Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stepping into working life~

Still can't believe that I'm no longer in student status now..From now on, it'll be employed-Well, I can't really talk much bout it cause it's P&C (yeah, it's stated in my Acceptance Letter that I shouldn't reveal anything bout my employer)..but basically what I've to do daily in the office is to check balance export order & WIP in production floor, check output vs plan, check RM store and PPIC status, prepare daily planning, check outstanding and order raw material..which means..I've to remember to codes of 404 raw materials/products!! O.o I also have to go up to the production and see if they do their job and if they run the production according to the plan eg There are 14 machines and I've to see if they run each product according to the line, amount and time..Weekly : weekly report, prepare weekly production planning, update export sales advice, monitor and order raw material, monitor raw material etc..Monthly : montly report PPIC, Forecast-local and export, prepare PPIC WIP for costing, age stock in RM store, bad stock report etc..Fuhhhhhh, well, I hope that's it! lol..Well, the position sounded so WOW but actually have to work like crazy..It's so gonna suck me dry!! :(

This week, I was asked to taste the products to see if they taste like they should (or whether too salty/no taste/etc)..It was fun as I kept on eating and since I started working, I can't resist the temptation of food..My food intake has increased twice/thrice now..For dinner, I eat 2 bowls of rice..and I get hungry all the I have some snacks/biscuits on my working desk..And I blame it all on a way to distress!! It feels like I need to eat more to 'fight' when I =.='' And I'm starting to put on weight now.. T.T Red alert!!

Working life is so mundane..Everyday it'll be Working----> Home----> Eat----> Shower----> Online----> Sleep!

Honestly, I'm quite unhappy with my job now..It's something that I'm definitely NOT interested in at all!! I know I'm just a newbie..I shall take this as a challenge and gain more experience and perhaps, I'm working towards a bright future! I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!

P/S : yeah, I'm onlining during working hours but heck, I'm so freaking boring!! The work comes like menstruation pain..awhile a lot, awhile nothing to do.. (,'')

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MizzFattyisCute said...

welcome to working life and all the best ... face the new environment with ur shine

Shi Wei said...

Thanks dear~ That's so sweet of u.. :) btw, how do u come upon my blog? It's been quite some time since I last blog *paiseh~~ (,'')