Friday, October 24, 2008

Kian How's Farewell..

Oh my, most of my pictures are in my house's desktop..i shifted all my pictures there when my precious laptop went to hospital..her bluetooth was not functioning and so she was admitted for a month..i seriously had a bad time then cause i can't do anything with my laptop away from me..Grateful to my friends who were willing to lend me theirs when they were not using. Gan En!!(Haha..sounds weird right? i've learned this word from Tzu Chi Society)..I haven't shift back my pictures to my laptop..Ok, so now my laptop has these pictures of our talented volleyball player, well-to-do and good looking(ooppsss..better not praise so much, he will blush this post is specially dedicated to him..Hope he can hear me..HArrrrLLoooooWWWWWW!!!!

Our beloved coursemate, Kian How(i used to spell Jian How because this is how we pronounce his name in Chinese) has left for US for some kind of working experience, i not really sure what's the exact programme..He went to become a waiter and then i heard he got promoted to like supervisor/something like that (i'm still blur of his who,what,where,why and how roundabout) can't really say much about his well-being now..but i know he went to a lot places whenever he can-New York, LA and all sorts of infamous streets..You know like those in movie-15th Avenue's so COOL!

My beloved buddy, PC e-mailed him almost any other time whenever she's free..There's this one time that he didn't reply her mail (understandable, he's busy..) and she threw tantrums at him..that was so funny (to me..)..I don't know how but i think she kinda scolded him in the mail..Jian How, i pity u la! :X I guess he must have felt guilty so he called her one day when i was there too..If can, she wanna talk whole day *Sweat .. and i was awaken by her excitment-happy-ggigling manner and there i couldn't close my eyes i decided to like cut into their conversations and said 'I wanna talk to him too!!' I think i've said like more than 10 times only i actually get to get hold on her mobile.. *Sigh And here's what my conversation with him that i could remember..

KH: SW, how are you?
Me: Fine..You?
KH: Fine too..Don't keep sleep ah..
Me: Huh? Come on..You call at 9am ler,sir..
KH: Haha..I recall you always sleep when i sms/call you to lend tutorials
Me: Ok, it's still the same old me..Where's my souvenir?
KH: Errr..haven't buy wor..what you want?
Me: Don't know..You buy what you think suits me la..Not sincere one..
KH: Okay, i'll buy toys for u since u're so cute..
Me: Huh? Toys? kidding ah? i'm not small kid..
KH: You look and behave like small kid mah..
Me: What la..So bad!! next time when got chance k..Bye bye..
KH: Bye bye

There i bid farewell and my buddy still continue and chat with him..Hello? It's costly but it's rare that he'll reply e-mail what more okla, PC!! understand why you are so happy..hehe.. :P

A week before he went US, we threw a farewell party for him..Imagine we won't be seeing him for a semester that is 6 months..well, even if he's in UKM, we don't see him that often..Just that the thought that he's leaving us that made us go gaga..Let's see why he's always not around..His class is from Monday to Wednesday, which he squeezed 6-7 subjects in the 3 days..and the rest of the days? he'll dissapear..unless he has activities and projects..where he dissapear to? to meet his sweet sweet girlfriend..they are just a lovely couple.. :)

Here's a picture of them..I've grabbed from his friendster album..hope they're ok with it..Sorry ya, i just can't help to post it here..will ask permission when u're back? :)

So sweet and lovely right?

So we went to a restaurant at Hentian Kajang for dinner..and there were 7 guys and 7 girls..fair enough right? guess what? the guys' food were as much as us, girls..and then it wasn't enough for them..too bad huh? hey, we girls also need eat that much k? and then they looked at us wickedly as if trying to steal our food but it was well guarded..hehe..

The economist in Amin..Why i did that silly face? Gosh..

I forgot why we laughed so happily but we did ate till stomach bloated up(me actually..haha)

Hey, we are trying to smile and post nicely why yit lin disturb? naughty!!

