Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stay strong..

With so many things undone, my head is almost suffocated with all the things that's bothering and awaiting me to face it..It's just my third day at home but it seems that things are left undone and I've made a mess which I've left in UKM ( I was rushing here and there and then there were so many things that were running in my head..At one point, I felt that I can't take it anymore..)..

* The assignments that need to pass up by this week ( Innitially, I thought that I could finish before I came home but I still barely concentrate in doing it while I'm in UKM..And there's not only ONE, there were FOUR of them! All twisted in my brain~ *Sigh )

*The thought of not being there for Ah Pa at the time he needed me the most..( still feel very much guilty bout it.. *Sigh)

*A test that's a part of the mid exam ( No time to study for it and even though It's kinda self-proclaimed open book test, didn't managed to finish doing it..Man! )

*The activites that I've chose to attend while being stuck in UKM

-Support Shin Wang in New Tune Concert (He's awesomely COOL and 'YENG' when he danced..Totally lost my voice after that-Kept screaming for him!)

-A masquerade dinner ( It's the very first time that I've wore a long dress and did smoky eyes..Love it~ And I expected to dance to lose my tension but kinda gave way to seemingly uninterested friends that fancy taking pictures all the time~)

-Tzu Ching Recycling Programme ( Last minute only said wanna join this programme..At first thought can't make it but after some discussion with Kian How, decided to join the meaningful programme till it's time to go home..Hmmm..this time round, I'm the first-aider and photographer..It's rather mundane for me this time round and I felt like I didn't did much..I didn't have the mood on that day..Wore a cap and a jacket that I guess make people feel that I'm COOL which is so not me-people said I looked different! And since I went back early, I didn't get to take the group photo@ 'Tar Her Chau'~ =.= )

And since I got home, I have left my mess in UKM..Thanks to Siu Li and Pei Chen to help me around..The restless me have left behind things that I should have settle it myself but were helpless since my body is not in UKM..( The RM27 hutang that I've owed UKM and thanks to it, I can't register my course..And don't know what line problem that cause me can't do the penilaian kursus..So can't register my course even though SL has helped me pay the hutang when everybody else already did it..$#$%^&&()(&^%$$!!!!; The assignments that I couldn't finish it on time while i'm stil in UKM..Have to e-mail my soft copy and kinda trouble SL and PC to print it and pass up for me; The PTSL book that I've borrowed and it's due date is over that I couldn't return it when I remember that It actually exist! My mistake~ Have to 'ma fan' them to return it for me again; Shen Jie asked me for help in her business finance assignment..The truth is I have no time to help her out as I didn't have the time for myself..And I didn't really know how to do it since I'm studying Economics..And I asked Wen Han to help her..The hard copy of the assignment was with me..I thought that I left it at K6R104 when actually it's in my lappy bag which I brought home..The only solution was to scan it and e-mail to them since I'm at home already..I'm so absent-minded.. * Sigh )..My life is so disorganized and things seem to go wrong after the bad news that I've received..My lappy, my handphone also~ Why is this happening?

Anyway, thanks to everyone's concern of Ah Pa..I really appreaciate it..And will send your regards to him..Hope he'll recover in no time..And hope things go smoothly for me please..I'm gonna stay strong and face this! Dear God, please give me strength to go through this difficult period~ Have not slept for more than 21 hours..Still very much energetic now..What's wrong with me?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Praying hard...

HE always care for me no matter what happens..

HE always love me no matter what wrong-doings that I did..

HE always give me encouragement when I needed it..

HE manja his baby girl all the time..

HE always put his family before himself..

HE's always so supportive of US..

HE's always there for US..

HE's a GREAT MAN that I've ever met..

HE's the BEST Ah Pa I've ever had..

And I'm so proud to be your baby lil' girl..

P/S : Ah Pa, SORRY that I didn't go back on time to support you physically and morally..I felt so, so ( X uncountable times) not filial as a daughter..I knew that assignments with due date that's so soon and a field work could not replace the importance of you and yet I chose the other wise..And when you said 'It's Ok, I'll be alright' that makes me feel so guilty and terrible deep inside..It's your very first time under the knife and yet I'm not able to be there with you, hold your hands and said 'Ah Pa, you'll be alright'..I'M SO SORRY, AH PA! Deep inside my heart, I'll pray all the time for your smooth operation and speed recovery..I'm so gonna go back and be there with you till you're well enough..To hell with lectures and tutorials..I'm so regret now that I've chosen my studies over you..I'm going home very soon..Please forgive me.. :'(


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Sweetest Medicine Ever..

