Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TWENTY 3 soon!

I'm still digesting with the fact that I'm already in my twenties and yet, now or rather VERY SOON, I'm gonna turn TWENTY 3!! I have a rather mix feeling this year cause it mean a lot! I've to be more responsible, I've to be more mature and I've to be a better person!

Recently, I've been so carried away with my thesis that my life was so messed up. I was staying in Tzu Ching house these few days and gosshh, I must say, I MISS those crazy moments that we had together while doing charitable works all these while..For a while, I thought I was having some gap with them cause I've been losing touch with Tzu Ching this semester (cause I focus on @) but I was proven wrong when we clicked on so well, STILL! ahhhh..I ♥ THEM!

Thanks for celebrating Music and my b'day in I-City! So ngam the scene, I like!

I didn't expect that they'll celebrate mine cause that night was Music's b'

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Family bonding------>China

Just got back from China after a week off..Not sure when I'll blog bout it since I haven't blog finish bout TW family wanted some bonding moments and so, we followed on a tour to Guilin and Guangzhou..The sceneries were breathtaking with rivers and countlesss mountains all over Guilin where we sat boats almost everyday to view infamous mountains with various shapes and names. Guangzhou is more of a busy city with cars everywhere and people there speaks Cantonese! Overall, it was a nice experience minus the no-doors-public-toilets and people's social ills. It wasn't really a pleasant trip throughout but I was really blown away by the wonderful mother nature which made this trip worthwhile and yet not fully satisfied!

OK, now that I'm back, I've to pia thesis again! hopefully my lecturer will approve me soon~ *prays

Monday, May 10, 2010

When my friends..

When most of my friends were looking for jobs months ago, I was like 'why are they so kiasu? haven't even graduate so fast wanna find jobs?';
When my friends were struggling with thesis, so am I;
When my friends have completed their thesis, I'm still struggling, looking for hope that lecturer will approve mine after asking me to change 3-4 times the same old thing;
When some of my friends have found job and some are on vacation to various parts of the world now, I'm STILL FREAKING DOING MY THESIS cause I've to redo the whole thing ( Thanks la, lec..Deadline is so near already, now only tell me though I met you so many freaking times )
and When my friends graduate this very year, I hope that I can graduate too! *Gulps (Ok, self-pat) and also be on this year's convocation list [Lec kept tell me that there's chances that my name won't be on this year's convo list if I extend my thesis.. T.T then why keep don't wanna approve mine? =.= ]

Ok, honestly I don't wanna compare myself with my friends but I can't help but to think why am I one of the unlucky ones? Cause of thesis, I wasn't myself lately..I turned to be a quiet person, moody and almost like a lifeless human..I didn't wanna talk much, I was on my bluey lappy almost 24/7~ My family was worried ( I'm SORRY T.T)..Well, I feel much better now~ Hope to get approval soon..This is sickening!

Thinking of my vacation soon..I need a break!

Monday, May 3, 2010

My second home~

Ok, my emo time again~ Why? This time it's because I'm gonna leave a place that I've called my second home, UKM! In fact I've already leave this place! I'm just gonna go back to settle my thesis and that's all~ This is the place where I've learned a lot, not only knowledge but also bout life; I've gained lots of friends who made my life in UKM colourful; I've been so lazy to even walk 3 minutes just to go lectures ( I never complaint! Amin is the best com and super convenient and accessable to anywhere..I'm so lucky! But that made me even more lazy! lol ), I've moved in and out for 12 times when semester break came!

Ah Pa and Ah Mi have been very supportive of their baby daughter! They would faithfully help me out me each time when I have to move in and out without fail for 12 times!! And Ah Jie Chu Pao sometimes..And would fetch me back from Melaka-UKM each time I'm back for the weekend. I know I'm the luckiest baby ever!
♥ you so much!

My Xiao Ting Tang, Chicken lil' bear and lil' piggy are also leaving their 2nd home~ T.T

And for 12 times ( holy crap! It's so damn tiring moving all my things out for once and imagine 12 times..It's crazy!!! totally made me go crazy! ) is not an easy thing! But for this 12th time, I was feeling very different from the rest of 11 times before! My steps were heavy, my packing was slow, I recalled back of the crazy and silly things that I've done in these 3 years, and as I looked around and kept turning back when Ah Pa's car passed UKM main gate, I was feeling very down-I WAS DAMN RELUCTANT TO LEAVE MY SECOND HOME!

P/S : Feeling so weird! I wanna hug my buddies and say till we meet again during convocation but.....I guess there's too much farewells in TW that were ended up with warm hugs that made me feel so warm at heart and touched that I feel it should be done at this moment too~ but.....ahhhhh..It's just not the tradition or it's the people that is not that open up? hmmmmm~