Monday, June 29, 2009

The Monster~

Sometimes I wonder if I'm really a NOOB! I'm a straightforward person, I do realize it after some people get back to me and told me that I'm mean and lack of manners~ I'll be like what did I do or say? I didn't realize that I actually hurt people cause I'm just telling them what's in my mind..Well, some people said being straightforward is good cause you're being REAL for uttering out what you think..I know there's a limit of my speech but I DID NOT say harsh words or really mean that kind..I feel that I'm just voicing out my opinions and there, I got criticized for being a monster~ I don't understand..

Eg. There's a friend of mine were telling me how he wanna his girlfriend to change her way of tying hair instead of just the normal pony tail..WTH!And so I asked him ' What's the difference of changing the way of tying hair cause it's not like changing hairstyle ( long to short) where you can see the changes in one person drastically?' He answered ' Got..A lot of ways of tying hair mah..I'm learning it and it's good if she changes..It's ALL FOR HER OWN GOOD~' Curiously, I asked ' You're learning it? Means you wanna help her tie hair everyday ah? * Feeling funny and laughing in my heart.. You want her go to class everyday with different hairstyle cause it's FOR HER OWN GOOD? Hmmm..I feel you very LEBIH lo..Did you ask her whether she's happy and want it? Why force her change when she likes being simple? Sounds annoyed, he answered ' It's FOR HER OWN GOOD what..she should understand..I think you should be careful with your words..I'm doing something good and there you wanna tembak me..Your no-manners-behaviour makes me mad you know? That's why I don't like to talk to you..You prejudice towards me! Damn it! Like this kena say no manners?! I'm just telling him that NO GIRL, NOT ANY GIRL that's so 'wu liao' lo~ I mean come on~ He's being immature k? If wanna her to change her look, fine..But why make a big fuss of it? 1st of all, the girl DIDN'T say that SHE'S OK with it..And I don't think he bring this matter up to her yet..And let's say he did, why he's the one learning it and NOT HER? You think people freaking free is it wanna tie different hairstyle JUST TO GO CLASS everyday??! It's not like we're in fashion college where everyone look and dress to their outmost best..We're just in some normal local university where everyone is so super duper simple, my goodness sake!Madness..As a girl I know what she will feel cause it's just freaking STUPID! I'm trying to tell him nicely and this is what I get? Fine~

Another eg. is another friend of mine was happily singing loudly in my room for 1/2 hour or less..I was doing my assignment and was very stressful bout it..And so I told her 'Can you please stop singing?' in a soft voice..She straight quiet and pack her things and leave..And I know she's hurt~ One side of me was thinking 'I'm sorry..But I just need some quiet environment..I told you off nicely..' while another side of me was saying 'Why is she so sensitive? It's not my fault'..

Humans are sensitive, I know..But if just a normal talking, questioning, advice may seem so hurtful, I don't know how I wanna talk anymore..It's like whatever you say, people tend to be mad at you and throw negative thoughts towards you..Am I being wrong? Let me know what you think please~

P/S : Please let me know what you think..Maybe I need to change for everyone's pleasure..God, I need to know! * Sigh

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thanks Tasya~

Tasya is one year my junior..Knew her in MGSS but we didn't really talk much to each other..Found her blog somewhere and since then we link each other and I guess we understand each other more through our blogs..Well, this is how friendship goes about..hehe..

She wrote a post on Bukit Tinggi--here and I found it to be very interesting..I've always heard about this place ( Well, FEKON people especially PC planned to go there for a trip but it was way expensive and we only know that it's a fabulous place to take nice pics and nothing else..) but don't really know what's there for us..And so I wrote a comment-Cool..I've always heard about Bukit Tinggi and didn't know it's nice.. and was rather surprised that she wrote a post after that specially for me bout this place with full details and tips ( I'm delighted! )--here..Thanks!! :)

Well, after much effort of explaining from Tasya, I now know that Bukit Tinggi is definitely a place great for snapping pics and hang around..It's France alike environment, delicious food, some lil' entertainment such as bowling, horse riding and golf, get into nature with Japanese and Tropical Garden ( Lots of flowerssssssss!! ) and also Rabbit farm ( Rabbits are so cute! MY SPESIES k? lol..) and the most awesome part of all ( For gals la..haha ) is get to wear a kimono! Well, how often we get a chance to wear that right? lol..