I was sick for the past week and am still the same, not very much improvement although I've consumed so much plain water and also medicine..Began to sick of the smell of the medicine and yet, I can't stop eating it for fear, I might get worst..At first, my body was darn heaty..Super hot inside..Then, I have sore throat..Then, I began to lose my voice ( I can't even pronounce a word properly, what more sing! Really sounds like a guy's voice and some people actually thought that I purposely talk like this..You think I nothing better to do ah? =.= ) And then I cough like hell every day ( Really suffering..Can't even talk much as usual and my throat is so itchy.. * Sigh ) And then I vommited all my food out ( This is the eewwwww part lo..Cough till vomit..I was sleeping on my bed and I coughed and coughed till I ter-vommitted on my bed! Yes, on my bed!!!! And also kena my blanket..And the floor..Luckily SL was not in no blanket to keep my warm~

The very first week where I couldn't stand it, I've asked some of my friend's favour to help me buy medicine as SL was not in and I only could think of those who have transportation..I'm so glad and happy that only 1/2 that's willing to help me out..Really appreciate it! And not to mention, those who are so damn busy with your own thing that I must have bothered you so much! * Sigh..These selfish acts really made me so irritated and disgusted that I felt what this kinda friends are for..But anyway, I can't force them to help me but just the thought of them saying 'I'm busy bla bla bla' when I really need those medicine to ease my pain that's made me so mad..

I've asked to buy 1L of Chrysanthemum, Panadol Actifast and Strepsils and I've got so many other stuff in return..The yummy tong shui, flu medicine and some herbs from China..
Thanks, Kian How and Shen Jie.. :)

I'm so delighted to drink this tong shui..

On bed for almost 24/7..

The medicine that I've got from Pusat Kesihatan UKM..

Still feeling so sick..

Ate bread everyday..My biggest achievement, I must say! Usually, I don't even wanna touch a bread..1 slice is already torturing what more 1 loaf..But I didn't really have choice..Eat till jelak already~

Bread!!! Made me feel like a bread-woman..


I was so homesick..So went home and manja..It feels so great! :)

I was thrown in a lot of medicine and nutritious stuff..Here is only part of it..
I've had 'Kuai Lin Kou', Bird Nest, Bird Nest Cough Mixture, 'Ku Cha' and etc etc.. made me feels so much better..Luckily, I went home..

Home's bed..

This is the very first time that I've been this sick..And medicine made me feel like a girl from a lost space and I really can't stand the smell and the thought of swallowing them~ But it's the concern and love from everybody that I've managed to go through the sicko world..The medicine that felt so bitter is over-powered by the sweetness of all the caring thoughts and acts..Thanks to everyone who is there.. :) Hope I'll get well soon~

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Stil feeling super EMO now..Didn't talk to anyone since yesterday night..Didn't really have the mood and I was and am coughing like hell ( Couldn't sleep till 3/4am cause I was coughing my lungs out..Drank super lots of water and it didn't help at all..), throat is so itchy that I felt I wanna rip it off ( ate Lozenges but still no improvement..), still don't really have much voice ( need use so much energy just to talk..and it sounded like a guy's voice..and I can't even sing! ), feeling so dizzy and uncomfortable all over..No mood for anything~

Usually when I'm down, I need someone to talk to..I always share my feelings with people that I'm close with..I don't know whether some of them willing to lend their ears to me but when I see them I'll like 'Today, I bla, bla bla bla bla'...But this time, I choose to keep to myself, maybe not..I don't know what to say..I don't know what's got into me..Ohhh..I probably need some time alone and might feel better later..

I wanna go home and manja..need it desperately now..Wanna sleep on Ah Mi's lap..Ah Mi's loving acts always make me so pampered..Wanna talk to Ah Pa..Ah Pa's comfort words always melt my heart..Wanna manja with Ah Jie..Ah Jie's caring thoughts and acts always make me such a lucky baby sister..I'm so homesick~

The Dark Period, Yet Again!

Well, again..My life cycle now is on the dark side..It made me feels so sick of everything..

1) My lappy's wireless seems to have problem ( I think need to enter hospital again~ Now using SL's while she's having fun outside)

2) My handphone is something wrong also ( can't send and receive SMS recently..I don't know why! *Sigh )

3) I've lost my voice due to sore throat ( I guess I got sick cause I was over-exhausted these days due to the overload assignments+presentations+exam..And IT'S GETTING EVEN WORSE now~ Before this, has asked several friends' help to buy medicine cause I really cannot tahan already but only one/two willing to help..felt like those 'busy' friends are worst than enemy..If I'm helpless, I don't even need to ask your help at the first place, right? I know I am so 'ma fan' to you..It's so hard to ask for a favour even from your own friends..WTH! Anyway, really appreaciate those who are there to help me out and concern bout me..Well, I'm not there for some sympathy cause I'm sick and helpless..I'll try not to 'ma fan' anybody..)

