Sunday, November 16, 2008

Post The Devil Me..

Continue from the previous post-The Devil Me..

After i post up about my lil'-naughty-devil of me snapping their pictures while sleeping with their notes stil in their hands, i was very excited..and i kept telling them to see my new post (digging my own grave..but i was excited as ever..hehe)..before that, when they woke up, they kept blaming each other for influencing each other fell asleep..Pei Chen said she saw Siu Li slept first that's why she also fell asleep..vice versa..but Siu Li was the one correct..Pei Chen was fast asleep when Siu Li was also nearly asleep, with eyes half opened..i'm a spy..hehe..then not long, Siu Li also ter-sleep already..and I was ready to take action..hehe

So, they finally read about it..I was at study desk..they were at room..heard them burst into laughters and kept hearing them calling me "Chou Shi Wei"..and said i very bad la etc..and they said all sorts of funny stuff :

Siu Li : Chou Shi Wei! 'curi' take my picture..but luckily cannot see my face..they won't know it's me..haha..
ME : I wrote your name there already..hmm..
Pei Chen : Chou Shi Wei! Can see my ugly the picture that you took..DELETE IT!!
ME : No way.. :P Cute mah..
Siu Li : Aiyo, Boldcan see my leg very fat..
ME : huh? you 'sendiri say one'..haha ( in my mind)
Pei Chen : Eeeeeehhhhhhhh(very high pitch) * Geram
ME : Don't care.. :P ( In my mind)
Siu Li and Pei Chen : You so 'chin kak' 'curi' take our pictures..
ME : No wor..nice mah..hehe :P
Siu Li and Pei Chen : Can delete that pictures or not? So ugly..You delete la..We'll 'pura-pura' sleep again and let you snap then nicer lo..
ME : Crazy these two fellas (in my mind)
Siu Li and Pei Chen : Want or not? Faster la..we'll do the sleeping pose and let you snap again then you delete that ugly pictures and post up the new nicer pictures cause we'll sleep beautifully..
ME : Really crazy..

You see : They can actually request for me to snap their sleeping post again and they are willing to act sleeping so that i post up their nice sleeping look..'Kenot tahan'!! So, i chose to ignore them.. :P

In short, they don't really care that I 'curi' took their pictures..They only care and mind that they don't look nice and appealing in the pictures.. * Pengsan.. .Shake my i'm glad to say that these two girls are my crazy buddies and darn funny..See..i'm so good that i don't wanna say 'i don't know both of you' i can tell that they are so happy that i kinda do this naughty stuff..i'll take it as they encourage and motivate me to do more~ :P

They say wanna take revenge and do back the same thing to me..hmmm...I'M NOT SCARED!! my sleeping pose sure nice one..hehe.. :P

P/S : Pei Chen and Siu Li, sorry lo for taking pictures without asking your time i'll use my supernatural power and connect to your dreams..i'll 'keng soh' with you in your dream world and ask you pose nicely k? deal ya! :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The devil me..

I've been studying Perbelanjaan Awam, my major subject for a few hours at my housemate's desk as my desk was being occupied by Pei Chen, Siu Li's desk was also full of things..And my housemate, Chantana went to 'hiao' at her hubby's house already so hehe..decided to 'curi' use her desk since she's not here..hehe..

Super messy especially during exams.. till blur already..the Malay languange in the PJJ book something wrong lo..the book is so ancient that it's only passed down by generations to generations..and i'm a lucky one, not everyone will get their hands on it for free..ya, we can just photostat at the Q&Q photostat shop at Pusanika but it's darn expensive because it's counted as a monopoly there..and the weirdest thing is they have a copy of every possible books in the whole UKM of whatever course for us, students to photostat be it foreign reference books or lecturer's written books..i thought this is not allowed as it has violated the authors' copy rights..but they happily earned our money and at the same time, we have use their service as of course, we, students opted for a cheaper alternative rather than buying original copies which could sometimes reach rm100++..We have made a choice that made those authors who squeeze their brains out, endless efforts, time and researches in a win-lose situation..but we don't have choice.. (,'')

So, back to my desk..Pei Chen suddenly lost already..She went to our (Siu Li and I) room and lie on my bed with her notes on her hand..Siu Li also was lying down and studying as usual..Let's see how long they can 'tahan' and fall asleep...hehe

After an hour, i decided to check them out..saw them fell asleep! My assumption was right..and I could feel the devil inside i decided to snap these two sleeping beauties..and i knew my N73 always has flash and snap sound although i've off it, i've decided to 'curi' Pei Chen's Sony Erricson (not sure what's the model) and snap them..hmmm..sshhhhhhh...