I guess there's a possibility that we ( with my UKM buddies lo..who else right? ) will make a trip to Bukit Tinggi!! Hope so!! I love to take pics..It will be great and 'suang'..I guess that we'll take Tasya's advice on staying at Genting which is much cheaper ( After all, we are all students..Everything must be economical.. :P )..So, perhaps a 2 days 1 night trip where we can go Bukit Tinggi and Genting for some strolling, walking and hanging around and feel the chill, cool breeze? Syok! :) :)

The sweet couple-Tasya and Danny! :)

P/S : Tasya, hope you don't mind me 'curi' ( From your blog..) and upload your pic.. :P

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gathering + B'day Celebration..

It has been 2 years plus since we left our alma mater, Malacca High School ( MHS )..I remember how I yearned so much to enter this top school for my Form 6..I was given Gajah Berang School ( GBS ) cause I was a Science student then in my secondary years in Methodist Girls' Secondary School ( MGSS )..So, I opted and applied for transfer to MHS..It wasn't easy! It seemed that MHS has a very tough entry and to make things worst, the GBS principal didn't submit all our transfer forms to the Education Ministry as he didn't want his top students to leave! What a selfish person! And I kinda understand his feeling cause 100++ people applied for that transfer..My gosh..But they can't deny that MHS is the top school~ Poor applicants who didn't know anything hoped and waited for one whole month only to receive 'Permohonan anda tidak berjaya'~ =.=

And if we were to change stream from Science to Arts, we have to wait another one month~ Only god knows how I suffered in Science class in GBS cause it's a floating class-Keep changing laboratory, I hardly know anybody there ( Mostly were from other schools-NDC, CHS/GBS itself ) and I hate Science! ( I don't know why I took Science for my SPM..Argghh..)...But it has also earned me some really nice friends though I was only there for 2 weeks~ How ironic! After that, I went to India for my student exchange programme and I received good news-I got to enter MHS! Yippeee~ And there I choose the class ARTS 2-cause no Maths ( Hate )! I was 2 months late and was pretty glad that Janice is in the class too ( cause she taught me what I've missed and I only knew her-from MGSS ) and a few weeks' time there's first monthly test..How cool is that? I totally freaked out! I missed so many chapters in every subject!!! And ya, failed lo~ =.= Gradually I got to be friends with everyone in the class..Making new friends can be hard sometimes and wonder how it works and the next thing we know we are what we call as 'friends'..Miracle isn't it?

I still remember my teachers ( As in their teaching, action etc..I'm seriously bad at names! XX ) :

1) Puan Kamsiah ( Business teacher a.k.a Class teacher)- Always tell us her stories-repeated like million times instead of teaching us..and she will always sit on her chair for the whole 2 period and flipped the book and said 'Baca sendiri' =.=

2) Puan Shirley ( Economics )- A very dedicated teacher..Always teach us how to score and answer the questions..Makes me love Economics.. :)

3) Puan XX ( Pengajian Am )- The only subject that I have to go tution..Cause she didn't teach much..Was pregnant and got substitute teacher make things worst.. =.=

4) Mr XX ( Sejarah M'sia+Asia )- A very good teacher, I must say..Did all the short notes to make our lives easier..History has to memorize and he helped us a lot! Knowledgeable..Thought us how to tackle questions..Made me love History gradually.. :)

5) Ms Sim ( Sej Dunia )- She's very scary! Her class is very stressfull~ She will pick people to answer questions..Have to stand for the whole period if don't know how to answer/she's not satisfied..If ponteng class/absent, she'll want to see the next day for explanation! But she's nice in a way..She once told me ' Jia yiu and try harder' in a soft voice ( I'm happy and touched! :D )

And not to forget, a bunch of crazy friends... :)

Ever since we left MHS, we have gathering every year thanks to Wan Ching and Yin Li who will organize it..This year, it was held at Asian Havana Cafe..It was not 100% MHS gathering..Kinda like 50/50 cause involves IJC gathering also..Since we seldom meet, we took lots of pics..Let's see the pics shall we?