4) I seem to be lost (My buddies went to sing karaoke for three (or maybe forth..not sure..) continuous week plus today also..and yet, each time, I cannot follow them..I was rather frustating actually..Each time there seems to be something that stopped me from joining them-dancing, discussion, meeting..And they said my schedule is so pack that they can't wait for me! Well, I admit it..Like I have choice lo~ *Sigh.. And when they told me how much they enjoyed it and how each person has their own style of singing and what funny stuff they did, I was thrilled to hear all this hilarious story that I've missed and yet, I'm a green eyed monster at the other side..My desire to join them sing karaoke this semester might be lost in the wind-I don't think I have the time even in April and by the time I wanna sing, they already bored of it..What to do? Today I maybe can join them but I has lost my voice.. *Sigh..My luck lo.. )

5) My menstrual is here (Adds to my sickness..As usual, or maybe sometimes, it make me bad mood..)

I'M SO SICK OF EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so sick that I need to find some comfort at home..I'm so glad that I'm going home this week..It's some comfort from my family that I need..I don't know what seems to be getting me, but I feel like I'm angry with everybody and feel that I need to be alone at this moment..I think if I were to talk to anybody now, I might lose my control and make things get worse..Hmmmm...Began to think that I think I should not ask people's help anymore..Cause if it's my friends especially closed ones, I'll feel even worse if they reject me cause of some so-called reasons..Damn dissapointed with everyone right now..Why when I feel I wanna be good to everyone and I think I've made effort on it and no one seems to appreciate? I don't need any return of kindness or whatsoever..I need some sincerity..But those selfish acts make me feel so, so disgusted..Sorry, but this is the period that I can't control my emotions properly ( My brain is hair-wyred recently due to over-exhausted..)

Arggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........I'm so emo now!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Lonek oh Lonek..

It's been quite some time since I've blog..I know I've said that I will blog bout my Homestay programme after my mid exam..But things were getting out of control ever since..I've been so, so busy with my stuff till I almost gave up! No kidding..I was as though possesed and became someone else, with uncontrollable mood swings, total BLUR-ness (keep huh? and need others to repeat again and again till they fed up~) and kinda jealous and wondering why my buddies are realtively less busy than me (they get to go sing karaoke, but me have to prison myself to finish the overload assignments+presentations+BSMM stuff..while they were having fun WITHOUT ME! ~ ) OMG! I nearly turned into a wacko!

I'm still busy ( my schedule is so full till next week) but I really need some break and BLOG!! Now using PC's lappy to blog ( My lappy was sick since yesterday..Probably need to send to hospital soon if too serious..Hope not! * Pray )

So, this Homestay at Kg. Lonek, N.Sembilan was a 3 days 2 nights trip organized by The Pelancongan dan Produk Budaya course..It's not about fun and experience but also the REPORT that we have to write when we got back..So, let's see..And hmm..I've took 200+ pics and Kak Dilah also around that amount, so TOTAL would be 400+ pics but I've just pick and uploaded a few..

In the bus..Said wanna start moving from UKM at 8am but finally moved at 8.50am..(GRrrrr..I've waited for 50 minutes for the Super 'MO' MALAYsians)

Reached Kg. Lonek around 12pm cause have to wait for another 2 buses along the way..The journey has to pass by Kuala Pilah (super winding road but better than Genting, I feel) and the reached Batu Kikir and finally Kg. Lonek! No doubt, at first I was rather exited because this is the very first time that I've joined a Homestay programme..And I was in the EXTREME FUN mood where I will explore the whole (hmmm..probably more or less..hehe) village and see the surrondings..We were given lunch and some speech on the whole programme and then were divided to our foster families..We choose them by their faces! ( see using our first impression..If seems NICE, then Let's Go! If like hmmm..looks scary, then NEXT! haha..well, looks can be very deceiving at times but well......)

My foster family comprises of foster mum and 3 of their lil'girls ( Foster dad passed away when they were lil'..Poor thing )..This house is somehow modern in a Malay village..Looks small but it's very comfy inside..

Since, I'll be having EKA exam on the next Wednesday, I tried to study(on that Friday)...


Just can't study lo..Every single minute, the 3 lil' girls will enter the room and start to be like chatterbox already..They are very lovely and love to play and obviously, talk..And we wanna take some nap, they will come in the room and wake you up in every possible way..Hmm..It gets annoying when I'm tired but when I'm not, I just find they are so cute!

Did I mention that I stayed with Kak Dilah? She's one of my buddies in UKM also..

The activity of the 1st Day..

Trying to catch fish with bare hands..Get into the mud!! Fun man..I got to catch 3-5 really small fish ( The size is like wanted Ikan Keli fishes..

Our hard-catched fishes..Hmmm..these muddy fishes actually can be eaten? You are right..It's our meals! Hope they washed properly..

