Friday, December 31, 2010




1. Spent my NEW YEAR 2010 in TW! Countdown was near World's 2nd Tallest Building, Taipei 101..The fireworks is awesome max!!

2. Stood for 9 hours outdoor at the same spot, in winter! With Mei Ling and Fannie~

3. Met a lot famous TWnese artists and singers!! esp my fav band-S.H.E!! Met them in TW, Sg and M'sia~! wohhooooooo!!!

4.Suddenly realized I have affection for pink colour! now I've my stuff in PINK! T-shirt, purse, hp, MP3, manicure, headset, handbag~!

5 Got myself a baby DSLR! Always longed for one when I suddenly got interested in photography..My skill is still below average but hmmm..I enjoyed asking around for some photo shooting (usually gal friends) where I can be both taking the camera and being photographed! haha!!

6. Dcided to grow my hair!!! It takes agesss!!! grrrrrrr!!! Cause whenever I thought of trimming my hair, I've the tendency to cut it short again cause bob cut was so IN and suits me well! But I've had short hair for 2 years plus..Long hair looks good on mortarboard and also can make lots of nice hairstyles!~ hehe..

7.Went for family bonding in Guilin, China. Can't remember when we last had family trip in M'sia 1st overseas outing together!! LOVE IT! :D

8. Graduated!!!! Proudest and happiest moment!! We all actually looked good in blue robes! lol

9. Had LOTS od reunions with peachies! Our bonds are so strong especially after everything that we went through together in TW for 2 months! Misssssssss everyone a lot! :')

10. Had gathering with High School friends/ex-classmates! Some we haven't met one another for longest time ever!! awwww!!! Miss those moments where we did nasty stuff in class~ lol

11. Enjoyed my uni life to the fullest with best buddies~! Amin buddies, coursemates, AIESECers, Tzu Ching-ians~

12. Made foreign friends and farewells are bitter sweet~

13. Struggled for months to complete my thesis!!! Thanks to Ah Pa who always fetch me to UKM and waited for me hours while I was meeting my lecturer!♥

14. Miss my bestie a lot!!! T.T She was in India doing her internship for 6 months and we chatted almost everyday!! We hardly meet since she's studying in NUS but we still managed to get each other's support when needed~

15. Pretty much occupied by AIESEC during my last semester~ Got promoted to TL in just months!!

16. Started to go for facial again after I found there's a beautician that's gentle enough that my tears doesn't start to pour down when she starts to pinch my face feels mummified..lmao!

17. Hang out every now and then with my good friend, Mei Ling~ at one point, every weekend! We always do crazy stuff

18. Landed myself with a super tough and interesting job! boohooo to me! It's 5 months now..too much to handle sometimes~ (,'') and my part time job is to EAT snacks which explains why everyone started to say I got mucn rounder now~ =.=''

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011~~ It's gonna be a better me!!

2 baby monsters:

Suying said...

2010 has been a great year especially for us peaches! And everyday I'm thankful for having a adorable mummy peach like you! I shudder to think if I didnt apply for an exchange, then I would never have friends like you guys~ *sobs!

May 2011 be a better year. To more awesome outings and camwhorings, to more fun and excitement, and mostly to friendship and love!

Mwaahhh! hugs and kisses~

Shi Wei said...

Hope I'm not too late to reply u..seldom blog la these days~

Can't agree more and I always feel that too! It was indeed the happiest period ever!! and I'm also thankful that now all of you are important ppl in my life!! I really hope that in future, wherever we may be, the distance will not part us and we will remain the greatest of friends forever, better still, peachies for life!! :)

Yup, cheers! I hope we can meet more often!! I really can't wait for our next meet up and I must say, I really miss u so much! :')


Mummy peach :P