Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My sweethearts..

Still digesting with my V-day and a very late CNY post? I am here again..My V-Day sweethearts..Just got these pictures ( Actually I kinda forgot about these and my hand started to feel itchy and here i am, blogging, yet again..haha..

Present to you....
My UKM sweethearts..
TA Da!!!!

Pei Chen, received L.O.V.E already should smile la..out of nowhere do this funny face

Ahhhh..Just love to pose with the L.O.V.E..

A kiss from my roomie..Guys, don't jealous

Siu Li, nobody want you, i want you lo.. :P

I'm currently busy struggling between my studies, assignments and my trip..I'm kinda multitasking now..

Not enough sufficient time..This is my last post for this week.. (,'') * Going HOMESTAY this weekend..Yippeeee.... :)

I'm gonna miss blogging..



CNY Part 2

I know, I know..This CNY post should be like last month's story..But I finally got these pictures as my memory card has encountered some problems..I'm still very excited about this year's CNY..Don't know why..Probably I finally snap some pictures compared to none in the previous years..Ya, none in my entire family who likes to take pictures as crazy as me..But hey, it's fun..Let's enjoy the pictures..

At Kota Laksamana..Some lighting displays..Cool!

Love this dragon..The most beautiful one of all..

Malay kampung house..



The replica Clock tower..

Love the lightings..


Every year, Ah Mi's siblings would come to our house for CNY family gathering. We don't really have open house but because it's a very special family affair, it's like a very huge family gathering and we're very delighted to be the host every year. Ah Mi has 5 siblings..

1) Tai Wu+ Tai Kau Mo=Ah Wai Chia Chia (+ Husband = Joey + Boy )+ Ah Mun Kor Kor (+ Wife)
2)Ah Meng Ah Wu + Kau Mo= (Ah Loong, Ah Theng, Ah Yoong, Ching2)
3)Tuck Hung Kau Fu + Kau Mo = (Ah Yan, Ah Sia, Ah Hon )
4)Kau Fu Chai ( + Kau Mo = Jian Xin + Jian Xen )
5)Mimi + Ah Cheong= (Ah Tung Kor Kor + Wife = Yau2, Ah Yee)+ (Ah Leong Kor Kor + Wife = Lek2,Girl), Ah Kit Kor Kor, (Ah Kuen Chia Chia + Husband=Boy)

So,you can imagine how packed is my house every year!! But it's fun..the more the merrier..As some of them I will only see them once a year or maybe more if there's gatherings etc..This CNY is a time for some family bonding.. :)

Beautiful and lovely Ah Chia..

The still-act-cute-and-young Me..haha..
My aunt said I looked younger than my cuzzies..(Aheemmm)..Well, they are all taller than me.. =.=

Yee Sang..

Lou Sang for the 3rd time..

Wish for the best!

Post only la..I'm not into it..sour2..hmm..

Ah Chia who loves to pose also..haha

The food..Don't see it's like a lot but it was finished..The first come first serve

The lady behind the delicious and mouth-watering food..


Eat Take 2..

He's just so adorable we can't help not taking pics with him..

So hard catch him face the camera..So naughty.. :P

Jian Xin a.k.a 'Tai Tau Chai'..Cute! :)

Love this pic.. :)


The host of the big gathering..

Lovely Ah Mi and Ah Pa :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Indescribeable V-Day

I know this post on my Valentine's Day came late..I just got my pictures and had no time to blog..While doing my assignment, I decided to take some time off and let my brain some air to breathe and BLOG!

V-day is a day that couples pamper one another with gifts such as flowers, chocolates, bears etc where so much money is spent to show how much love costs..Or can money buy love? I always think that not only this day that couples should shower each other with more love and attention but it's a 365 days matter..For me, every day is Valentine and not on 14 February only..I certainly do not want my other half to show me his love and attention on that very day just because it's V-day but other than that day, he's like oh-you-should-know-how-much-I-love-you kinda thinking..Ya, most people hope to go through this day with their loved ones while some singles will de dreading for someone they have longed for..One week before V-day, my buddies (You know who you are!) were already sulking of not having a boyfriend yet again for this V-day..I was like 'It's just a V-day'..Anyway, they or rather we did spend this V-day together-gether and I guess with friends' companion, just forget about not having a boyfriend!


I've received these V-dedication from my two beloved friends..

1) Kian How-Always say I'm cute..So dedication message also said that..Ahhaaa..(On that stone)

2) Kim Yen-my direct junior who's always nice to me... ( A look-alike Ferrero Roche Chocolate)

Thanks ya, guys..You're so sweet.. :)

So, my V-day..I was booked by my lecturer to go on a muzium tour one week before..Hmm..I was rather frustrated as 'Why must he choose this day? question came out on my mind..My buddies all have planned to go outing at Sunway Pyramid and I have to drag myself, whether willingly or not to the compulsary muzium tour which carries marks..Oh, man!

My tour to National Muzium in KL..

Sempat pose before go in the auditorium for some talk..hehe

In auditorium :Kak Dilah, ME, Suet Kee, Pei Kwet

Can't miss a chance to camwhore..

Suet Kee and Me..OMG! My face so round.. (,'')

With Kak Dilah..

Can see me? It's me dancing Joget on the

The keris ice sculpture..Cool!!

The preservation of insects..

It's the real crocodile..I thought it's

Lunch time! Okla..FOC wan..who dare complaint?