After that, were like free activity..Kak Dilah and I wanted to explore the village actually but the sky is getting dark and our house is really deep inside the village, passing by palm oil and rubber plantation..If walk, it'll take us hours! Somehow, I did walked around near my house with the kids..

Those nasty mosquitoes!! My poor blood..I've rather donate them to the needy ones that YOU, MOSQUITO!


Kg. Lonek specialty-Lemak cili api..Most of them find them too spicy but for me, IT'S NO SPICY lo..And ya, they actually cooked BEEF when I DON'T EAT It..Probably they should be more attentive to those who can't consume beef..

2nd Day

Outside the house..The morning breeze was so cooling..

Went to The Late Pendeta Za'ba's house which is situated near Kg. Lonek..Really opened my eyes of Malay house..It is unique where it;s architecture of every single part of the house has it's meaning!

The paddy field! Not that I 'sua ku' never see a paddy field before but yes, it's been so long since I've seen one..Now in the city, before my eyes are just cars, buildings and definitely not GREEN~

Catched and held a chicken with my bare hands for the first time..Ahaaaaaa..A lil' scary at first but fun after that..
Sorry, you're my meal, poor lil' chicken.. =.=

Coconut bowling..
Guess what, I've got huh? It's hrd k? the coconut tend to like sway away..My group (SESEDAP RASA) got the last..My group was the weakest one so far~

Tarik upih ( Don't know what they call UPIH in English )..Fun ler~
This is just a picture for photograph purpose..In real, I actually can pull Kak Dilah one round..( I'm the Man~ :P)

Dinner time..Ate with hands..This is not my first time eating with hands..I've ate using my hands when I was in primary school ( Can't remember why but for fun, I guess..)So, I don't have problem with it..

The Miss Kg.
We actually had performance..And my group won Third (I guess it's due to pity lo..Our group didn't win any hampers for other activities, that's why..)

'Bongai' performance-Traditional N.Sembilan songs and traditional music instrumens


3rd Day

Went for Community Base project..Went and clean the surrounding house of a not-so-normal ( I'm not very sure but heard he's like something wrong~ )..And his house compound were like a lil' forest..Bushes and trees all around..Well, that's why we gonna do something about it..

Equipments ready? Like go some village war
The weather was humid and I tried to give my best to help around..
Open burning..As a civilised people, I think this is totally wrong! The pollution is too great too bear and I was like choking and having difficulty in breathing in not more than 10 minutes..But as a part of the villagers, this is THE ONLY OPTION..Hmmm..I still stand on the former..

The smoke..I was like suffering for breathing difficulties..Although stand some metres away, still can smell it..Urrgggghhh..

This is what I did to filter the air..I need FRESH AIR!!

After that, eat some light refreshments at Ketua Kampung's house..

I love this hammock! I want one in my house compund next time..So nice to hang around and take a nap..

The family photo..
Hmmm..Foster mum far right and foster grand mum fifth from left..
Me ( 2nd from left), Kak Dilah (4th from left )
The rest..I call them 'The Four Princess'..Why? cause they always 'MO' when we wanna make a move..always MAKE UP ( no kidding! can see them apply eye shadow, lip stick, lip gloss, powder) although we were scheduled to do some dirty activities..Imagine go into te paddy field also wanna make up..( * Cannot tahan liao)..

I'm ready to go home with mixed feelings..


Last group photo..
(L-R) : Suet Kee, ME, Pei Kwet, Kak Dilah

Board the bus and go back UKM liao..
Overall, this Homestay programme was fun..I've got to learn and do a lot of things that I've never done before in my life..It definitely has thaught me to widen my thinking and explore the outside world, which is so different from my life now..With all these experiences and knowledge, I can blossom into someone great ( wakkakaka..Hopefully..) For Rm150 that includes transport, food, accomodation etc, it's kinda worth it..
Yet another experience to add to my journey of life..

Sunday, March 8, 2009

24/7 is not enough..

Recently, things are getting out of the contol..With so many assignments+tutorials+
presentations+exam all come together at the same time, I just couldn't take the heavy tasks all at once..I just don't know how long could i hang on, hoping that all could be done on time-Have to force myself to finish all in the shortest's too much to bear..Just feeling a lil' frustrating for not being able to concentrate in doing anything..With so lil' time, i wish i could have more than 24 hours a day to finish my still undone tasks, all which requires lots of deep thinking into doing it..OMG! I'm feeling my head being squeezed-hope my screw don't loose off.. :X Meantime, gonna have a one day trip with my friends to relax my body and soul..Argggghhh..It's a much needed break!!

With so many things to do, how I can not pout my lips? Hmmmmm..

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I know..I suppose to blog about my Homestay programme and yet have to delay again due to the pictures..ahhh..I've suddenly encounter something interesting, again!