The only 4 gals who managed to go..

( L-R ) Wan Ching, Yin Li, Ai Lee and ME

Jacyln ( I prefer to call her Yin Li though..Used to already..haha) and ME..

Seng Ching and I..

Was so surprised to see her..She told me in FB that day 'I'll be surprise to see her' and I was blurr, didn't ask..She's there for IJC gathering~

Knew her through GBS gang..Jen Jye's gf..I always tag along with Yuzi for her outing with GBS people..haha..

[ ABOVE ] All our B'days are in June! Yin Li ( 30th), ME ( 10th ), Wan Ching (19th )

[BELOW ] With cute2 Ai Lee...

4 of us again..

With Ah Boy ( Darren ) and Amir..

Hoh, Ah Boy! Tell Winnie..haha :P

Why call him Ah Boy? Cause his Mummy is Janice and I'm her friend..So I'm his Auntie..Wah seh, so old meh?

The group pic..The ARts 2 people who managed to come that day..Quite few actually..

Darren, ME, Yin Li, Wan Ching, Ai Lee, Vinz, Amir, Dilip..

The 1/2 MHS and IJC gang..haha..It's ok..We can be friends.. :)


Amir is threatening with a so called knife..haha

What am I doing? I have no idea~

The main attraction should be ' Dilip poking Ah Boy's hand with a knife'..But look at the way Dilip looked at me..He must have think 'Shi Wei can be a better killer!' ( Was holding a knife..hehe )

Let's kill the guys!

And then...

Drum roll please....





The B'day cake for June-born gals..

Light the cake.. :)

Our B'day cake!

It's a Japanese honey layered cake..I'm bad at names! =.=

More expensive than Secret Recipe! But it's nice, unique and tasty..

Tadaaaa..The B'day gals.. :)

I wear dress doesn't mean I must act polite k? lol.. :P

The guy who put black nail polish..Like a gal ler Ah Boy~, Ai Lee's multicolour nails and I just wash off my nail polish so show my other side..haha..

Eat cake lo~

The B'day present that I gave Yin Li.. :)

See how Ah Boy ate..Like 10 days never eat like that..haha..

Haven't even finish my drink the waiter went and clear it up...Was too busy taking pics~ :@

Haha..Vinz, you should be happy

Don't want Wan Ching, want Dae Ren ( He sesat..Not Arts 2 but came along also..haha ) pula..Gay partners.. :P

[ U6A2 ]

( I purposely sign in my Friendster to get these pics..Make me think so much of the times we had together.. )

{ 2 years ago.....2007 }

The gals..

[ Clockwise from Left ] Josephine, Shu Yi, Ai Lee, Wan Ching, ME, Kim Foong, Yin Li, Sherlyn, Janice

Ei, where's Sarah? Absent from school is it?

Part of the Arts 2 people..

{ 1 year ago-2008 }

Had a B'day celebration ( Wan Ching ) cum gathering also at Seoul Garden..Our gathering is always this period of time-June cause it'll be semester break for most of us..

{ This year-2009 }

It's hard to gather everyone but just part of the class already make us so busy! Almost everyone has changed-be it thinking, dreams, hairstyle, way of dressing etc and it'll keep changing as we get older...Did I just say that? Awwww...I really feel myself getting older..Anything can change but not the frienship that we have! Hope we can keep in touch no matter where we are in future~ Now, most of us are still in tertiary education so when career takes our path which may leads us to anywhere in the world, hope that this annual gathering will strengthen our friendship bond..