Lil' devil started to come out..hehe.. :P

While trying..have to adjust the mode and sound, off the flash eveything first..i must do it soundless without waking them out..not, to try of every effect and mode, i've decided to try on myself first.. :)


Love to piggy pout since young..

Seldom wear colar t-shirt..hmm..suddenly wear today cause no baju to wear already..haha

Hmmm..took quite a lot but just post up a few..Alright..enough of camwhoring..time for lil' devil to show up... *teng teng teng..Here I go..shhhhhhhhh..must be real quiet..Siu Li everytime caught me snapping her 'chou yang'..haha..just took two pictures for some laughs..don't dare take more..but if take more all also same

Let's see..

That's Siu Li on her bed and Pei Chen on my bed..Can see they sleep and their notes with their hands stil holding?

Closer view but picture a bit blur..two sleeping beauties..poor thing..SAS too sien til they ter-ZZzzzz..



Yay..The devil me has done something that maybe both of them will 'belasah' me..if they do, all of you will know why! (,'')

They suddenly woke up when i was writing this post halfway..'Kan cheong'..haha..I'm not a person who always do naughty stuff, so i'm a lil' scared..but i'll be more professional next time..errmmm..means more devil? lol..

Friday, November 14, 2008


Suddenly miss my parents, my sister, my house, my bed, my pillow, my dolls, particulary everything that i can think of at home..I'm so homesick!! Thanks to my exam, i'm strandered here in Amin-suppose to study but have been onlining for hours, staring at my laptop not knowing what's my clear motive..I so wanna go home!!!! Left 2 more papers..Just finished U3 paper last Monday and Math paper today..don't ask-I also don't wanna know..Gosh~ Heard my juniors and some people said that they have finished their papers and going home already..HOW CAN THIS BE? every semester, i'll always be the last, or maybe second last, for sure NOT THE EARLIEST to go home lo.. :( Thinking that i'll be going home in another 5 days, my eyes started to see its shine again..Wheeee..but GOING HOME=NO ironic is that right? will nag my dad to fix this problem as soon as possible.. :P

Got tagged by Sze Sze, my lovely coursemate whom I've only spoken once in reality but a few times in our blogs...Errmmm..I also don't know how to explain but our eye contacts say a million words..that's what I call mind

P/S : Sze Sze, will try to talk to you more if i see you in FEP..Feel a little weird but...I'll try.. :)

She has written chinese for her tag but i have my beloved translator, Pei Chen to read it to me..haha..Thanks, PC! Actually this is my first time being tagged, not really sure what to do..According to my knowledge, have to copy the instructions, which i think has some problem in the grammars till make me so blur..I can't help but to correct it..Those that are in brackets are the mistakes..Here it is :

这个tag的规则:( Errrmmm..tag instructions, i suppose..forgot ask PC)

1.each blogger must post (this) these rules
2. each blogger (starts) is to write (with) ten random facts/habits about themselves
3. blogger that are tagged need to write (their own blog) about the ten things in their blog and post these rules . you need to choose ten people to get (tagged) tag and list their names .
4. don`t forget to leave them comment telling them they've been tagged and to read your blog .

~ only understand..

Anyway, this is the new instructions which i've edited (for those who i've tagged to copy..hehe) :

这个tag的规则:(Tag instructions) :

1.each blogger must post these rules
2. each blogger is to write ten random facts/habits about themselves
3. blogger that are tagged need to write about the ten things in their blog and post these rules . you need to choose ten people to get tag and list their names .
4. don`t forget to leave them comment telling them they've been tagged and to read your blog

Tagged by Sze Sze :

Some lil ugly side of me...

