Friday, November 14, 2008


Suddenly miss my parents, my sister, my house, my bed, my pillow, my dolls, particulary everything that i can think of at home..I'm so homesick!! Thanks to my exam, i'm strandered here in Amin-suppose to study but have been onlining for hours, staring at my laptop not knowing what's my clear motive..I so wanna go home!!!! Left 2 more papers..Just finished U3 paper last Monday and Math paper today..don't ask-I also don't wanna know..Gosh~ Heard my juniors and some people said that they have finished their papers and going home already..HOW CAN THIS BE? every semester, i'll always be the last, or maybe second last, for sure NOT THE EARLIEST to go home lo.. :( Thinking that i'll be going home in another 5 days, my eyes started to see its shine again..Wheeee..but GOING HOME=NO ironic is that right? will nag my dad to fix this problem as soon as possible.. :P

Got tagged by Sze Sze, my lovely coursemate whom I've only spoken once in reality but a few times in our blogs...Errmmm..I also don't know how to explain but our eye contacts say a million words..that's what I call mind

P/S : Sze Sze, will try to talk to you more if i see you in FEP..Feel a little weird but...I'll try.. :)

She has written chinese for her tag but i have my beloved translator, Pei Chen to read it to me..haha..Thanks, PC! Actually this is my first time being tagged, not really sure what to do..According to my knowledge, have to copy the instructions, which i think has some problem in the grammars till make me so blur..I can't help but to correct it..Those that are in brackets are the mistakes..Here it is :

这个tag的规则:( Errrmmm..tag instructions, i suppose..forgot ask PC)

1.each blogger must post (this) these rules
2. each blogger (starts) is to write (with) ten random facts/habits about themselves
3. blogger that are tagged need to write (their own blog) about the ten things in their blog and post these rules . you need to choose ten people to get (tagged) tag and list their names .
4. don`t forget to leave them comment telling them they've been tagged and to read your blog .

~ only understand..

Anyway, this is the new instructions which i've edited (for those who i've tagged to copy..hehe) :

这个tag的规则:(Tag instructions) :

1.each blogger must post these rules
2. each blogger is to write ten random facts/habits about themselves
3. blogger that are tagged need to write about the ten things in their blog and post these rules . you need to choose ten people to get tag and list their names .
4. don`t forget to leave them comment telling them they've been tagged and to read your blog

Tagged by Sze Sze :

Some lil ugly side of me...

1. Sleeping beauty- I can sleep for hours and hours and wouldn't want to leave my bed if i makes me feel relax and i don't have to care about anything..just me and my bed and my smelly pillows..and my dreams..faster let me dream lottery numbers and win~ :)

2. Mood swings- Normal lo especially during PMS..but sometimes its due to being hurt unintentionally especially by those who are close to me..sometimes stress cause of studies..sometimes without reason and it just explode like timing boom..and miraclely, sometimes it feels better after 'lepas geram' at my who's just beside me when i'm sorry ya for those whom i've hurt unintentionally..

3. Munchy munchy- Love eating so much till i feel like i'm a 'tong sampah/la chi tong'..Can eat a lot at one time, non stop and super fast ( that's what my friends said)..if not how i can get the nickname 'Amin Queen of Eating' (other people give this nickname cause Siu Li and I entered Food Battle and won first..hehe.. ) My tummy tend to growl often..FOOD, FOOD, FOOD!!

4. Explore the outside world- Love travelling but haven't been to much places..Even Malaysia also have been to a few states..That also it was like centuries ago..Sad case..I've a whole list of the place i would love to visit..Hope can fulfil my love for the unexpected adventure.. :)

5. Creative side of me- Hmmm..actually i'm not talented/gifted in arts but i like to draw, make handmade cards, do scrapbooks, make friendship bands, decorate my room and whatsoever things that are related..and again, i've not touch those for a long, long time..UNI LIFE=ONLINE+BOOKS+BORING LECTURES+LOTS OF wonder i never think of it but will do so during holidays.. :)

6. The dance floor- Influenced by my parents whom i watched them dance since i'm eight till now..Dancing can really make me sweat out all my toxins and i feel so energized after after a battery being charged..haha..and of course can exercise..currently learning hip hop [ I know i can't dance well but i just enjoy the dance and friends said i dance like chicken lil' (,'') ]and latin ( I'm totally not good at moving my body so softly but am trying..still penguin walking..duh~)

WTH! My leg accidentally pull the plug off my laptop..AALLLLLL GOONNNEEEE! Luckily what i've wrote is autosaved..if not, 'tak kuasa' wanna write again..Alright..Continue..

7. Baby- I can be very manja but it's just in me..Especially to my parents..i'm their baby daughter..haha..and i shed tears easily..just a movie can make me weep for hours, can you imagine last time when i was young, i watched a Taiwan drama called 'Green Green Grass of Home' and my tears flew non stop for hours daily..Gosh..tiring~

8. Spicy-Love spicy's tasteless without sambal..My mum and sis used to be the Queens of Chilli in my, it's me..haha..when i was younger, i don't even touch chillies..i can't recall when i started to consume spicy food but it upgraded to SUPER SPICY when i came back from India..Love mum's Chili Boh fish..tasty!! ~hungry already :/

9. Aunty hair- Inherited white hair genetic from mum's side..Have white hair ever since Form 2-When i'm just into adolesent, my hair age so fast..means when i was 14, my hair was aged 3 plus plus times..sounds abnormal right? i used to think it's uncool and i got irritated plugging the never ending white strands but now, it's fine for me..treat it as a highlight..dyed my hair though..

10. Lame thinking - I don't know why each time what i think and the result tend to be's always like tat..i think i must think i'm poor in future and who knows i'll be in the next TOP 100 MILLIONAIRES IN THE WORLD? :P

I've to tag 10 people but i can't find 10 people..especially those who i wanna tag all 'rampas' by Pei Chen already..and she tagged me again, this same question after Sze Sze tagged her because not enough people.. ~ Wu liao (,'') haha..BTW, I've list out those potential ones (really so! my friends all don't blog..what to do?) :

1) Sarahlynn

2) Candice

3) Seok Ling

4) RESERVED * Waiting for potential one







And ya, TAGGED BY PEI CHEN too..have to give her some credit..she tagged me this same question when i was writing halfway..hmmm..

Wanna continue study... (,'')

6 baby monsters:

chen said...

hey..dun homesick la..exam's coming!wan go bac oso canot lo..tahan one more week k?

Shi Wei said...

Ya..i tengah tahan lo.. :( don't know why i feel time passes so slowly now.. :/

siuli said...

u r sleeping beauty? =.=

Sze said...

hey hey..
LoL really sorry for writing the post in chinese..
the time i insert u into my tag list only i realized tht hahaha~
luckily peichen exists XD such a nice translator~

and muahaha the rules made me blur too~but i tak kuasa to correct them one by

can go home soon in 4days..add oil!!

Shi Wei said...

Siu Li,

ya..i am..but lose to you lo..chu siu li!! i already sleep a lot but u can sleep more than me..sleep somemore, wanna call you 'tar fei chu' liao..haha.. :P

Shi Wei said...

Sze Sze,

haha..ya..normally in conversations, siu li will be my translator..for blogs, it's pei 2 free mobile

ya..the rules something wrong friends also didn't understand..that pei chen darn funny..tag back you and me..'wu liao' wanna go home..u add oil too.. :)