ah Pa, Ah Mi and me start the journey to LCCT..We were getting late and with the jam on the highway, which lots of accidents happened along the journey, we managed to reach the airport like less than 2 hours before my flight (5.50pm)..So kan cheong! Then I checked in my luggage bag ( So super heavy-18kg) and met up with Su Ying, Shereen and Kiki..

So we board Air Asia and the seats were so cramped! Feel so not comfy at all..And tried so many sleeping positions also to no avail and we talked the whole journey till we land Taoyuan Airport..Really very excited! hehe~ 2AIESECers came and pick us up-Jamie and Becky were so cute! They were excited all the way and we were laughing all the way to our hostel where we finally met Yule Shu, who I've MSN-ed,FB and e-mail all the while..

So, it's winter now in Taiwan..It's 18 degrees..Feels like Genting! and it's so cool walking on the street feeling chilly.It's not that cold yet..I so enjoy it..You know like walking in KL streets but with Genting atmosphere..So cool!! :D
Bus is at 6.30pm later..So we have time to walk around Taipei.. :D With the 3S ( Shi Wei, Su Ying and Shereen, it's gonna be a huge disaster! lol..

Boading Air Asia~~ *Excited

P/S : I'm gonna sleep now..Gonna write a full update soon..Going National Taiwan University later cause it's the uni's anniversary and they are having a huge event with lots of activities..I'm so gonna see Taiwan's university and ya, to see how we can compare to our local uni!!! lol..

Friday, November 6, 2009

♥Kawaii Facebook Layout♥

Good news people!! You know, the DULL white and blue layout in Facebook? WE DON'T HAVE TO FACE IT ANYMORE!!! Instead, we can add some colours and designs in our layout and make it look interesting! I seriously ♥ my new layout!! :D


Kawaii right? ♥

Align Center

Steps to obtain the new layout

1) Join the 'Personalize your Facebook Background and Colours'-If you see your friends have join in the group, simply press..Or else, just click on the link above..

You should come to this page-Minus the background~

2) In the page, you'll come across the box on the left titled INFORMATION, just below the 'profile picture' and above 'members' block-
Category: Entertainment & Arts - Fine artsDescription: HOW? 1. Join This Group 2. Invite all your friends to join. 3. INSTALL THE PROGRAM (StylishProfile) FROM HERE: 4. Select any styles from the collection!! REMEMBER: Invite all your friend to JOIN and INSTALL the program - than THEY CAN SEE YOUR STYLE ALSO!!! Privacy type: Open: All content is public.

3) Click the website

You'll come to this page with lots of layout to choose~ But WAITTTTTTTTTTTT!!!

4) Have to INSTALL THE PLUG IN first before you can choose the layout-Click on the 'INSTALL THE PLUG IN' box ( Green colour ) on the upper left..

There..the upper green box on the left!

5) Click RUN and within 5-10 minutes depending on your line, it should be done!

6) Choose Layout-So many for you to choose follow themes..Boxes on the left~ PREVIEW first

7) Click SELECT

Tadddaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! There you have nice layout for your Facebook! NO MORE DULL AND UNINTERESTING LAYOUT!! great is that!!! :D

But wait...My review on it..


1) Nice layout!! *Grins

2) ♥ it!!! haha..Ok, I open my Facebook like average 5 times a day...I think I'll open more after this..My new layout is just so kawaii~~~ :D


1) Only those who are member of this group can SEE OTHERS' NEW LAYOUT! If only you are, but not your friends, they can't see your new layout..I mean like you have new layout for others to see also right? What's the point seeing by yourself? =.=

2) THE FREAKING FUNNY PART IS : My friend's layout didn't turn out..All I can see is MY OWN LAYOUT BUT WITH HER PROFILE!! Seriously is this new layout only for MYSELF? I wanna others to see too..LAME! :X

3) Not much designs-STILL NEW! So okla~

4) A lil' troublesome-Why can't they make like Friendster? Where we can choose directly and not press this website, install plug in, bla bla bla.. (,'')

I guess they are gonna improvise it as time goes by~~~


P/S : Thanks Eddie for teaching me how to make a page become a picture ( Don't know what you call it~ )..hehe..Nice one!!! Wheeeeeeee~~