1. Sleeping beauty- I can sleep for hours and hours and wouldn't want to leave my bed if i makes me feel relax and i don't have to care about anything..just me and my bed and my smelly pillows..and my dreams..faster let me dream lottery numbers and win~ :)

2. Mood swings- Normal lo especially during PMS..but sometimes its due to being hurt unintentionally especially by those who are close to me..sometimes stress cause of studies..sometimes without reason and it just explode like timing boom..and miraclely, sometimes it feels better after 'lepas geram' at my who's just beside me when i'm sorry ya for those whom i've hurt unintentionally..

3. Munchy munchy- Love eating so much till i feel like i'm a 'tong sampah/la chi tong'..Can eat a lot at one time, non stop and super fast ( that's what my friends said)..if not how i can get the nickname 'Amin Queen of Eating' (other people give this nickname cause Siu Li and I entered Food Battle and won first..hehe.. ) My tummy tend to growl often..FOOD, FOOD, FOOD!!

4. Explore the outside world- Love travelling but haven't been to much places..Even Malaysia also have been to a few states..That also it was like centuries ago..Sad case..I've a whole list of the place i would love to visit..Hope can fulfil my love for the unexpected adventure.. :)

5. Creative side of me- Hmmm..actually i'm not talented/gifted in arts but i like to draw, make handmade cards, do scrapbooks, make friendship bands, decorate my room and whatsoever things that are related..and again, i've not touch those for a long, long time..UNI LIFE=ONLINE+BOOKS+BORING LECTURES+LOTS OF wonder i never think of it but will do so during holidays.. :)

6. The dance floor- Influenced by my parents whom i watched them dance since i'm eight till now..Dancing can really make me sweat out all my toxins and i feel so energized after after a battery being charged..haha..and of course can exercise..currently learning hip hop [ I know i can't dance well but i just enjoy the dance and friends said i dance like chicken lil' (,'') ]and latin ( I'm totally not good at moving my body so softly but am trying..still penguin walking..duh~)

WTH! My leg accidentally pull the plug off my laptop..AALLLLLL GOONNNEEEE! Luckily what i've wrote is autosaved..if not, 'tak kuasa' wanna write again..Alright..Continue..

7. Baby- I can be very manja but it's just in me..Especially to my parents..i'm their baby daughter..haha..and i shed tears easily..just a movie can make me weep for hours, can you imagine last time when i was young, i watched a Taiwan drama called 'Green Green Grass of Home' and my tears flew non stop for hours daily..Gosh..tiring~

8. Spicy-Love spicy's tasteless without sambal..My mum and sis used to be the Queens of Chilli in my, it's me..haha..when i was younger, i don't even touch chillies..i can't recall when i started to consume spicy food but it upgraded to SUPER SPICY when i came back from India..Love mum's Chili Boh fish..tasty!! ~hungry already :/

9. Aunty hair- Inherited white hair genetic from mum's side..Have white hair ever since Form 2-When i'm just into adolesent, my hair age so fast..means when i was 14, my hair was aged 3 plus plus times..sounds abnormal right? i used to think it's uncool and i got irritated plugging the never ending white strands but now, it's fine for me..treat it as a highlight..dyed my hair though..

10. Lame thinking - I don't know why each time what i think and the result tend to be's always like tat..i think i must think i'm poor in future and who knows i'll be in the next TOP 100 MILLIONAIRES IN THE WORLD? :P

I've to tag 10 people but i can't find 10 people..especially those who i wanna tag all 'rampas' by Pei Chen already..and she tagged me again, this same question after Sze Sze tagged her because not enough people.. ~ Wu liao (,'') haha..BTW, I've list out those potential ones (really so! my friends all don't blog..what to do?) :

1) Sarahlynn

2) Candice

3) Seok Ling

4) RESERVED * Waiting for potential one







And ya, TAGGED BY PEI CHEN too..have to give her some credit..she tagged me this same question when i was writing halfway..hmmm..

Wanna continue study... (,'')

Saturday, November 8, 2008

A hard earned scroll..