Though we seldom meet, we are always in each other's heart..Can always SMS, FB and MSN.. :P

P/S : Thanks Yin Li for the cake and Wan Ching who treated us dinner..So nice both of you! :) Muaakkksssss.... :D

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My gal friends~

Who's keeping me busy and entertained during my holiday? My gal friends of course! Each of them have their very own personality and they treat me real good all the time that I feel so paiseh sometimes~ Not that I don't treat them good but it's just they are way too good and it feels great to have such friends! As I could hardly meet them ever since high school, this is the time that we meet up, have gal talk and have fun together~ And it was so fun that I can't stop thinking of their company and wanting to do more and again..hehe.. :P

Mei Ling!

She's bubbly and full of all kinds of ideas..They keep popping put of her head and that makes her life so busy and happening and I have a share of it

Since her house phone is fix to Rm10 unlimited calls per month, she call me every single day to chat with me! Gossips and some gals talk perhaps? :P

We kinda suppose to window shop around the boutiques and shopping mall and but ended shop till we broke~ Prove : I bought 2 pairs of shoe in 1 single day+bracelets+dress+top..ML bought 3 pairs of shoes in 1 single day+dress+accesories..And we still have the chick to go shopping for more after that that whole week! I suddenly feel myself turned into shopacholic already =.=

You Tze!

I could hardly see her as she studies in NUS and seldom back in Malacca..Though her semester break is 3 months but she's only here for a few weeks ( Busy with some activities back in NUS..)

Went sing K with her( 1st time..Last time not 'heng' sing K mah..)..Sing till suang! 2 of us with 4 hours and buffet, not sure when to eat and when to sing! lol..Had so much fun! Both of us have the same problem when it comes to sing K..Could hardly find people who sing English songs..Ahhhh..We totally are same kind and clique and it feels so nice and good! Wohhhoooooo.. :D

Because of her, I know a lot of GBS friends! I always tag along when she got outing with her friends..hehe..It's always nice to make new friends..But most of them know me of 'Yuzi's best friend' rather than Shi Wei but it's OK cause I'm bad at names either :P ~

I always become lamp post when she goes dating with her boyfriend, Kok Leong..hehe.. :P Sometimes it's like as if I'm dating with her cause we'll be busy having our gal talk and kinda ignore him..Poor guy~ Hmmmm..I'm not purposely (,'') They are so sweet together..Awwwwww... :)

Janice Lee!

Always make appoinment ( chehhhh..) wanna meet but most of the time didn't make it cause either she or me will be busy with our stuff..So this semester break, I make sure that we make it! And we did! So long didn't see her and she's becoming prettier..Even Ah Mi also praised her in front of her~ lol..She must be in cloud nine already..

Studied Economics in NUS also..Told me that Econs is a very highly looked upon course in Sg. But it's a reverse case in M'sia..It's kinda being looked down as being some not-so-professional course..In Sg. it's totally professional in their mindset..Oh my..I'm an Economics student also but I don't feel that great..But we're always proud that we're economists together..haha.. :P

She's hilarious and good at talking~ Can't stop laughing when talking with her..

So long didn't meet-Gal talk la of course! Miss those times in MHS with her..Sat beside her and did all those naughty stuff~ haha..And we were reflecting of our ex-classmates ( U6A2) and how they were like, what they did etc..I even took out our class picture and we had fun guessing who is who and guess what, we totally forgot some of their names! OMG! Anyway, we're not close to them in class and don't even have their contacts at all..But it's those funny moments that's captured in our memory that's the most fun!

And well, my UKM buddies can't miss out this time~

Siu Li and Pei Chen!

We SMS one another every now and then..Miss the bitter and sweet moments that we have together in UKM.. :) Guess what? We have more year together only.. (,'') Gonna miss you guys so much! :@

I guess I don't have to describe about them anymore, do I?

You guys make me feels go great! Muaaakkksssss... :)

Monday, June 15, 2009


I always think that blogging is a way for you to voice out what you think in mind FREELY and it's the inner voice that's so truthful that you're so REAL! People blog for many reasons and purposes-personal, hobbies ( photography, travel, food, etc), fans club, online shop etc etc..

