Saturday, November 8, 2008

A hard earned scroll..

I remember my sister-SHI LEN used to go Multimedia University, Malacca for lecture classes and sometimes i would tag along and waited for her at the library or computer laboratory and then where we'll go? SHOPPING and did some girl stuff of everyday she'll drive to campus which is 15 minutes away..she always said ' I always wear big, big t-shirts and simple like auntie..' ( coz she no mood to dress up for lectures but if she really dresses up, no one would lay off their eyes on :) )..for a petite and thin like stick girl like her, it's so pity to see her carry those thick books, files and bag around and the parking lot is like a distance she has to WALK, WALK and WALK A LOT! and she can really walk in high heels..unlike me, who will inbalance whenever i wear high uncomfortable! For the 3 years couse in International Business, she finally graduated in 2007..I can say it's been a rough and sweet journey for her to obtain her degree and yet she did it! Congarulations, Ah Chia! I would prefer to call her 'Ah Chia Chu Pao'..the nickname that only I can call..Of course, i'm her ONE and ONLY baby sister..haha..

The convocation was held in MMU Cyberjaya..So my whole family went and guess what? only TWO members were allowed to enter the graduation hall..and i'm the THIRD member, so have to wait outside.. :( darn boring!! i can see a lot of people waiting outside also like kena punished..haha..wat somemore? went find something to fill my stomach and wondered alone like lost kid from somewhere..and i observed how those florist put up stalls and make beautiful bouquet of flowers with bears and of course pricey too! and saw the live telecast from a television outside..around 1000+ people, imagine how long i waited? but i got help my sister received flowers..sweet.. :)

Inside the graduation hall..all went wild.. :)

That's my sister with peace..She looked so happy..

With her friends..

And out of sudden, it was raining cats and dogs and it kinda spoilt the day..the wind were strong and I'm drenged wet! my mum and i were dad and sis were separated individually..we were shading at a pedestrian walk with roof as everywhere were packed with people..imagine 1000+ students + their family members + their we were all sandwiched, being pushed around as everyone were trying to get shelter..and guess what, no line connections! so could see everyone trying to call those who they lost and the line system seemed to jamned..oh my..and finally, luckily found my dad and sister..what a day! but no matter what, TAKING PICTURE IS A MUST! nothing can stop us from snapping pictures, not even rain and thunder..

My sis..

My sis and dad..

My sis and mum..

My sis and I..

VOILA! Mum, me, sis and dad.. :)

Our hairs were flying due to strong winds but nothing can break our spirit..hehe

She maintained gorgeous although strong winds and rain kinda affect her BIG DAY.. :)

I also want pose with flowers..hehe

My sis and I TAKE TWO..

Flowers that she got...

Given by our parents..

Can you guess how many bears? OMG!


FERERO ROCHELLEs instead of flowers!! COOL!


And lastly, this sweet bouquet is given by ME..haha

Pictures taken in studio..

Happy family.. :)

Mum was gorgeous in red kebaya, dad looked handsome in black coat, sister was stunning in graduation robe and me looking funny in a black dress..haha

Loving and sweet parents, caring and lovely sister and the spoil brat ME..haha

Lovely... :)

Love her so much..muakksss.. :P


P/S : So girls, the moral of the story is if you never get flowers in your entire life or u would wanna get lots and lots of bouquet of flowers then GRADUATE!! I definitely want cute, big teddy bears with lots of flowers.. * HINTING..hehe..Now thinking, i'll be graduating 1 year plus..that's TAKE NOTE ya people : I'M WAITING FOR YOUR GIFTS FOR MY :P

and it's not easy to earn that scroll..after having to endure lecturer's cold behaviours, boring lectures, never ending assignments, heart attack quizzes, tutorial questions that some even the lecturers themselves don't know the answers, unreasonable clothing ethics which requires us not wear this and that bla bla bla ( In local private and overseas universities, everyone wears as short as possible be it mini skirts and spaggeti but their results are excellent..You see, clothing is NOT A PROBLEM!! why can't they see this point and make a big fuss out of this matter? heng! ), same old food everyday ( for those who stay in till want 'jelak' and vomit ) and rooms that are not in good sight ( which is like don't know how many hundred years already and it looks like not a place for human to stay) ~ SIGH! ONLY then we FINALLY GET OUR SUPER PRECIOUS SCROLL!! *Phewwww....

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