Well, SHI WEI is the name given by my parents..Since young, I've discovered that there are so many SHI WEIs around..No kidding! When I was young, I went to a clinic at Seremban ( Lived in Seremban for a few years before shifting back to Malacca again..) and when I was about to register, my parents told them my name is 'Shi Wei'..and they were like 'Shi Wei? Full name? There are 4 Shi Weis'! ONG SHI WEI..Then again they were like 'There are 2 Ong Shi Wei''..Which one? Provide me your house address please..'' And since then, I knew this name is so popular..OMG! It's weird actually..

And when I was back in Malacca, during my secondary years, I got to know a friend's friend of the SAME NAME too! However, we have different surnames..Pheewwww...It's a lil weird and akward at first..We went to the same tuition and our friends were like '2 Shi Weis sitting together..How funny..' I was like 'Not funny at all..It's weird..' Especially if our friends call Shi Wei, we seriously have problem thinking which Shi Wei are they referring to..Let's say our friends were actually calling the other Shi Wei and I answered, it's so embarrasing and vice versa..And sometimes, people tend to mistaken both Shi Weis..I'm the MGS ( School name) Shi Wei and she's the GBS Shi Wei..But sometimes I heard people talking bout me when actually it's her..It's like a mistaken identity..How annoying it could be! However, we do keep in touch sometimes through Friendster (used to..) and now Facebook of course!

Recently, in fact, yesterday actually, I've got a message from her through Facebook..

Teo Shi Wei :

Do you know who Chloe and Jia Wen is?
Yesterday this girl called me and she said she's Chloe: "Hey Shi Wei, I'm Chloe.
Do you have Jia Wen's number?" in Chinese.
I was like shocked because I have no idea about the two names she mentioned. I was wondering if they mixed up the two Shi Weis =P
You have any idea about this?

Ong Shi Wei :

Hey..hmmm..i know Jia Wen (not sure wether it's the same Jia Wen that the girl ask or not) but duno Chloe..
Jia Wen is my ex-MGS mate and also studied in GBS for form 6 (if i'm not mistaken la..haha)I totally don't have any idea of this..i kinda lost contact with Jia Wen actually..Haha..
If mistaken also takkan so funny til can call the wrong Shi Wei? lol..since u duno who's that
Then how do you answer? Did u ask who are they? (,'')

Teo Shi Wei :

Okay so this girl called early in the morning when I was still sleeping and the whole conversation was like this.

Me: Hello
???: Hey Shi Wei ar?
Me: Uh huh.
???: I'm Chloe. Do you have Jia Wen's latest number?
Me: H-h-haar????: Do you have Jia Wen's latest number?
Me: Eeer..who are you????: Chloe aaaaaar~! Do you have Jia Wen's latest number?
Me: Jia Wen? Nope.
???: It's okay then. Bye.

I thought I know her but after hanging up, I repeated the names to myself "Chloe Chloe" "Jia Wen Jia Wen" then the first thing that came to my mind is that they got the wrong Shi Wei! LOL After that I sent her a message saying "I think you got the wrong Shi Wei. You looking for Ong Shi Wei?" but no reply =( so it remains as a mystery. LOL

Ong Shi Wei :

Oh...okay..this is weird..probably if i know the Chinese name of that Chloe then maybe i'll know who's her..Suddenly so many people got English name, i also blur liao..haha..Ya, it's a mystery..but don't matter la, right?lol..anyway, how are you ya? still studying ah? at where now?


See..I guess it's a mistaken identity, yet again..How could they mistaken me as her and vice versa..It's so weird..However, this did not stop me from liking my name..I still love my name..Shi Wei is a great name that my parents have bestowed upon me..Although sometimes people tend to make fun of my name-Shi Shi ( baby's languange of peeing..), Wei Wei ( When you pick up the phone..Wei, wei, wei..or like a word-Wei=Oooii..), Shi Wei in Chinese ( Meaning-demonstration & 'jia jia wen rou'), I still find my name is special..Those exclamations are undoubtfuly annoying with disrespectful of someone of this name, but I just have to take it with a smile.. :) I STILL LOVE MY NAME THOUGH..Who are you to judge my name? I'm ME..I'm SHI WEI!! (,'')

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Facebook is so IN now..It seems that most of the people have left the Friendster world and joined the Facebook world..No doubt, Facebook is fun, has more functions and games..It's really cool and guess what, we're all addicted to it these days..Ahhhh..A brand new addiction, I must say! I've Facebook account some time ago but I kinda neglected it cause I find it too complicated with lots of requests, gifts and buttons etc..However, this Facebook phenomenon has made me decided to explore it and give it a try..No regret, just having lots of fun with friends' updates and 'kepoh' here and there..haha..Commenting can never be easier..Friendster is like so 'lapuk' already..Even one day before exam also busy play Facebook..Ahhh..I'm officially addicted to Facebook!!


