Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wanna go for an exchange like ME? *Taiwan rocks!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

7-Eleven (Taiwan)

I've heard that 7 Eleven in Taiwan is super cool with lots of varieties of stuff being offered! I must go and see! hehe..

The entrance~

I stepped in 7-Eleven.. :P

Super lots varieties of Maggie in Cup..

Ciggarates and alcohol can be easily obtained at here..

Lots of drinks!!!

Lots of food-sandwiches, ready to eat meals.. :)

ATM Machine!

Herbal eggs, chee cheong fun etc!

Slurpee and magazines!

I'm really amazed by their 7-Eleven which offers lots of varieties of stuff..There's almost one 7-Eleven in each street and corner..Really convinient! You can get anything here..They even sell stationaries-pen, scissors; daily necessity-shampoo, body lotion etc and of course lots varieties of food!! Thumbs up! :)

Day 2 :National Taiwan University-Anniversary

OMG! I take like forever to blog..It's my 4th week here and I'm still on Day't have the mood to blog =.=

Becky was telling us that their university was having their anniversary celebration..So, we decided to join the fun and also to have a look at their campus-National Taiwan University..So, in order to go NTU, we have to sit MRT to Gongguan Station..

Have to stay at the right side if you're not in rush..Those who are rushing can run down using the left lane..In Malaysia, it's opposite..So, we kept confused and forgot to stay on the right

Decide which station should we go..On the ticket machine, on the route above, the price is stated on each station.. *Mei Ling & Sean (Kiki's TN Manager)

Touch screen and it has record machine where a voice will say the price etc..Cool!

Ticket in a token form..Just scan it~ It's so small that I'm afraid that I might lose it.. =.=

The MRT is coming! Yeah!

Inside the MRT-Priority seats..No one dare to seat~


People even bring their bicycles in MRT..We don't see it in M'sia..

The sign that stated which station is the next stop..In Chinese and then English~ Convinient for someone like me! :D

Insert the token once reach the station..

Once we stepped out of the station, the university is on our left..There's a small gate that we can lead us to NTU..However, we went in through the main gate which is just a 5 minutes walk..Walk straight you'll see rows of bicycles along..

Bicycles everywhere..

The turn right and you'll see the NTU entrance from far...

The entrance..

Must take a pic in front of the entrance with the anniversary

A very huge pathway right after the entrance..NTU is so big!!!

A big banner bout the schedule of that day..Chunted!

Lots of stalls..FOOOOODDDDDD!!!!

Kiki and I with Mr Soldier~

The gift that I got from answering the question right..So easy!

Juggling balls~~

Portion for couple, single and heart broken..Wonder if it

They even have a bar tender to mix the cocktail! Awesome to the max!
*Never ever will happen in M'sia..

Holding banner around to promote their stall..

Maybe I have the potential to be a

Wedding shoot in a university? Weird! lol

NTU library behind..We're on a field with lots of people picnic-ing..Damn nice!

The entrance of the library..Very high tech!

Due to the serious H1N1 case here, everyone has to sanitise their hands before entering the library..

Bicycles again!

The economy rice..Guess what? They weigh the food! Instead of seeing how many types of

At 'Zhu Yue Hu'-Druken Lake..

In UKM, it's our Tasik Kejuruteraan~ lol..

NTU is really big, clean and nice..Bicycle is the main transportation for most of the students here..And damn, everyone is so fashionable here..Mini skirts, leggings, boots! Aiseh! We have to dress up too!!!!! lol