I remember my sister-SHI LEN used to go Multimedia University, Malacca for lecture classes and sometimes i would tag along and waited for her at the library or computer laboratory and then where we'll go? SHOPPING and did some girl stuff of everyday she'll drive to campus which is 15 minutes away..she always said ' I always wear big, big t-shirts and simple like auntie..' ( coz she no mood to dress up for lectures but if she really dresses up, no one would lay off their eyes on :) )..for a petite and thin like stick girl like her, it's so pity to see her carry those thick books, files and bag around and the parking lot is like a distance she has to WALK, WALK and WALK A LOT! and she can really walk in high heels..unlike me, who will inbalance whenever i wear high uncomfortable! For the 3 years couse in International Business, she finally graduated in 2007..I can say it's been a rough and sweet journey for her to obtain her degree and yet she did it! Congarulations, Ah Chia! I would prefer to call her 'Ah Chia Chu Pao'..the nickname that only I can call..Of course, i'm her ONE and ONLY baby sister..haha..

The convocation was held in MMU Cyberjaya..So my whole family went and guess what? only TWO members were allowed to enter the graduation hall..and i'm the THIRD member, so have to wait outside.. :( darn boring!! i can see a lot of people waiting outside also like kena punished..haha..wat somemore? went find something to fill my stomach and wondered alone like lost kid from somewhere..and i observed how those florist put up stalls and make beautiful bouquet of flowers with bears and of course pricey too! and saw the live telecast from a television outside..around 1000+ people, imagine how long i waited? but i got help my sister received flowers..sweet.. :)

Inside the graduation hall..all went wild.. :)

That's my sister with peace..She looked so happy..

With her friends..

And out of sudden, it was raining cats and dogs and it kinda spoilt the day..the wind were strong and I'm drenged wet! my mum and i were dad and sis were separated individually..we were shading at a pedestrian walk with roof as everywhere were packed with people..imagine 1000+ students + their family members + their we were all sandwiched, being pushed around as everyone were trying to get shelter..and guess what, no line connections! so could see everyone trying to call those who they lost and the line system seemed to jamned..oh my..and finally, luckily found my dad and sister..what a day! but no matter what, TAKING PICTURE IS A MUST! nothing can stop us from snapping pictures, not even rain and thunder..

My sis..

My sis and dad..

My sis and mum..

My sis and I..

VOILA! Mum, me, sis and dad.. :)

Our hairs were flying due to strong winds but nothing can break our spirit..hehe

She maintained gorgeous although strong winds and rain kinda affect her BIG DAY.. :)

I also want pose with flowers..hehe

My sis and I TAKE TWO..

Flowers that she got...

Given by our parents..

Can you guess how many bears? OMG!


FERERO ROCHELLEs instead of flowers!! COOL!


And lastly, this sweet bouquet is given by ME..haha

Pictures taken in studio..

Happy family.. :)

Mum was gorgeous in red kebaya, dad looked handsome in black coat, sister was stunning in graduation robe and me looking funny in a black dress..haha

Loving and sweet parents, caring and lovely sister and the spoil brat ME..haha

Lovely... :)

Love her so much..muakksss.. :P


P/S : So girls, the moral of the story is if you never get flowers in your entire life or u would wanna get lots and lots of bouquet of flowers then GRADUATE!! I definitely want cute, big teddy bears with lots of flowers.. * HINTING..hehe..Now thinking, i'll be graduating 1 year plus..that's TAKE NOTE ya people : I'M WAITING FOR YOUR GIFTS FOR MY :P

and it's not easy to earn that scroll..after having to endure lecturer's cold behaviours, boring lectures, never ending assignments, heart attack quizzes, tutorial questions that some even the lecturers themselves don't know the answers, unreasonable clothing ethics which requires us not wear this and that bla bla bla ( In local private and overseas universities, everyone wears as short as possible be it mini skirts and spaggeti but their results are excellent..You see, clothing is NOT A PROBLEM!! why can't they see this point and make a big fuss out of this matter? heng! ), same old food everyday ( for those who stay in till want 'jelak' and vomit ) and rooms that are not in good sight ( which is like don't know how many hundred years already and it looks like not a place for human to stay) ~ SIGH! ONLY then we FINALLY GET OUR SUPER PRECIOUS SCROLL!! *Phewwww....

