Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stepping into working life~

Still can't believe that I'm no longer in student status now..From now on, it'll be employed-Well, I can't really talk much bout it cause it's P&C (yeah, it's stated in my Acceptance Letter that I shouldn't reveal anything bout my employer)..but basically what I've to do daily in the office is to check balance export order & WIP in production floor, check output vs plan, check RM store and PPIC status, prepare daily planning, check outstanding and order raw material..which means..I've to remember to codes of 404 raw materials/products!! O.o I also have to go up to the production and see if they do their job and if they run the production according to the plan eg There are 14 machines and I've to see if they run each product according to the line, amount and time..Weekly : weekly report, prepare weekly production planning, update export sales advice, monitor and order raw material, monitor raw material etc..Monthly : montly report PPIC, Forecast-local and export, prepare PPIC WIP for costing, age stock in RM store, bad stock report etc..Fuhhhhhh, well, I hope that's it! lol..Well, the position sounded so WOW but actually have to work like crazy..It's so gonna suck me dry!! :(

This week, I was asked to taste the products to see if they taste like they should (or whether too salty/no taste/etc)..It was fun as I kept on eating and since I started working, I can't resist the temptation of food..My food intake has increased twice/thrice now..For dinner, I eat 2 bowls of rice..and I get hungry all the I have some snacks/biscuits on my working desk..And I blame it all on a way to distress!! It feels like I need to eat more to 'fight' when I =.='' And I'm starting to put on weight now.. T.T Red alert!!

Working life is so mundane..Everyday it'll be Working----> Home----> Eat----> Shower----> Online----> Sleep!

Honestly, I'm quite unhappy with my job now..It's something that I'm definitely NOT interested in at all!! I know I'm just a newbie..I shall take this as a challenge and gain more experience and perhaps, I'm working towards a bright future! I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!

P/S : yeah, I'm onlining during working hours but heck, I'm so freaking boring!! The work comes like menstruation pain..awhile a lot, awhile nothing to do.. (,'')

Thursday, August 5, 2010

☆♥I've graduated!!!☆♥

Yayyyyyyy!!! I've finally graduated from National University of Malaysia (UKM)!! :))))))))))

Yeah, my robe is of sky blue colour!! =.=

WARNING : This is gonna be a LONG post! Cause I've so much to say! Please bear with me..I'll try to be as brief as possible..And there's a lot of pictures as well!!! :P

Never imagine entering UKM for my tertiary education was the best choice I've ever made (though sometimes I still sulks a bit bout using Malay as the medium of learning) cause this is the place where I've gained and learned a lot!!

Throughout my 3 years in UKM, I've deeper meaning in Economics although I still doubt myself on how I managed to go through all those statistics data and honestly, I'm not that interested~ It was tough for someone who sucks at figures and it was seriously not my cup of tea! Still amazed how I managed to pull through these 3 years though..haha.. :P

The last ticket to graduation-the much troubled but precious thesis!! *phewwwwwwwwwwwww!

Staying in one of the best kolej in campus, Aminuddin Baki, which is just 5 minutes' walk from dorm to lecture halls was indeed the best deal ever and it made me such a lazy bum (don't wanna elaborate :P)! haha~ Knowing and befriending Amin buddies has made my life in UKM an interesting one!-the fun stuff that we did in lectures, the never-ending activities that we joined together, the time, sharing, heart to heart talk that's so precious, the amazing trips around M'sia that made our bonds stronger etc!! I couldn't verbally express totally how much joy that I had with u guys!!♥

Life in UKM would not be as joyful without you gals♥

You guys are just awesome!♥

Striving through excellence together in this course, the company of FEKON coursemates made lectures less boring..The assignments and tutorials that we shared and discussed to the silly things that we did in lectures has totally made my studies in UKM more memorable.. :)

CONGRATULATIONS ECONOMICS GRADUATES THE CLASS of 2010 !! WE DID IT! Everyone let'sjia you in our working life and let's head for a brighter future!!!♥ Let's show everyone our FEKON spirit, shall we? :PPP