I've tagged my friends based on what I've think of them..I kinda loss count on how many people I've tagged..I guess around 20 people..All that got tagged is after I've thought critically and precisely..So, don't complain and argue

And I didn't expect the response to be so over-whelming..I've counted, till date, there are 65 comments!! and all who got tagged's e-mails are already flooded with notifications from Facebook..Imagine 65 e-mails of all the same tagged picture..A lil' annoying, I know..I felt it too..haha..But I don't have choice..Can't do anything bout it, right? My buddies here are like using my comment space as chat it's fun..Keep it coming ya, guys.. :)

Here are the comments till date..Darn funny..Can't help laughing when reading them..And even if i read it again and again. it's still so humorous.. :D

Shin Wang at 01:03 on 03 March
tak tau chinese dun luan luan tag

You Tze at 01:06 on 03 March sweet =)N I dun care if u dunno chinese...its the thought that counts! Thanks for thinking of me! =D

Siu Li at 01:06 on 03 March
i translate 2 her ma..dun bully my roomate!!

Shin Wang at 01:08 on 03 March
siuli pandai makan..not me

Siu Li at 01:09 on 03 March u!!!!

Ong Shi Wei at 01:10 on 03 March
Wang, i duno chinese i know how to see pics k..Chou Ah Wang always bully me cause i don't know how to read chinese..You ALWAYS EAT ngam you la..haha.. :P

Yuzi, haha..don't know wetha u know how to read also onot la..haha..but sure u c the pics u know rite? love~Siu Li, thanks..hehe..

Shin Wang at 01:10 on 03 March
is siuli pandai makan!!!!tag her pandai makan + tido

Ong Shi Wei at 01:12 on 03 March
Wang, tat day the Tzu Ching food all u sapu wor..don't say i say 1 ah..hahaSiu Li, although people always say u 'chia fan' but i know u didn't..innocent la u..pity, kena bully liao..dun bully my roomate!! she sleep more than eat..haha

You Tze at 01:12 on 03 March
LOL! I guessed the i recognised the third word. =) guys are spamming my email inbox...=P

Siu Li at 01:12 on 03 March
cheh..shiwei wont listen 2 u :pwait me ask her tag u pandai makan + tido baru tahu!

Ong Shi Wei at 01:14 on 03 March
Wang, don't want la..u pandai makan, she pandai tidur..liddis baru ngam mah..hehe :P

Yap Yoong Ming at 01:14 on 03 March

Ong Shi Wei at 01:15 on 03 March
Yuzi, i don't know..Just awhile, suddenly all the comment come together..funny la..

Siu Li at 01:15 on 03 March
heng!!siapa nak ngam v him wor..wait his fans kill me jiu cham lo ><
You Tze at 01:16 on 03 March
OMG!! Hahahaha.. fine..i'll just delete all the notifications from my email tmr.Have fun chatting peeps!! =D

Ong Shi Wei at 01:16 on 03 March
Ya, ya..I won't listen to Chou Wang..haiya..both of time tag all

Siu Li at 01:17 on 03 March
You Tze,nice 2 meet u here ^^im shiwei's roomate

Shin Wang at 01:17 on 03 March
wei,ksl,itu ym n dd punya fan,n0t mine

Ong Shi Wei at 01:18 on 03 March
Yoong Ming, u tido la..we wanna chia yiu in exam 2mrw..haha.Siu Li, yalo..he so many fans..tarik balik my words..Sorry all Ah Wang fans, don't kill us pls.. :(Yuzi, haha..alright..we're just playing

Yap Yoong Ming at 01:18 on 03 March
siapa tu?sy mia fan?

You Tze at 01:19 on 03 March
Haha..nice to meet u too =)I'm shi wei's fren from sec school n high school =D

Siu Li at 01:19 on 03 March
yes,tsw,no nid explain 2 much..解释就是掩饰

You Tze at 01:20 on 03 March
Haha...gtg everyone =)

I've gotta mug for my paper tmr =/ ja~

Shin Wang at 01:20 on 03 March
hai you tze!!!!saja kepo

Siu Li at 01:20 on 03 March
kepo wang!

Yap Yoong Ming at 01:21 on 03 March
blum ckap lg siapa tu?

Siu Li at 01:21 on 03 March
no ppl wan choi u la..

Ong Shi Wei at 01:22 on 03 March
Ooooii..u all very kepoh ler..haha..anyway, meet my best friend, You Tze.. :)Yoong Ming and Wang also a lot fans..we cannot simply say..wait we kena tembak..haha..