Friday, November 7, 2008

Can't resist..

Arrgggghhhh..why is this happening? i thought Jaring UKM will be cut off from the day before till next semester..and out of sudden, today it can be used? oh my..i just can't resist..can't resist the temptation of connecting it and go wild with the net..this is really bad! It totally made me drown into the net world..i just can't hold on after i knew that it's working..i just can't control..i just have to push the button which is so easy as ABC and there i'm connected..I'm addicted and so obsessed with the net now..and this give me a chance to blog again! haha..i thought i would have to tell my blog, 'SEE YOU IN NEXT SEMESTER'

Yesterday i dreamt about me taking pictures with S.H.E and then got to sit down and chit chat with them..especially with her so nice! :) don't feel like waking up from the fact, i've been loving S.H.E ever since they started..i'm not a fanactic fan but i can be so indulged in their songs til i must hear their songs each time i go back hometown..haha..well, of course i can't really sing all their songs as i don't know how to read in chinese..but i know some of it especially the chorus part..and take long, long time to memorize their lyrics..hehe..each of the members have their speciality..ELLA with low tone, SELINA with sweet voice and HEBE can really sing high pitch..ELLA+SELINA+HEBE=PERFECT combination..So COOL!






S.H.E , YOU'RE THE BEST!!!! :)

They are just so sweet..

Love them... :)

And then at Pesta Tanglung UKM 2008, Green Box mobile car has potret of S.H.E..what some more? SNAP PICTURES!!!! :)

Me as ELLA, Siu Li as Hebe, Pei Yun as Selina..POSE! POSE!

Haiyo..something wrong with my pose..I think i posed wrongly..sorry, SELINA.. :/

We had to pose all..hehe

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Camping is Exciting!

When i heard that Kolej Amin will be having a camp-To Be A Good Leader, i was excited..I heard there will be a lot of obstacles in the woods..It would be FUN! The mischevous me started to hunt for people to accompany me and of cause my victim was Siu Li! haha..and she agreed to do crazy stuff with me..and then i realized only both of us were I hunt for other victims which i spent so much time asking and begging ( no one actually wanna 'layan' me *sob *sob ) and there these two gentlemen, Ah Bong and Dong Dong were kind enough to actually be the 3rd and 4th Chinese in the camp..I knew they eventually agreed to go this camp was to accompany two sweet girls ( so we were very grateful..They kinda denied it but well, guy's ego are as high as mountain..So our hearts knew it can already.. :) and ya, Abang Lai was the fifth.. (,'')

The camp was in Taman Pertanian Pahang..The day where we supposed to go, we all gathered at Taman Siswa Siswi Kolej Amin..We were given a bottle of mineral water and a bread each..we couldn't get the chocolate flavour as we queue at the back..chocolate flavour all took by the front people.. :( we got butter, i think.. ( never mind, as long as can eat can already..but CHOCOLATE IS OUR FAVOURITE)..we sat bus there..couldn't really remember how long..i think 3 off we go..wheeeeeeeeeeeee.......

Went camp also must wear same t-shirt..Amin Twins

Say cheese! In the bus..Can see Dong Dong's face a bit..Ah Bong's face kena cut already..haha

Finally reached there already...

Hehe..we managed to squeeze ourselves to be in this

Resize us..TA DA! haha..same pose but bigger view.. :)

This camp's organizers were giving some lectures and instructions..

My bag was HEAVY! can faster finish the announcements or not? I brought my chicken lil' bolster along..haha

Our accomodation for 2 days..a tent-looked sweet but actually there were bugs, black lizards inside and monkeys at the huh? this is what we call getting close to the nature..

We were not allowed to bring mobiles as it tend to get lost especially during this kinda not handphone, no contact to the outside world, just us and the nature..hmmm...sounds like orang asli? first day were a little relax (this was what we felt as we got to sleep at 11am)..not until we were called to gather at 12.30am with the siren sound ~totally annoying..ya, we were scolded for not sleeping when we were told..come on, 1st day is where everyone excited and a little chit chat was normal..this was actually a pretence from the camp's organizers..their main motive was to bring us to the woods and play this game call "Robin Hood" we walked into the woods blur, not knowing what was ahead was so dark and we depended the lights from the moon..Thank God it was full moon and that helped us a least for me..i'm afraid of darks.. *Mummmmmyyyyyyyy!!!!!