For me, I blog to say out my personal feelings, life, thinking-whatever in my mind I'll just bla everything out..But sometimes, things get very IRRITATING and ANNOYING because I have to THINK TWICE before I post since whatever I write MIGHT hurt others' feelings ( Especially if it concerns people related to me and it happen that they read my blog~ )..It's SO DAMN ANNOYINGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! I treat my blog as a life journal which is like an online diary so I don't see what's wrong for me to bla whatever that's coming out from my brain..And I can't stop my freaking hands and mind from typing and uploading pictures that as far as I am concern, it's the REAL me we're talking here..Or should I freaking go FAKE myself and praise people who make me mad and emo? Are you out of your mind?! Where's your sense of rationality? Everyone have their emo period so do I..Once I bla everything out, I totally feel so relieved! And after that I'll be Ok if it's nothing serious so just don't need mind what I'm writing here..Yaya, have to think others' feeling! Like you're so damn great la and think you're a celebrity and that popular is it? No one will ever know you la..If know also friends only, so what? It's not that I create a fuss and downgrade you or whatever shit..I'm just voicing out my feeling and thinking..Am I wrong?!!!

HATE it that after I hit the post button, in which the contents involve people whom I know or close with and they have the-so-called-reputation to mantain and asked me to DELETE some sentences or pictures! Reasons : Don't want other people to know la, Don't look nice in the pic la, bla bla bla..WTH! Again I stress that whatever I write comes out from my brain and it must be that something triggered it and it's not that I go tell the whole world of your secrets and put you in hell!! And the pics that I uploaded don't contain any of your nude pics so why care so much you look nice or not? I have my own reasons for uploading certain pics..If I have to ask permission, might as why you don't so 'tua pai' la wanna take pics..Shitty attitude man~ Really making blog utilisation to the minimum because of these things..Understand the world of blog la, people~

So, sometimes I kinda regret that I once asked people who know me to see my blog ( At first, I was excited..But now I'm not..)..Because they create problem to me sometimes ( I've to control whatever I write..How over is over?! How am I suppose to rate it? But it's MY BLOGGIE.. :/ )..And people who going around to tell other people of my blog, I feel like kicking their ass! Making me more IRRITATING!! Well, just in case you didn't notice, I have written a synopsis of this way earlier before this post on the right side of the blog entitled : MY BLOG, MY STYLE, MY FREEDOM!

Please understand me..I never wanna be rude or whatever..It's just this is where I speak of my true voice..If you stop me, then where's the REAL Shi Wei? As long as you're associated with me, just don't mind what I have to say..It's better for you to hear the truth rather than faking it in front of you, right? But I still have my sense of respect and resilience yet truthful~

Random pic..Got it from Seng Ching's FB..

The girls..Gathering of MHS and IJC people..

My very first time outing in a dress!! And they said I changed a lot! True also..Skirt is rarely in my dictionary once upon a

P/S : Have been calling the computer shop every other week and they kept telling me 'NEXT WEEK'..Damn it! Promised me 2 WEEKS and now 3 weeks already..I can't wait to get it back~ Arghhhhh..Why promise in a first place if you can't fulfill it?! They better get it done by next week or else I'll stomp their shop!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Birthday Wishes..

This year of my B'day, I was rather FREE or should I use my infamous word 'ROTTING at home' so I was kinda looking forward for my BIG DAY to come..Well, nothing to brag bout, just that on 10th June, a gal named Shi Wei was born and this makes me feel SPECIAL enough!

I really appreciate and am delighted with all the wishes from various thoughtful homosapiens be it earlier, on the day itself or belated ones ( As usual sure will have but better late than never right? )..Wishes came in either through phone call, SMS, MSN, Facebook, Friendster, e-mail or just face to face! Here's a list ( as usual I'll elaborate SOME people cause they are really funny and cute! ) in random order but I'll group it so that it's easier.. :

UKM buddies and friends :

1) Pei Chen : Wished me and asked me to stay CUTE always but I CAN'T stay cute anymore cause I'm old already! What is this suppose to mean? Confusing la~ Hmmm...It's just in me, that all I can say..Don't jealous~ :D