Shin Wang at 01:22 on 03 March
kepo siuli, kepo my thing thg buat pe

Shin Wang at 01:22 on 03 March
i sleep dulu

Siu Li at 01:23 on 03 March
yala pig...good9

Sarahlynn Ang at 01:24 on 03 March
wats with the kambing on my bed??haha

Ong Shi Wei at 01:24 on 03 March
haiyo..u all think here is chat box ah..ah wang n siu li, both of u gaduh at msn la..haha :P sleep 1st lo, ah wang..gdnite..Kesian Yoong Ming..nobody wan choi him..u all so many fans sure u wan us reveal meh?

Sarahlynn Ang at 01:26 on 03 March
shi wei..i dunno cina...i saw manyak kambing..and i look like

Ong Shi Wei at 01:28 on 03 March
Sarah, that's like your blog recently..hmmm..count kambing before sleep lo..haha

Ong Shi Wei at 01:30 on 03 March
Sarah, i also duno Cina..but this sounds nice..haha..nola..cause i got roomate who translate chinese to me..hehe..hope you'll get over this insomnia soon..forget about kambing..think about stars.. :)

Sarahlynn Ang at 01:31 on 03 March
hahah..owhhh.....i tot dreamin of lamb chop..hahah

Ong Shi Wei at 01:34 on 03 March
haha..tat will be fine too..dream also tink of eating wait sleep also stomach growling..haha..

How Pei Chen at 01:48 on 03 March
wah..a while oni u all gaduh till liddat d ar?hahahha!i think shiwei wrong d lo!actually u,siuli and ahwang are all tam chiak and pig..nobody can fight with u all one..muahahaha!you tze..nice to see u here!im shiwei's buddy at ukm :P

How Pei Chen at 01:51 on 03 March
btw...why am i chi chu kuang??!!dun spoilt my image :P

Lee Kok Leong at 01:53 on 03 March
wahahaha...come on shi wei is that the only impression you have on me??

Ong Shi Wei at 01:56 on 03 March
Pei Chen, don't jealous la..aiya, u come too late..nobody wanna argue with u liao..all either sleep/wanna study liao..haha..Wah, say 3 of us liddis..where got spoil ur image? ngam u ler.. :Pwah Yuzi, my UKM buddies all wanna say hi to you..can be friends with them..they're all crazy and nice.. :)

Ong Shi Wei at 01:57 on 03 March
Kok Leong,hmmmmm...I only see LOVE in your eyes.. :P

Josie Ong Ai Ling at 02:05 on 03 March
hmm..wat u tagged me as?cant read mandarin, haha..XD

Ong Shi Wei at 02:07 on 03 March
Josie, tagged us as a gal who loves to do work..ahahaaa..always see you bz with work.. :P

Josie Ong Ai Ling at 02:08 on 03 March year ady ma..wat 2 do..must work harder lo.haha..XD

Ong Shi Wei at 02:13 on 03 March
yalo..juz don't overtired yourself..jia yiu!! :)

Sarahlynn Ang at 02:15 on 03 March inbox banjir d lerrr...hahah

Ong Shi Wei at 02:17 on 03 March
hahahahaa..i think everybody who i tag da inbox also banjir..mine from frens la keep use here as chat box..should be no more liao kua..all pengsan liao..haha.. :O

Eng Pei Yun at 02:33 on 03 March
wei, shiwei....i not a gong1 zuo4 kuang2 la.....

Eng Pei Yun at 02:33 on 03 March
peik hwa is more busy then me ar.....

Ong Shi Wei at 02:43 on 03 March
Pei Yun, always ajak u go out u always say bz 1..say wan do assginments la, dis n tat la..ngam u la..Peik hwa always seen on hp with family esp mei mei..'bou chouk wong' ngam her la..haha

Candice Chong at 08:28 on 03 March
^.^ In love?!Haha.. YEs I am!

JiaChyau Chua at 09:59 on 03 March
wah...i m panda liao lo @.@

You Tze at 12:28 on 03 March
SHi wei: LOL! Your frens are all so nice huh? Haha...Jia chyau: Why are you panda? I tot I'm the one...=/And everyone: you guys really spammed my inbox!! lol! But nice meeting you here (altho not sure if i'll be that lucky in real life) =DHave a great day!!! =P

JiaChyau Chua at 12:59 on 03 March
cuz i burn midnite oil mah...sure is panda lo

You Tze at 13:01 on 03 March
Seriously? Got test is it? Jia you!!I also got...but i fell asleep around 3 =/ shuxx...

JiaChyau Chua at 13:10 on 03 March
yea....nex week test 2 start and assignment alot

Tina Ng at 13:18 on 03 March
why im tagged by shi wei ?? i seldom "boil porridge" :P

Janice Lee at 13:59 on 03 March
Good Afternoon, janice!You have 61 unread messages in your Inbox.*FAINTS*

Guang Yong at 14:46 on 03 March

Ong Shi Wei at 20:25 on 03 March
Candice : Ya..knew bout it..So sweeeettttttttt.... :)Ah Qiao : that's why i tagged the one ngam u..always burn midnite oil..take care ah..don't sleep so late.. :P JIA YIU IN MID EXAM!!