Part of Economics Graduates the Class of 2010

FEKON graduation trip to Port Dickson! :D

Being a 'banana' (there, I admit it! =.=), I often wonder how I could actually manage to mingle with Tzu Ching-ians who are all up with Chinese philosophy which I could only understand after much explanation in simpler words..haha..I was so touched by their warmth and love and I finally joined the big Tzu Ching family..I was more than blessed and happy to be able to perform good deeds with some voluntary works which I believe would carve smiles on others' face even with a simple caring heart and also to take action on going green to save the earth! :))))

A token a day could save and improve others' lives :)

Being an AIESECer of LC UKM and going for an exchange (DT) was one of my best decisions that I've ever made in my life! The leaders in AIESEC LC UKM family always make me feel so inspired in so many ways.♥ In short 6 months, I managed to complete my @ cycle, thanks to the guidance and motivation by leaders of OGX department! I've gained leadership and international working experience, global diversity network, adventurous journey of life as well as self development! :D In DYCE Project, being an English teacher in elementary school wasn't as easy as it seemed, having to deal with kids who are ever curious and mischievous and yet so adorable! Seeing those lil' devils so keen in learning made me feel all my efforts and time designing and creating fun English learning environment was all worth it!♥ AIESEC in Taiwan (NTLC) is the best LC I've ever came across!*claps~ Our big and complicated Peach family is so interesting and strong and that's what makes us all feel so connected even after we left TW (Everyone is so envious of us, seriously!!!)!♥ I'm so glad most of the peachies are doing so well now whether in leadership positions in @, going around the world for exchange and conference, still studying or elders like me are job hunting~ lol..

AIESEC LC UKM Rockssssssssssssssssssss!!!! :DDDD ♥

AIESEC NTLC, GO GO GO!!♥ Let's make it legendary! :))))

♥ all the peachies!!! This big and complicated family tree is so hilarious lah~ I'm so glad and proud to be in the Peach family! :DDD

Last but not least, I guess I managed to overcome all the ups and downs in UKM mainly cause I have great support and love from my family! ♥ All the shifting in and out of dorm (12 times in 3 years-hell crazy! =.=), going to and fro UKM-Melaka, rushing and finishing my thesis, various outings with friends wouldn't be possible without the help and support from Ah Pa, Ah Mi and Ah Jie Chu Pao!!! As a baby girl who has everything she could has-almost anything that i want, i'm contented and grateful with what they have showered me..they have molded and shaped me where I eventually blossomed into who I am today-I could never thank them enough!! ♥ ♥ :))))

Ah Pa, Ah Mi and Ah Jie Chu Pao, you're the best!!!♥♥ I LOVE U!!

I would like to thank everyone who has come into my life, whether we realize it or not! For those who know me including my juniors, old friends and bestie ------->THANK YOU~~ Because of all of you, my life in UKM wasn't like a plain paper but a colourful and vibrant one, thanks to you guys!♥ Wish everyone the best of life!!! :)

P/S : I miss all of you!!!!!♥♥ Keep in touch ok?

P/P/S : My convocation will be in UKM on 8/8/2010 (Sunday)..Everyone is invited!!! DON'T BOTHER BOUT GIFTS/FLOWERS/BEARS/CHOCOLATES..THE MOST IMPORTANT IS YOUR ATTENDANCE!!! JUST WANNA SEE YOU GUYS!!!!♥ I'll come out from DECTAR at 12 noon~ So, see you guys at the 'gong', directly in front of the main entrance of DECTAR!!! Hope to see you guys and let's take lotsssssssssssss of pictures together ya!!! hehehehehe :P I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! :DDDDD

For those who are coming, see you guys here ya on 8/8! :)))

AND, LAST (really last) haha~ A very shuai picture of myself in my blue graduation robe :DDDD Ahhhh, I feel so old mature now~ T.T HELLO Working Life!! (,'')