2) Ying Ngiap : Wished me earlier and insisted that he's the first one who wish's the only one who wished me several times-sms, MSN, Facebook! Super short lo..Just 'Happy B'day'..He said 'short but sincere' wor.. :P

3) Ah Wang : Also super short..Siap call me OSW..Since when he call me that? *Wait..Everyone in UKM call me that now..Don't know since when the trend started :@

4) Kian How : THE FIRST ( Must give him the credit this time..It's true anyhow ) who called to wish me and it's right after midnight..How thoughtful! I knew he's that traditional type of guy and boy, he wished me 'Be healthy always', 'Stay pretty always' etc etc ( Can't really remember la..The phrases all in Chinese..But it's like those I heard during CNY he said that there's a guy beside me ( I know he thinks it's my bf or something..Always simply think one..Adui~) when that's my father! So funny! Should have ask Ah Pa to say Hi and scare the hell out of him..haha.. :P

5) Guang Yong : Send me forwarded msg..And I didn't have his no. in my contacts cause changed hp that time didn't copy it, I guess..My contacts are a mess till now~

6) Siu Li : Asked me to stay CUTE also..Said that though I'm old already but still like cute things.. :@ Why ler? CUTE is always in my dictionary..As far as I know, CUTE=Ugly BUT Adorable..So I don't know whether it's good or bad..But people just label me as CUTE so gradually I also accepted that I am and admit it :P

7) Jeet Ling : Once have her no. and she said that she was sad that I didn't have her no. in my contacts..Well, I didn't mean it..Didn't get to copy all my contacts in my sim~

8) Kim Yen : My lovely junior! He even call me 'MY CUTE Shi Wei' was quite surprised with this..He's cute either..Always make me think that he's my senior instead of junior..haha

9) Peik Hwa : Send forwarded sms also..She's in UKM right now..Bet that she's pretty bored cause all of us didn't take 3rd sem..

10) Kak Dilah : SMS as if singing 'B'day song' the way from Kelantan~

11) Chien Chien : Thorugh FB

12) Kean Kean : FB

13) Eddie Chan : Never even talk to him before..I feel weird~ But thankful anyhow..

14) Yit Lin : FB

15) Mandy : Wrote 生日快日 instead of 生日快乐 in FB lol..Wrong Chinese character! Don't think cause I don't know Chinese, I won't know, can bully me k? Always like to 'kek' me and his sacarstically way of talking irritates me at times..And aalways state that he wanna 'teach' me and let me learn! Ya, right!

16) Sook Eng : My direct senior..Wasn't really close to her..Always exchange smiles and hi, bye..Don't know why couldn't click with her..But getting better by days..Graduating already~

17) Rofia : Amin junior..

18) Sze Sze : i think that she saw my post 'Double 2' only she knows it's my B'day..Correct me if I'm wrong k? Thanks anyhow.. :)

19) Josie Ong : A senior who's a chatterbox! She's very bubbly and entertaining..Graduating also~

20) Li Hui : Beloved senior..Quite special cause she wished me in e-mail! Cause she's in Indonesia holidaying-Graduation trip..How nice! She's thoughtful in a way that while holiday also managed to online and wish me.. :)

Form 6 ( MHS and GBS ) friends :

1) Selva-also asked if he's the 1st to everyone wants to be the 1st to wish? lol..

2) Dilip-Short SMS..

3) Vinz-FB

4) Jacyln Kuah-FB..Misses her so much! She's changed a lot!

5) Sarahlynn Ang-FB

6) Darren Goh-FB

7) Kim Foong-FB

8) Meng Han-FB..He said that he could have wish me earlier cause I met him the day before my B'day at Kok Leong's house for a BBQ but forgot..Sure not?lol..

9) Raam-FB

Secondary friends :

1) Mei Ling : She thought of celebrating my B'day together with Frannie..How thoughtful! But postponed due to Frannie having tooth problem..

2) Melanie : All the way from US..

3) Wai Leng : FB..Even chatted a lil' with her..

