Saturday, November 15, 2008

The devil me..

I've been studying Perbelanjaan Awam, my major subject for a few hours at my housemate's desk as my desk was being occupied by Pei Chen, Siu Li's desk was also full of things..And my housemate, Chantana went to 'hiao' at her hubby's house already so hehe..decided to 'curi' use her desk since she's not here..hehe..

Super messy especially during exams.. till blur already..the Malay languange in the PJJ book something wrong lo..the book is so ancient that it's only passed down by generations to generations..and i'm a lucky one, not everyone will get their hands on it for free..ya, we can just photostat at the Q&Q photostat shop at Pusanika but it's darn expensive because it's counted as a monopoly there..and the weirdest thing is they have a copy of every possible books in the whole UKM of whatever course for us, students to photostat be it foreign reference books or lecturer's written books..i thought this is not allowed as it has violated the authors' copy rights..but they happily earned our money and at the same time, we have use their service as of course, we, students opted for a cheaper alternative rather than buying original copies which could sometimes reach rm100++..We have made a choice that made those authors who squeeze their brains out, endless efforts, time and researches in a win-lose situation..but we don't have choice.. (,'')

So, back to my desk..Pei Chen suddenly lost already..She went to our (Siu Li and I) room and lie on my bed with her notes on her hand..Siu Li also was lying down and studying as usual..Let's see how long they can 'tahan' and fall asleep...hehe

After an hour, i decided to check them out..saw them fell asleep! My assumption was right..and I could feel the devil inside i decided to snap these two sleeping beauties..and i knew my N73 always has flash and snap sound although i've off it, i've decided to 'curi' Pei Chen's Sony Erricson (not sure what's the model) and snap them..hmmm..sshhhhhhh...

Lil' devil started to come out..hehe.. :P

While trying..have to adjust the mode and sound, off the flash eveything first..i must do it soundless without waking them out..not, to try of every effect and mode, i've decided to try on myself first.. :)


Love to piggy pout since young..

Seldom wear colar t-shirt..hmm..suddenly wear today cause no baju to wear already..haha

Hmmm..took quite a lot but just post up a few..Alright..enough of camwhoring..time for lil' devil to show up... *teng teng teng..Here I go..shhhhhhhhh..must be real quiet..Siu Li everytime caught me snapping her 'chou yang'..haha..just took two pictures for some laughs..don't dare take more..but if take more all also same

Let's see..

That's Siu Li on her bed and Pei Chen on my bed..Can see they sleep and their notes with their hands stil holding?

Closer view but picture a bit blur..two sleeping beauties..poor thing..SAS too sien til they ter-ZZzzzz..



Yay..The devil me has done something that maybe both of them will 'belasah' me..if they do, all of you will know why! (,'')

They suddenly woke up when i was writing this post halfway..'Kan cheong'..haha..I'm not a person who always do naughty stuff, so i'm a lil' scared..but i'll be more professional next time..errmmm..means more devil? lol..

3 baby monsters:

chen said...

chou shiwei!!!!dare u did it to us?!!so ugly le de photos!delete it!!!but i noe u are not going to do so...ishhhh

u better becareful next time when u sleep..i will revenge!!lol :)

Shi Wei said...

haha..funny mah see both of you sleep..where got ugly? sleeping beauty mah..don't want to delete ah.. :P cheh..come la..not scared.. :P don't want let you enter my house 'kau tim' lo..

Sze said...

hahaha shiwei, i love ur naughty thing!!XD
post more next time kay!^^