You Tze : Ya, since this early2 morning they treat here like chat got chance, will introduce them to u.. :) JIA YIU IN MID EXAM!!

Tina : Really boh? always see you 'pou chok' so soft2 and sweet2 at chantana's table..haha.. :P

Janice : I seriously no idea bout this..out of sudden got so many e-mail also banjir liao..the point that all comes from here is a lil' shocking..haha..Don't faint, JIA YIU IN MID EXAM!! Miss u..huggssss... :)

Guang Yong : haha, means??

You Tze at 20:28 on 03 March
LOL! I hope so =) And u dun need to say 'JIA YIU IN MID EXAM' 3 different times de lor...haha...u copy-paste ar?

Ong Shi Wei at 20:33 on 03 March
Yuzi, haha..nola..type mah...must tell one by one mah..sincere a bit..hehe..

SzeSze Tan at 20:37 on 03 March
awww, i am workaholic?! lolx~~shall let myself enjoy more then!!(<--excuse to curi tulang!!) =D

Ong Shi Wei at 20:42 on 03 March
Sze2, hmmm..yala..cause always heard ''sze2 finish do the assignments and tutorials liao'' rajin!! hard n work hard=succesful, JIA YIU IN MID EXAM!! :)

SzeSze Tan at 20:44 on 03 March
mwahahaha, they got wrong info la man! =phmm i wanna be a successful lady too!!!! sama-sama jia you lor, i knew u just had ur micro paper today,wish it was sap sap sui for u =D

Kevin Wong Miu Kee at 20:44 on 03 March
Of course she must be hardworking lah, look who is her assignment partner :PI'll just pretend i know how to read chinese and laugh. lol

Ong Shi Wei at 20:50 on 03 March
Sze2, haha..nola..i'm sure you are la..nolo..the micro paper sucks..i totally went wacko when i did it..i screwed up my paper.. :( ya, jia yiu together..Kevin, hello!! aheeemmm..i think u let her do all the work then u goyang kaki lo..right, sze2? juz joking ony tag u as mr cool lo..u look very cool ler.. :P

SzeSze Tan at 21:25 on 03 March
*akem* miux, too much lar u!ahaha..shiwei, thanks for thinking highly of me =Dnvm nvm the final paper will twist ur result to a good one hehe~mwahaha i tagged kevin as the same thing too..due to special reason XD

Kevin Wong Miu Kee at 21:32 on 03 March
Lol, too much lah u two. Tagged me twice in the same thing

Ong Shi Wei at 21:52 on 03 March
Sze2, haha..are you happy to have him as your assignment partner? tel me la secretly..i won't tel final will be better.. :) ya, saw was like 'same 1 again ah? *sien tat kind'..hahaKevin, that's what we think about you cause you're liddat wor..can't blame us, right?hehe.. :P

Kevin Wong Miu Kee at 22:22 on 03 March
Finals twisted my results to a bad 1, how leh? lolI'm 'abit' slow when it comes to assignment dues :D

Ong Shi Wei at 23:05 on 03 March
Kevin, ehler..i always terbalik 1 mah..just as we opposite liddat lo..cold blooded VS warm blooded..hehe..Sure a bit not? Don't bully Sze2 ah.. :P


I know I should have post up bout my Homestay programme..But the internet line is so slow and keep disconnect and I've lots of pictures to upload..Ahhhh..Too many things to write and too lil' time also..Gotta finish 3 assignments by this week..Can i make it? Better hope so..Will try upload soon..

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm back... :)


~ I got tanned-planted paddy in the muddy field, went rounding around the village WITHOUT my umbrella!!

~ I took lots of pictures..Well, it's the usual

~ I catched fishes and chickens with my bare hands for the 1st time..

~ My blood was sucked dry by those nasty mosquitoes..My poor blood.. :'(

~ My level of spicyness has gone up..

~ I have great experience of Malay family lifestyle..

~ I have great foster families-not forgetting the cute kids who're active 24/

~ I did some social work..

~ Tried to encounter my guilt of not studying for my next paper on Tuesday by bringing notes along but proved useless..

~ I gained weight-ate 6 meals a day!! And I didn't went and call my nature cause not used to spare tyre is seriously bulging out ~~~

~ Happy to be back to finish my assignments and study for exam and yet at the same time, miss the serene and peaceful life in the village..

I'm so tired..Back to the hectic lifestyle..No more worry-free days..Ahhhh..I need a longer break after this..Will post up more about my homestay programme after my next paper.. :)