We were divided into groups and numbers..So if i were Kumpulan 2, Nombor 12, i'm suppose to shout 'Kumpulan 1, Nombor 12, hood,hooooodddddddddddd' as loud as we can..and there will be someone shouting back..What we gona do? we have to walk into the woods ALONE!! and walked to the person who shouted back..that was scary..waiting and hearing sounds was already torturing what more facing the woods ALONE IN THE DARK! and we heard the people who went before us screamed and we heard as if they fell in a pool of other senses suddenly started to function and analyse every single thing..that really freaked me and Siu Li out..We were both looking at each other in silence with the i'm-so-scared look and it was like waited for death calling..finally my turn came..ok, i was really, really scared..was inhaling and exhaling deep..i carefully walked slowly and kinda realized there was this pool of water in front of i slide down and gosh, it was knee deep muddy water..luckily! i wouldn't want to imagine what happen if i accidentally dropped in the water..I'm phobia of water a little..I would drown, i i have to walk like 10 steps or more and the climb right was very, very slippery..i dropped a few times and i managed to climb up holding a tree near there..and there i shouted 'Kumpulan 2, Nombor 12, hood, hooooodddddddd'..i shouted like 10 times when we were actually allowed to shout 3 times..haha..there were trees with sharp torns and ya, i was a little hurt..i accidentally bang my whole face onto a horizontal branch which i didn't notice right in front of me..and finally, got to reached right up to the voice who replied me..Thank God! * Relieved..I always heard that in the woods there were those spooky things..and ya, they reminded us not to call our real names and not to simply say..FREAKING!! reached our camp site and we were so muddy and totally disgusting..the toilets were not in proper conditions, some no doors, some so dirty and looked spooky..just close one eye and bathed..wondered how to survive for 2 more days and ZZZZzzzzzzz

The next day was full of challenge..went into the woods again and did a lot of first, we thought we couldn't go through all of it, but we made it! so proud of myself and ya, Siu Li was like 'I can't do this' but she managed to pull herself through..bravo! we started to feel nothing can beat us down anymore..obstacles that needed energy so much also we managed to go through it and things started to go better at least..

Senamrobik before we start our day..

Need balance to cross work helped us through..

Pull me up!! Heeiikk..I'm not that heavy right? *Wink *Wink

The "EEEEWWWWWW' look on my

Always ready to pose peace..haha

Whole face have to dip into the muddy cool is that?

Inside muddy water also can pose? lol

Swimming in the moody water..Siu Li got up before we should and we were asked to swim from the start again.. (,'')

Crossing the lizard challenge..Really need to use a lot of energy from hands to pull me through..arrgghhh

Kena bully by seniors..Mud mask anyone?

Then we have lots of activities..I was in Spiderman group..Ah Bong was the leader..Siu Li was in Batman group..and also presentation..well, train us to be leader...hmmm..

Waiting to present..


My tired look...

My group were presenting...

We were doing hanging bridge..

Let me present..Our bridge..Love it.. :)

Were playing the 'Egg-Chicken-Dinosaur' game..

And last day..have activities also..

Hearing talk on flyin fox...

Helping Siu Li to buckle her helmet..why her face like this? come'll be fun!! :)

Wow..fyling fox....CoooooLLLLLLLL!!

Shoe bridge game..


The food was ok..The first day we have to use hands-they didn't provide forks and spoons..Siu Li was so funny..She didn't know how to eat rice with day there was improvement..Got spoon only..3rd day, VOILA! Got spoon and fork..The utensils got more by

Eat eat..

Ah Bong sesat..haha..


And with these interesting activities, we all went home tired but enjoyed..For those who ignored me, i dare to say you have missed a chance to enjoy the cool activities..after i have joined this camp,i can say i am more tough..haha..whooooohoooooo...