Poor Siu Li's face kena cut dy..but me still *wink *wink :P

Ok..let's see..Front from left : Xiao Ting, Pei Chen, Mun Yee, ME, Siu Li, Pei Yun, Yit Lin

Behind from left : Dong2, Ah Bong, Yin Kang, Music, Guang Yau, JIAN HOW, Ah Wang

Time passed so swifly and he's gonna come back soon..So currently i'm patiently waiting for my souvenir from US..hehe..Definitely DON'T WANT TOYS!! I remembered he said wanna send postcard to UKM for us but til now, it's not seen anywhere..maybe he forgot but we he owe us a lot especially his dear coursemates whom he always asked for last minute tutorial answers and assignments..* HINTING!! well, we do miss his presence and hopefully he don't mistreat us ya when we're too good to him..haha..

P/S: I wanna BIG,BIG souvenir :P

Time's up..

I woke up just nice-not that early and not too late, 11.30am..Wanted to pass up my paper work..Well, went to the printing shop and realized the paper work that i've saved in my Kingston couldn't! I remembered whenever i saved my paper work, it stated 'You have edited some features which cannot be opened with earlier version'..Just upgraded to Microsoft 2007 and guess what, computer labs and cyber cafes in UKM are still using 2003! Wonder when they will upgrade..Now we are already in 2008, gonna 2009 soon, in like less than 2 months..Ok, so i came back my room and see what's the problem.. * Tired already.. With 2 low and 1 super high,L-shaped flight of stairs and another option of straight,steep stairs which make you think that as if you could climb to Heaven, i could barely breathe out my exhaustion..

Asked roomie whether i could use her printer..mine was out of black ink catridge..It seems that she was so nice to let me use (she sometimes will hesitate, but i still ignore..hehe :P)..but her colour ink catridge ran out and i desperately need the colours for my i swtiched the ink catridge..yeah, we bought the same Canon IP1880 with a bargain and cheapest price in town (Still proud of it) i used her black ink and my colour ink and guess what, it just went perfectly smooth..ahhh..Finally!!It was already 2pm and my stomach says 'i need some input' went cafe and eat 2 burgers-1 benjo and 1 hotdog..hey, i'm not a great eater and the portion of the food is small actually *giving excuse :P

Go ahead to tape my finished product..and it is seriously thick..then went to my faculty to hand up at Pusat Perkembangan Pelajar..FINALLY!!! FINALLY!!! can't be more delight than this.. *Sigh with relieve..And it's 3pm..

Well, we all are still in kolej..Didn't go for outing as we thought..Too tired..Everyone was busy with assignments as study week has started actually..My roomie said wanna go swimming cause kinda boring..I was like 'huh? now? raining wor..' She was so optimistic and said 'no thunder mah..rain gona stop soon' (in Chinese of course)..Well, i guess our lazyness with give in by then..

Yeah! Heading for home tomorrow..can't be more excited that that..i told my dad that i'm going home for a few days then will come back UKM to study..he said 'don't need..can study at home also mah..only you alone, nobody will disturb you..' I was like 'hmmm..yeah, but at home cannot study..' I always feel home is so comfy that i don't wana do anything else besides sleep and eat! haha..All i can say is my parents miss me! and i miss them too..haven't been back for nearly a month, no wonder they don't let their precious baby go back UKM so soon..Did I say 'baby'? Yes..i'm still a baby in their hearts..haha..and they still cal me baby til now..sometimes 'Ah Mei', that's not because i'm the youngest but "Mei" is my name in coincidence heh? :)

Alright..i'm gona post what i've said i wanted to in my next post NOW..wah..1 day 2 posts, everyday like this i'm gona be BLOGAHOLIC! but after tomorrow, i'm gonna be like house internet line to survive? * sob * sob


Hi,'s me again..told you i'm gona get addicted and here i am in 3am, still doing my paper work and BLOGGING..hehe..sitting in not-so-comfy chair and backache, i still have to struggle to finish my paper work..gona finish in like approximately 10 minutes..hooray!! *just my predictions though..too fast