4) Frannie : FB

5) David Wee : Wished me Happy 21st B'day! lol..Hope I can be 21 forever~ :D All the way from Russia..

6) Sharen Tien : FB

7) Hua Min :FB

8) Hui Xian : FB..She said she thought that my B'day was on Tuesday and not Wednesday..But she wished me on Thursday! lol..

9) Kejal : SMS..A belated one due to hp problem..But it arrived alas :)

10) Siew Kim : Friendster..Haven't log in Friendster for ages! Log in cause of wishes only..

11) Lois Tan : Friendster..Gosh! Who still play Friendster now?

The ones that I didn't expect :

1) Uncle Shrenik : My foster uncle..SMS me all the way from India..I was so surprised! Cause the previous years he didn't wish me..Suddenly he wish me, I was rather thrilled~ And my memories in India all reflect in my mind again.. :P

2) Uncle Milan : My foster dad ( Uncle Shrenik's Brother)..Call me all the way from India..Same case lo..I don't know why he wish me this year either..But happy to get his call.. :)

3) Pei San : Kian How's beloved gf..I was surprised..She sent me a msg through FB..I thought she must be busy with her studies in US now..So thoughtful! And even asked me send her regards to SL and PC..So sweet~

My family ( Of course! ) :

1) Ah Pa and Ah Mi : Wished me right after midnight and sang B'day song for me with their pajamas! lol..

2) Ah Jie : Purposely came back from Sg. on the day itself to celebrate with me..So thoughtful!!! Could hear her shout 'Baby, Happy B'day' from the

LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Muakkksss...Muaakkkksss.. :)

P/S : Sorry, if I've missed out anybody..It's a super duper long list..I'm so happy with the wishes..As hilarious as it can be, those are recorded in my mind set for some flash backs in future..Well, some how this very year and also next year, I couldn't celebrate it with my UKM buddies ( Last year cause most of us took 3rd semester so they celebrated my B'day)..Miss those fun actually..My B'day always fall during school holidays so it's always a family affair only..It's great!But sometimes with some friends it's great to be crazy and partying the whole night-not with liquor but chit chats, laughter, and get nasty with flour!

Anyhow, I'm still glad that there are people who still remember my BIG DAY and there're some who didn't that I kinda feel something is amiss..My best friend-Probably she just got back from Sg. and was taking time to settle down from her hectic activities in Sg., Some of the UKM buddies-Those I didn't name, you should know who you are lo!, Tzu Ching-ians-Usually they would forward SMSes sround to send wishes but this time round, heard that CY and MJ not around..But as I said, maybe they have their own reasons and to some, B'day is nothing but I'm grateful and touched for those who remember and took the efforts to wish me..Cheers! :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Double 2~

TODAY, 22 years ago, I was a God-given priceless gift to a lovely couple ( namely my Ah Pa and Ah Mi..haha )..Like a blank piece of white paper who knew nothing of the world and what to expect for, I was educated and taught bit by bit and gradually exposed to the outside world at the right moment of my growing life..

TODAY, 22 years later, I am a well-loved girl ( By Ah Pa, Ah Mi and Ah Jie ) and surrounded by great friends thanks to the great moral values that they have instilled in me..I am really grateful for having everything in my life and everything that I've asked for being fulfilled without hesitate from my LOVING family and sometimes from friends who cared so much.. :) I could feel the love inside me that's so strong and that's what give me the courage to go through all the obstacles and challenges throughout my life..

Because of YOU-Ah Pa and Ah Mi who brought my existance to this world, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!

Today that I've turned Double 2, I could turn back and see that I'm no longer the small kid that's struggling to be successful in studies but instead I'm a grown up gal who's looking ahead for my future and be succesfull in life! I must say, WAY TO GO, SHI WEI! :P

Happy 22nd Birthday to ME~ Haha.. :D

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Back from Langkawi..

- Had so much fun : With the company of so many great buddies..Imagine our LOUD laughter wherever we went sure to make heads turn.. :P A lil' paiseh but who cares? *Blushes..As long as we're happy enough.. :)

- Was sun tanned : Even have darker skin complexion..Haven't fully recover from the Sunway trip yet..Now sexily tanned! lol..