Actually this muzium tour wasn't as bad as I thought..It's just the thinking of my buddies having fun but me have to go to the field and do some 'serious' work made me feel so 'sien'..I've learned a lot during this tour-something which I think that I wouldn't have known about..Behind a successful gallery, there are important parts which has made this gallery a success..Before this, I would mumble to pay Rm2 to go into the muzium or rather don't bother to visit the muzium..But after I knew that there are people who work very hard all the time just to preserve our ancestors priceless processions, we should have more self-awereness towards our national's identity..

My lecturer told me that the muzium tour would be from 9am to 6pm..But when we got the programme schedule, it stated til 1.30pm..However, there were some time off as the person-in-charge of my group gave us a super long exposure on the respository..So, we managed to finished our tour at 3pm..So, i've decided to meet up with my dear buddies at Sunway Pyramid..The drizzle did not stop me from asking from taxis to taxis of the price to SP..There's one taxi driver who asked for Rm40!! I was like 'Are you kidding?' (in my heart..)..Then, finally the cheapest was Rm27..Still a lil' expensive, but no choice..So, I was way excited as i have longed for ice skating for 2 semesters..And finally, whheeeee.....

When i've reached SP, i realized my hp battery was gone..I decided to use my naked eyes to scan through every single person at the ice rink and looked for them..However, after screening for like 30 minutes, there was still no sign of them..And the ticket counter said they will be closed at 5pm that day as there will be a wedding going on at the ice rink..That time it was 4.30pm..I was like "OMG! How to find them?" Then I decided to use a public phone and contact them..I have asked several promoters on the location of the public phones..And finally, found! Ahhh..Called SL (luckily i remember her hp no. Otherwise, I think I'll be a wandering zombie!) and she told me she's at MPH..So, i quickly asked people for the directions to go there..And oh my..I've approached like not less than 5 people and all of them told me the different way..Upstairs..Downstais..Turn left..Turn right..Go straight..I was darn pissed off because I kept going round and round for 1 hour plus and stil not found MPH! Then I passed by Bread Story ( I think..haha) and saw this yummy looking chocolate cake..Thinking that Yoong Ming ( which has passed) and Siu Li ( which was coming..) Birthday, I've decided to treat them that cake..And also a shop which has lots of flowers for V-day of cause and bought 2 polestyrine-made loves for my dearest buddies..Well, V-days is not for loved ones only..It could be showing love for friends also.. :)


Having fun WITHOUT ME..Hmmm.. (,'')

Ice skating!!!! I wanna go ice skating!!!!

Dong2, now I know why u stil single liao..hahahahaha

Their very sweet smile.. :)

Then I finally found them after going through some hustle and bustle..But after seeing smiles on their faces with the L.O.V.E, it's worth it.. :)

Love..Their hearts are mine!! Guys who are after them must ask me

Dong2, don't bully my Siu Li ha..Hit you!!

Head kena prosecute already cause play with someone's precious bear-bear for that someone

The stage..It was empty and quiet before we went up for some photos..After we went up, everyone was rushing up to get some good photo shots..Hmm..


I love this pic!

With a pretty 'angel' who gave us balloons..

Group photo..

FRONT : Yoong Ming, Kok Sin, Pei Chen
BACK : ME, Kok Sin, Dong2, Siu Li

At the entrance..

I was darn tired..And after a nearly threw-up bus ride and packed-like-sandwiches KTM, the cake and all of us arrived safely at UKM station and we decided to head to Al-Fariz mamak stall for dinner and to celebrate YM and SL's B'day..And we've decided to call Ah Wang and Music to join in for the celebration..


Ah Bong so happy and so take care of the bear..

Pei Chen don't know looking at who..haha

Dong2 so concentrate in eating..

Yoong Ming always sweat when eating..Very hot meh?

Kok Sin's what-you-want face..haha


The chocolate cake..a lil' melt and out of shape already..Went through some hard time in sardin-packed KTM..Phewwww..
Siu Li & Yoong Ming : Hope you like this cake and sorry cause the cake is not in good shape..

The B'day girl and boy..SL, let you be '20' just for that day la..haha :P

Ahnnnaaaaa, Ah Wang, let you in and take pics together also la..

Sing, sing..

Clap, clap..

Me with the B'day boy.. :)

Music, why so excited? lol

Makan cake lo..

Dear roomie, i wanna feed you la..Old 1 year liao..haha

Hmmm..It's indeed an indescribeable V-Day..
1) I've learned a lot about the Muzium
2) I was independant on sitting taxi alone for the first time
3) I was frustrated because there were many directions that were given were misleading
4) I was happy because SL and PC were with all smiles when receive V-day love (haha..I knew they would be very2 delighted!)
5) I nearly threw up in Bus Rapid
6) I tried hard to protect the cake from 'kemek' from the large crowds in KTM
7) I was thrilled because finally we got to do a B'day party for YM and SL ( It was on and off..And so I decided to buy a cake..So, it has to ON no matter how..haha)
8) I would never be happier as all of them were happy that night.. :)
9) Not 'suang' cause OKH said wanna celebrate SL and YM's B'day but didn't make it..It's what happened for my B'day last year also.. (,'')'


SL : Sorry for taking one extra candle..That YM la, keep tease you that age, I also blur already..Haha..Old yet another year lo..Said wanna be mature but still the same..Haha..Hope you get to find your other half like the one in your

YM : Hmmm..Don't only think LLs la..Know your 'HWA' is in the group..When wanna go 'chai hwa'? haha..Buy the necklace (oops..SL corrected me..It's a couple key chain!) gift already, take action la when you're ready..Chia yiu!! :)