Finally FINISHED!!! *relieved..have to check through my 48 pages paper work which is full sweat and tears..gosh, spend some much time doing the 'isi kandungan' page..gona be 5am soon..will be a zombie by then.. :('s 5am and my eyes are like kinda like swelling to take my beauty sleep already..don't really help actually..i have these huge acnes waiting to explode anytime juicy and huge and the pain they caused..arggghhhh..and strangely this time they all popped up on my left cheek and my other side was clean..alright not that clean, with acne scars.. *Take note : THIS TIME.. I've acne ever since i was in my adolescence..There were times that i couldn't even be myself anymore when peope asked 'why you have so many pimples and blackheads?', 'why don't you do something to your acnes?', 'wah, you should try this and that' bla bla bla..thanks for your 'concern'! hey, i never wanted it like this..but do i have a choice? Thank God,my family has really supported me all those times and spend splendid amount of money and energy to get rid of my acnes..Love you all so much!! Muakksss..To date, i've tried all sorts of products-Dermatology, Adonis, Artistry, Clerasil, Oxy, Himalaya, Else', Dr Janka; you name it! And also supplements from specialist..For the 1 year i had really smooth and rosy cheek..However, after i stopped taking it, my nightmare came back..and here NOW, my acnes are not as terrible as it used to be..I used to have whole face full of fat, juicy acnes and my face was red all the time like kena sunburn..Now, it is better..Stil have a few of those monsters will pop up but i feel it's nothing if compared to the previous years.. * Puzzled

Good Morning to those who woke up already..could hear the azan..where else for me, it's GOOD NITE!! Miss my chicken lil' bloster already.. :)

Hey, what's in me..

I have been blogging from last time but stopped since the internet line in my house created problem to me. It was like so slow, lagging and the next thing I knew, it stated ' Window Explorer cannot find this page'..Hey, i've waited for like 5 minutes and this is what the line did to me? I kinda got fed up ever since because i don't even have a chance to do something online(Err..let me think..2 years perhaps)..And guess what, til now it was not

I know, it was like years ago and i haven't been thinking to blog til now..Not that i'm super duper free now..It's just blogging is so IN nowadays(okay, i knew since LAST TIME) and i'm tempted to write a little diary,hmm..this is not a personal one my kolej has WIFI now, i definitely start drolling here i confess i will get super ADDICTED with this..i'm already a slave to online.. *sob *sob can't live without onlining..gotta blame my BORING lifestyle here..besides eating, sleeping, doing assignment, hanging around with my buddies, what else can fulfil my loneliness?? ONLINE!!!!!

Oh my, my brain box is so over exhausted these days..loads of assignments+presentations
+paper work+finals!! I definitely need a break.. :( heard my roomie and buddy say wana go for an outing tomorrow..BUT..i still have to finish my paper work and the date line is..TOMORROW!! hey, wait..why am i blogging when i should be concentrating doing my paper work? can't help it.. :( i can type the paper work and blog at the same time, killing two birds with a stone..hehe.. :P keep switching between the two..ok..where am i? *blur

Just finish my 1st final paper, EK!! was darn tough..With only 2 hours to finish 5 fill in the blanks, 5 objectives, 3 short essays with 6 sub questions in each..let me count 5+5+(6x3)=28 questions in total..* i'm never good in Math (totally my WEAKNESS!!-have to confess :/ )..with only 2 hours, the lecturer expect us to write like wind? hey, the brain can't even breathe a was so squeezed like sandwich..before i could even think of the so-confusing terms, i have to throw everything out from my brain..where is mercy? :( swtiching between english and malay is not really a problem but the terms, u may differ a bit..lecturer and reference books in english BUT exams in malay.. *sigh can they just fix everything in english rather than letting us to translate all the terms ourselves.. *blur after all, we still have to refer to english reference books..and what the university say? UKM=National University of Malaysia and will use malay as it's our national languange..UKM was the first university to implement Malay languange in it's courses and so should now remain..Come on..who will use malay languange in the work force..i felt lost when compare myself with my friends who study in ENGLISH of the same course.. *SPEECHLESS

Something light up my brain..i guess i'm gona write what i've been through throughout my years in UKM in my next post, which i don't think 1 post will enough to fit everything..alright, i'm just in 2nd year 1st semester..not that senior yet right? lol..kinda regret for not blogging earlier..gonna refresh back my memory of yester years..ok, i'm not that old yet..but perhaps certain details i might miss out..before even start, i'm already excited now..hehe..there are way too much to write..and those sweet old memories.. :) there are tons of pictures in my laptop..gona upload together with it also..looking forward for my next post..YEAH!! :P