- Lots of problem occured during planning : The hotels fully booked and departure at Hentian Duta..But all solved at last..Lucky us! :)

- Everything planned went smoothly.. *Pheeewwww : Not all the places that I've checked we went though cause was too exhausted and lacked of time..Hotel and tour bookings were real..Could have get conned but didn't.. :D

- A Wira can fit in 7 people ( ALL ADULT )! : Kid you not! Everyone who saw us were laughing at us.. *Blushes..Probably because 3 guys were sitting in front? One is the driver..And the other 2 guys were sharing the front and budget holiday as I said.. :)

- Kena call 'MAMA' : I'm their Miss Planner..The ONLY ONE who knew the details of the trip..Really acted like their mama lo..Brought stuff that they won't think of bringing-Snacks, bread, mat ( All for 6 people's share..Imagine how heavy was my bag! )..Keep the money and pay of any necessary stuff like a Financial Minister ( Zhong Wu )

- My very 1st time swimming in the sea : With life jacket of course! And the sea water is not salty at all..Perfect! It was at Pulau Dayang Bunting, part of the island hopping tour..So, OKH was mentioning that his cousin got pregnant after drinking the water there and boy, PC and I ter-drink it while we were playing the water there..SL claimed that she didn't even swallow a sip! Sure boh? Anyway, OKH said we went 6 ppl and came back 8!! Siao de lo..Out of nowhere, got baby meh? haha.. :P

- My very 1st time to the waterfall : It was so wonderfully beautiful! Indescribable feeling! The water is so, so cooling and the splashes of the water was awesomely 'suang'! We went 2 actually..One is Temurun Waterfall and the other one is Telaga Tujuh Waterfall..I like the later but it left a terrified scars in us..Why? I don't know how to explain it in details but I could have lost 3 of my friends there..Talk bout magical and unforseen legends and creepy creatures there can already make us sweat what more if it's real enough to almost claim my buddies' life? They are almost there-between life and death! I saw their gloomy-and-asking-for-help faces with my own eyes! And within minutes they could have be in heaven but miracles happen! They somehow managed to fight and win their lives! *Relieved..Scary! =.= Somehow we didn't want our fun and enjoyable trip turn into tragic right? Thanks God, they are survived! Lucky, I must say! * Pheeewwwww.. :)

- The food in Kuah Pasar Malam is mad cheap : It's REALLY SUPER DUPER CHEAP and TASTY! Imagine 1 chicken burger costs Rm1 only! Fried chicken also Rm1..And there are lots of food that we never seen and tried before and we tasted it for the 1st time of our life-The local delicacies..Cheap and tasty! :)

- Duty Free stuff : Not to be missed-Chocolates and liquor are mad cheap here as we all known!! I bought some chocs for my friends.. :) The guys bought liquor to drink there..They can really drink and not drunk! Keng!

- Took lots and lots of pics all the time : Thanks to my craziness of taking pics again! We took 1000++ pics for just 3 days..From 3 cameras~ Madness! haha..But we were so happy especially those who turned out nice and meaningful!Looking back at the pics really made me realize I have such a wonderful bunch of buddies!!! :D

- Our friendship bond grew stronger : I totally love this feeling! We just love and hate one another so much that we don't need to paiseh with one another already..And heart to heart talk is definitely the purest and truthest moment of all!

Curi this pic from Chris' Facebook.. :P

At the suspension bridge..Seriously damn high man-About 700 meter above sea level! Was screaming all the way up and down in the cable car and my legs were frozen! I have acrophobia for goodness sake but I still dare to take the challenge! Way to go ya..hehe.. :D

P/S : Will write a full coverage once I get my baby lappy back and all the pics ( From 3 cameras )..Will need some time to upload also..Not so fast lo..And my Sg. trip ( Didn't forget..haha..)..Ohhhhhhhh..Writing this make me miss you guys already..One more month to go! See you all then.. :) Me?! Rotting at home ahh...